November 30, 2018 

To all the doctors and therapists at Vaidyagrama thank you. My second visit has been wonderful it was so much easier than the first time around and my health was improved immensely I am excited to see what changes my second visit will bring about in my life.

I am so grateful to spend time in nature and inventing this place. This place is peaceful refuge for me. I look forward to many more visits. From the bottom of my heart. 

Thank you

Sarah Brownstein



November 30, 2018

Vaidyagrama is truly a healing place mentally and physically.

This is my 7th visit to this lonely place the doctors are very positive, especially Dr. Ramkumar and Dr. Ramadas they changed me. This place is really Punarjanma for me. I should really thank all the people here who healed me and brought my life back. Vaidyagrama is my second home. Best place for my mind, body and Soul

Thank you for all




November 30, 2018

This time living in Vaidyagrama was like a delivery for me, thank you to all the staff for the kindness, the care, the support the Smiles you share with me because a delivery can be challenge for the body and the mind .I am very grateful for the support I receive here Dr. Ramadas was like a father to me encouraging my life to go through the process of healing. I will keep in my heart all your kindness and Smiles and spread it in my daily life. I will take care of myself like a new-born and I learn it with you.

Thank you for the wonderful gift that each stay here is like meeting your family.

With love




November 30, 2018

The stay in Vaidyagrama is so peaceful and caring people around here are so helpful and so prompt in responding to our needs. Doctors are so caring and patiently listening to our questions. This time it's so good have Bhagavatas from Coimbatore, this kind of activities gives positive energy and don't realise when time flies. 

Pavani (vibhu’s mom)



November 30, 2018 

Thank you Dr. Neethu for your love and care. You are a natural stress reliever by your kindness and sweet talk. Thank you Dr. Ramanandan, therapist Abhila, Agina(ever smiling), Shiny.

I am going healed mentally and physically.

Kalpana Sampath



November 30, 2018 

Thanks to all. It is my second time here and must admit that everything about the place is exactly the same great facility, I saw two years ago. Thanks to Dr. Aishwarya and Dr. Neethu who were always enquiring and checking on me. Thanks again to all.

Rajesh Somasundaram



November 29 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama,

Thank you so much for healing my body, mind and soul. I am very grateful to god that I could come here’ll the shadow that I had transformed in to light. Dr. Ramkumar and Dr. Ramadas I specially thank you for sharing your precious time and wisdom. May the positive energy surrounded each one of us!

May be we will meet again sometime




November 27, 2018

Thank you is a small word for the treatment I have got here. Can’t thank enough. It was a complete holistic and spiritual journey for 21 days.

Physically and mentally completely rejuvenated. Learned a lot on the spiritual and philosophical side.

All the Pujas were divine. Satsang were very informative. The most looked forward satsang was Dr. Ramkumar.

Dr. Ramanandan was very kind and friendly to explain the reason and cure of my heart issue.

Dr. Aishwarya and Dr. Anupama were very helpful

All the three therapists in my block were excellent.

Housekeeping was good too!

Food was divine.

Looking forward to come back in July in my family

Keep doing the good work

Best wishes

Suguna Srikrishnan



November 26 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama and all people here, 

Thank you just so incredibly for making my and every one’s stays here so deeply positive and healing. I am leaving here with a happy heart and spirit and with memories of you all.

The whole process was so just perfect for me. The panchakarmas, the wonderful therapist and doctors, the satsang with everyone and one of the highlight was all the homas and poojas especially the graha homa puja. It seems for sure your initial vision is coming through in all that you do and are. It seems that because of all this the spirit of Ayurveda vidya has found its home here and equally provides this home for each of us staying here with you. Even when we travel long and back to our own places of home - you are right our true homes is able to manifest with us no matter where we are.

With love




November 26, 2018
Thank you Dr. Harikrishnan for healing me again on my second visit. Your attention to details sets you apart from other doctors. Thank you once again. All the best to you and your family.

God bless you all at home.

Thank you Dr. Mini for all your care and sorry for my pranks.

Will miss you. God bless you all at Vaidyagrama.

Kavita Sinha



November 24, 2018

Thank you for everything.  Felicitations to the staff-doctors, therapists and all other persons.

I will come back

Christina Gobindoss



November 24, 2018

Very satisfied to my time spend at Vaidyagrama.

Thank you everybody especially to Dr. Mini, she takes care of me so well so good so well being.

Rosette Gobindoss



November 24, 2018

Tout était parfait!

Je reviendrai. 

(Everything was perfect. I will come back)

Serge Louis Bernard Lara



November 24, 2018

Very happy to be here. Satisfied by the staff and doctors.

Nice discovery and I will come back.

Ghislane Crepin gobindoss



November 24, 2018

Nice place. I enjoyed the isolation of the place. The environment was inviting us to reconnect to nature. Breathing fresh air.

For the treatment, I wish I could have stayed longer, to complete my treatment.

The only bad thing was the hosed bed.

All staff is excellent, caring and well-educated, I feel love and cared.

Many Thanks to All!


Marie Annick Gobindoss



November 24, 2018

Many thanks for the creating such a place, following Ayurveda’s classical scriptures.

It is important indeed to reconnect with Nature in order to heal mind, body and heart. This place is truly a starting point to a new life.

Everybody has been nice, kind, smiling, caring, and well-behaved…..

I appreciated the quality and effectiveness of the medicines.

I have already planned to come back, which show how much I trust the healing power of this place.

Many many thanks.

Linda MaltiGobindoss



November 24, 2018

It was a very good discovery for myself.

It has not been easy on a daily basis because I felt pain in my back and at the beginning I was not feeling well at all.

However, I’ve understood that it was the healing process.

Now I feel light and free and I really hope it will lost in the future.

I will definitely advise often people to come.

Jocelyne Pierre Celestin Edouard



November 24, 2018

It was very good experience. Everyone was good and very active with their work. The house keeping was good. The environment and the atmosphere was good. I will come again here.

Monique Victoire Ramlall



November 23, 2018











November 23, 2018

First visit here.

Please excuse if I am mentioning any drawbacks as I strongly believe this can help other patients.


* The ambiance set here -say, the way the food is cooked, the medicinal plants in and around the center and the spiritual activities that happen, the very well the building pathway lighting is planned, shows much noble and dedicated effort has been put in, just to ensure every patient is healed. The staff and every person I met here are more human in their approach towards each other and patients. This cannot be expected or imagined in any other Ayurvedic hospitals .Trust me! I have been to Ahalia and other numerous Ayurvedic hospitals earlier. No other organization can ensure such hospitality towards patients are maintained, such a dedicated and spirited community of staffs in the long run. This is more an enabling environment for staff and everyone in many aspects. 


I was staying in pb2 where wash basin was clogged for more than 12 days despite requesting maintenance in reception almost every day.  (This is not to point Fingers at anybody. Requesting to take it in the right spirit) .The smell emanating from the clogged washroom was highly unhygienic throughout the first 12 days which was unbearable .For more than 12 days one of the therapist keep talking to another therapist nonstop during the treatment which could have been avoided and helped me heal better . Thanks for accommodating my two and half year old kid and bearing her loud shouts which disturb the Ambience of the Vaidyagrama. The treatment related requests to reception were handled   swiftly by the reception staffs and I was attended to promptly in times were immediate medical care was necessary.

The maintenance staff Devi and Jaya were very friendly pharmacy staff Krishnaveni other also friendly towards my kid. Dr. Neethu Thomas and wife of Mr. Hakeem so supportive and friendly which made my day more memorable and worthwhile.

 Padaabhyanga and lepam treatment could have been far better (not satisfied) To sum it up there is a lot for me to learn and bring it in my life activities from here the Vaidyagrama the ambience, food , how a human being treat another on day to day basis, what is offered here is lot more than treatment, a lesson for a human being to keep himself at ease and in tune with natural environment thank you for everything ...especially spiritual activities 

Anu Shobana 



November 23, 2018


13OOO km from home, joy is everywhere!

THANK YOU Everything 

Listen to your body

Listen to your soul

You will have the truth!




November 23, 2018 

This was my first time here. Had a very good experience. Learnt a lot. All doctors are very nice and knowledgeable, especially Dr. Ramanandan. I would like to thank the doctors and whole staff.




November 23, 2018 

This is Manju Malik, my first visit. We had wonderful time. Staff is very courteous, nice, and very humble. We had a great experience. We enjoyed our stay. All the doctors are blasting. We enjoyed all the Poojas. God bless everyone.

Manju Malik



November 23, 2018 

Had an excellent time with such courteous staff and doctors. Unfortunately had to leave early because of health reasons. Few suggestions--Each block should have its own weighing machine, blood pressure machines, and glucometer with appropriate needles for the pen. Thank you

Sanjith Cheema



November 23, 2018 

It was my first visit here and I spend one excellent week to learn and good experience in Ayurveda. I don’t remember all names, but everybody are very kindly here. I will return….

Thank you

Veronique Greber



November 21, 2018

I sit in gratitude as I contemplate all the sustenance that I have received here at Vaidyagrama. I arrived with a semi hardened shill that you first cracked with the pounding and then softened with the pouring of warm water. The softer I became the mine I could soak up the beauty and, the kindness me here. Vaidyagrama is truly healing bases where one can put down their defenses (their ego) and absorb are the healing that is here. I am very grateful to those that had the vision of Vaidyagrama and to those that are here: all the doctors, therapist, cooks, cleaners, gardeners, and all other support staff. I am especially grateful to Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikumar, Geethu, and Kalpana for their loving support.

Bless you, 

Mari Clements


November 21, 2018

The experience was a good one. Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Sajna , Dr. Harikumar were very knowledgeable and accommodating. I felt I was at the complete hands.

I enjoyed the Satsang’s, although some could have been better organised for better understanding of the material.

The therapist were wonderful, they were very accommodating.

The food was delicious and always felt, good digestive wind.

Thank you for your love and care 

Note - If you want an experience don't go to Vaidyagrama, If you want to be the experience go to Vaidyagrama.

Irene Dwaherty



November 21, 2018

I am very grateful for the experimental immersion of Panchakarma here in Vaidyagrama, it have been a life altering journey on my path to wellness. The science of Ayurveda and the wisdom of harmony of the body, mind, spirit and consciousness makes instinctive here.

The authenticity of the environment is very conductive to healing. All of the doctors and the staffs are dedicated, to supporting the health and well-being of the patient. The food is nourishing and delicious. The ritual of daily satsang and yoga nidra, as well as the chanting in the morning and evening gives a natural rhythm to each day. It was a special treat to experience the many Pooja's and incredible Mandala art during our first week here.

Special thanks to Dr. Ramdas your positivity knowledge, compassion and contagious laughter is a gift to the world 

Dr. Sajna,

Dr. Harikumar 

Dr. Renjisha, 

Indu, Dhanya and Maya for your kindness during the daily treatments was greatly appreciated 

Sumati the housekeeping staff who kept our room clean all the day

Emily for organising a trip and sharing your passion and the magic of this special place with us 

With love light and much gratitude

Lori Valentino


I am confident and I will return


November 20, 2018

Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL!

Dr. Harikumar

Dr. Ramadas

Dr. Ranjisha

Dr. Sajna

Dr. Arun

There aren’t words to express my gratitude. You all saw me at dome of the mood challenging moments of my life and I loved and cared for me. That is healing. I will never forgot these 33 days and eager to carry these practices forward so that I can be the light every single day hope to be back some day and see you all again. Again thank you for being a part of this journey. I will never forget you all. 


Joely Mench



November 19, 2018 

This is my third time at Vaidyagrama. Keep coming back annually; I can see major progress in my conditions, special appreciation to Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Hari Kumar and my therapists Devika and Lakshmi. This time I was staying only for one week, but despite such a short stay, can see some improvements. Basti treatment was very powerful. Looking to come back to Vaidyagrama next year.



November 18, 2018

I came here without knowing what to expect. First two days was very hard. After that your staffs convinced me to stay. Thank you. This experience was truly changed me. All the staff has each their own presence. Thank you to showing me a different way to live my life. I will recommend and myself try to back here. Incredible knowledge, love, passion, beauty and love present here. All the staffs were professional and attentive and kept my room extra clean. Therapists were lovely and always treated me with care and I also love my doctors. 

Thank you thank you




November 18, 2018

My week end trip, albeit short stay for just 2 days was an eye opener as far as the body and health was concerned. Right from the doctor’s consultation to the treatment and prescriptions, it was so revealing about the importance of health and maintenance.

Have to write about the place- neat and well laid out with friendly staff ever courteous.

Overall, great experience with a definite urge to return for longer stay in 2019 

Good luck Vaidyagrama!

Sri krishnan



November 18, 2018

Good morning!

This is my second journey to Vaidyagrama depended to my experience from last years.

My deepest appreciation is for the respectfulness of the space provided, and being able to receive treatments in a peaceful setting and with silence and mindfulness.

The doctors and treatments are knowledgeable, and compassionate towards patients of their healing process.

The prayers, poojas, satsang and yoganidra are incredibly supportive to this process.

For me Vaidyagrama is my refudge which supports the mystery of the “unknown” my faith in humanity and for a future for this earth.

I plan on returning each year for as long as able and providing support in ways of respect, love and prayers


Sharon Bain



November 17, 2018

Thank you thank you thank you

Ending my India journey with the quiet and lovely stay at Vaidyagrama wakes me. Want to come back again and again. Everyone here is beyond friendly. Doctors, therapists, staff everyone. 

I love the idea how once body heals all by itself if given enough rest and break from habitual stress, transformation is called for from within.

Special thanks for the care and attention from Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Neethu. Amazing people.

Keep it up! You are doing the right thing as long as you keep supporting the kids, environment and traditions. Vaidyagrama will keep joy and prospering.

Andrew Boon



November 17, 2018
It is so lovely to end my trip with a plantation. Thank you doctor for being so kind and compassionate and open during my time here.

We really felt like we could talk to you honestly. We hope you will continue to grow and shine as time passes and touch everyone with the positive energy you showed us. I am grateful for your time and efforts.

Best wishes

Isha Suhag,



November 17, 2018

Thank you for the very comfortable stay, attentive care and effective treatment.

Thank you

Galina and Mikhail



November 16, 2018 

It is with pleasure to write a little about Vaidyagrama, nevertheless in view of the short stay.

Came here with no introduction but overall I believe we made the right choice

The fact that we were made to 'travel' in time tunnel, without AC, TV, internet and total vegetarian food was something we will bring along and cherish.

We will also try to talk with friends about this unique environment back home.

One humble suggestion is for having someone to show the surroundings in the first day itself.

Overall we wish to put on record our appreciation to all the doctors and staff for their effort.





November 15, 2018

This is my second visit to Vaidyagrama. The pleasant stay of 15 days in the natures surrounding reconnected one to my childhood memories. I have grown up in the similar surrounding of nature. Simple lifestyle and simple food but healthy and happy life. Loads of thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan and his team for wonderful care. I am going home much healthier and happier. Thanks to lovely therapists. Everyone in Vaidyagrama is doing a wonderful job keep it up! 

May Allah bless you!!

Mrs. Sakina Mufaddal



November14, 2018 

Overall experience good atmosphere soothing with birds chipping and morning and evening bells ringing fresh air, positive energy all around .Puja’s and prayers calm the mind soul and peaceful .

Satsang, group dinners, cooking class were very enjoyable .Staff always with a smile and polite, ever ready to serve. Doctor's my team consultants Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Sajna, and Dr. Renjisha are all so supportive in my healing journey. Thank you all for the great 28 days treatment. All was good but still with aches and pain, only time Can Heal, No pain no gain .I feel part of the community and well corded

.My stay here is a pleasant one.

Therapist- Good and lovable need more room to learn and advances in their career training. Indu, Dhanya, Maya 

Housekeeping- To be improved example cleaners of toilet below mark, rooms to be mop well with clean water at least two three times ,window nets to be replaced ,groom with fine finishing.

Also not forgetting Ms. Aparnaji for a good relation with patients and keeping me updated, welcoming me to Vaidyagrama.

Food lots of wastage quantity should be measured for individuals.

Thank you all Again

With lots of love 




November 13, 2018

I am very glad I have come to this place, I feel very relaxed here. This is like my home. I wish to express my gratitude and thanks to everyone for their kindness and concern.

Therapists are especially good and very caring. They are fully trained and do their jobs perfectly.

My special thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Mini, Dr. Harikesh Dr. shiv Jyoti.

Housekeeping staff is also very good.

One thing I really want to mention is this time food is tasty. Last time I visited Vaidyagrama in 2017, food was not good and lot of wastage was there, this time food is better and no wastage.

I want to thank everyone. Namaste

Sunita suhaag

Dehradun, India


November 12, 2018

A great atmosphere has ever super helpful staff and doctor who gave freely of their time and advice. My second trip and I am delighted to see the huge variety of plants and birds. Which we have enjoyed from our harmony.

Ms. Naina kidwai



November 12, 2018

A very lovely staffs and beautiful poojas. The goddess and planet pujas were wonderful.

The therapists were amazing, kind, helpful and had ultimate patience. I am sorry that we are not allowed to tip particular individuals. Even though they treated me well.

Susana Helena



November 12, 2018

Staying in Vaidyagrama has given me not only physical healing beet also mental relaxation and a good push for spiritual development. It is a very special place with a unique energy sensitive and caring doctors and loving staff. I had a truly holistic experience here in all levels and I am sure that I will continue seeing the fruits of this experience as I go back home. This was the first exposure to panchakarma for me and as a student of Ayurveda, from the college of Ayurveda” luk” I go back with a lot of practical knowledge.

Big THANK YOU to the doctors Dr. Harikumar, your morning prayers are so devotional they deeply touched in my heart .Dr. Renjisha thank you for your patience and your time explaining everything when I had many questions. Dr.  Ramadas I will never forget you how you helped me to overcome the aversion of my mind during my last day of ghee.

Big thank you to all therapists Nimmy Nithya and Athira you are all amazing keep up the good work.

Aparnaji, Geethaji, Thank you for your wisdom and smiling friendly faces. Vaidyagrama now has a special place in my heart.

Lots of love,

Olga Mordovina



November 12, 2018

This stay at Vaidyagrama was clearly karma driven…

Came without clear idea of what will occurs, and met a family, who just look me as I am, without any judgement.

Really gifted, and able to attend those magnificent Pooja.

I leave after 3 weeks, truly repaired and feeling myself more than I did for years.

Many thanks to the whole team, take care

Valerie Duffour



November 11, 2018 

My stay at Vaidyagrama was divine intervention. The spiritual events, poojas that happened here, the people that I met, guidance I got, friends I made, prayers that were answered were signs from the universe. Vaidyagrama's history, mission, set up, staff, the way people treat each other and live the  harmony with the nature makes it easier for patients to connect with the universe, feel the positive energy and grow spirituality. This is a precious place. I wish the community the very best.

Stutee Khandelwal



November 11, 2018 

I feel that this is not a hospital, No words to say, simply this is going to feel like mothers house, Good care. All doctors show their true affinity.  Recreate mind and body. I pray god this trust is established well.

Thanks to God for the love and care everybody 

Indira GK



November 10, 2018

A month has gone by in this wonderful place that I know would call home. Thank you, all of you for taking care of me when I needed it competent and trustworthy doctors, pleasant and caring therapists lovely food- Thanks to the kitchen staff, always smiling housekeeping, and the office staff have helped me with whatever little thing I have needed.

I feel fresh and ready to go slowly in to the world again.

I will miss this place, my room and patio especially the poojas and prayer lie alone the yoga nidra- What a lovely break and all the fabulous patients I have met- as a whole lots of new friendships have had your support. All of you THANKS!


Ceceile koller



November 07, 2018 

This is my first visit to this place. We came here for my back pain and my wife's BP, but nothing has been okay. I have not seen much for health benefits, but I hope so it will give the improvements after a month or so. Food is poor, but the doctors are good at the staffs are ok.

Thanks to Dr. Ramanandan and all the other doctors and staff, for now. If I am ok in the next few months, I will come back for a pleasant stay. God bless to all of you.






November 10, 2018

What a journey these last 3weeks in Vaidyagrama have been. I know the journey has begun but I leave feeling with u about the past ahead.

I choose Vaidyagrama because I wanted an authentic experience to heal the mind and body. And this special place is just that creating the space to healing near in every way. I am enormously grateful to doctors, Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Renjisha, Dr. Sajna for their kindness and wisdom. And to therapists  Nimmy, Nithya, and Indu for their dedication.

Thank you with all my heart and very best wishes for the future success of your beautiful future.

Laura Mcnaught



November 08, 2018

Going back home after 3 weeks in Vaidyagrama, with clear mind, full of energy and in much better overall health. Big thanks to all doctors and staffs for such professional care and welcoming attitude.

Sergey Myerkulov



November 05, 2018

Dear all at Vaidyagrama, 

It was an experience I would wish. I visited 5 years back and I found the same hospitality and warmth among the vaidyagramians. I was treated with care and 8 days of treatment created a vast recovery and due to lack of time I forced to leave. Would definitely comeback for more number of days next time.


Mrs. Nandhini Raveendran



November 05, 2018

After 4 weeks of treatment I am feeling significant relief of the symptoms, I arrived considered about my being is confused with feelings of contentment and clarity. My biological system feels properly regulated. I feel so nice that i am considering staying even longer so as not to rush out too soon. I want to make sure I know my system needs the time it needs to establish a help the rhythm before I confront to the obstacles of society. That being said, I realize I must move on for now at some point and I am grateful for a renewed sense of hope and strength to pursue my Dharma, as an ayurvedic health counselor. Thanks to all the amazing skilled and wise doctors and therapist as well as the maintenance and cooking staff for their honorable seva. The world needs more of sanctuaries like Vaidyagrama; they are setting a beautiful and profound example for everyone to see what it looks like to live in harmony with the cycles of nature within our bodies and with the great outside environment. I hope to return soon for studies and further treatment when done

My humble pranams




November 03, 2018

A good experience of my life I feel in Punarnava, Vaidyagrama. I am very thankful for all the members and doctors of this institution. I request God to give me another chance to visit this place as a well person.

Surya Prakash Agarwal,



November 02, 2018

My sincere gratitude to all the people of Vaidyagrama. I came here for my dad's treatments and in the last 20 days the same has improved a lot. The place was amazing as it's never gives you the environment of the so called hospital. The doctors and staffs share the warmth and love it does the healing for you in many ways. Personally for me food was a challenge, since I am not a green vegetable diet. The stay was amazing. One suggestion I have to put forward was for food, if you can do a buffet like thing it would reduce the wastage of the food.

Peace and love 

Nishant Ajithsarai



November 02, 2018 

This is my first visit to Vaidyagrama. I found this place as a great place to rejuvenate. The ambience which consists many things like healthy diet regimen, prayers and satsang so looks at the holistic way towards healing mind and body both.

While I have not seen much health benefit so far, I am quite confident it is going to give me tangible improvements soon. I am planning to apply the knowledge I gained here once outside.

I would also like to thank Dr. Ramanandan and his colleagues, therapists, other staff members who ensured a pleasant stay here. Lately I am really impressed to know that Vaidyagrama is also engaged in many activities for the benefit of its staff and to the society as a whole.

All the very best for the great vision and mission 

Prashant Parasher