November 27 2013

Everybody at vaidyagrama

Thank you for making a vision of a truly holistic healing environment come true. This hospital is a model for the future of the healing profession. I so appreciate the attention to detail, to ecologically sound principles and more than anything to the loving and relaxed care to the patients. During my short stay here, I learnt so much. I will definitely talk to many people about vaidyagrama and send patients your way; and I will surely return myself.

With warmest wishes

Dr.Simone de Winter

San Francisco, USA

November 27 2013


Thank you for teaching us so much about ourselves and nature. We felt at home while staying here and it was a special experience for mother and son. We keep you all in our loving prayers and look forward to meeting again.


Christopher Bondi Pickles


November 27 2013


I want to thank everyone at vaidyagrama for providing extraordinary service and care to me this past week.

The thoughtful attention to every request and the impressive qualifications and abilities of the vaidyagrama team is top quality.

Thank you for a wonderful relaxing week and a memorable experience.


Diane Bondi Pickles


November 25 2013

Dear vaidyagrama

The name says it all. I would like to thank everyone below and whom I don’t know

Dr.Harikrishnan for all the treatments

Dr.Omprakash for all the help and support

Aparna for her help and response

Geetha for her community work, it is amazing

Dr.Ramkumar truly inspired with all the satsang sessions, A True Human Being

Madhu & Santosh - for all the Good Massages

Kanaka, Sasi and Sameena – for all the help

Hakeem, Sonia, Kavitha – for all the support

Dr.Haritha and Dr.Aruna – all the very best

Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Somu – for all spiritual support

And all others whom I have missed to mention above

It was a very good experience for me. I can say a life changing one

I feel a lot light and have lost 4kg of weight (very happy about it). I had a very comfortable stay with all warm people around.

I have made many new friends. I have learnt many new and good things which are essential to lead a good life. During the treatment I was missing my family and sometimes did not like the food (kanji) but it is all for my good.

I really loved the food. Thank you Mr Kuttikrishnan for all that delicious food. It is a privilege to have it.

I wish all the patients here a very speedy recovery. The spiritual vibrations were very positive for the healing.

Keep up the good job everyone, and once again Thank You from the bottom of my Heart for all the kindness and support.

It has been a privilege to be here and will be back soon.

All the very best

Jhankar Pavan

Hyderabad, India

November 25 2013

Namaskar To everyone at vaidyagrama

My deepest gratitude for a wonderful beautiful healing experience. The vision of vaidyagrama is most truly inspiring. I have learnt a lot about Ayurveda in my short 1 week stay. I thank all the doctors and practitioners who were so willing to share their knowledge and experience so freely. I hope to return for a longer stay in the near future.

Terence Tracey

Ireland / San Francisco

November 23 2013

Though I cant express my feelings and thoughts about “vaidyagrama” because these can be felt only at the level of heart but because you have given me pen and paper I will not hesitate to write down what my heart is telling me to write.

At the conference, I heard about “vaidyagrama” but I never thought of witnessing this place. It is only the destiny and adventurism that brought me here. As an Ayurveda graduate I read Ayurveda but what real Ayurveda is, I experienced at “VAIDYAGRAMA”. All the “CHIKITSA CHATUSPAD” are so well established that no patient can feel disappointed. The rare thing I observed about the nature of people at vaidyagrama is, all of them, are very good at heart and ready to help everybody. This is the place I regret leaving but I will try my best to visit again and again, rather I will persuade my well wishers and patients to visit here also.

My best wishes to Dr.Om and Sajitha for their upcoming life journey together. With thanks and regards to Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Somu, Madhu and not to forget Aparna and Sonia, Geethaji and all (whom I don’t know by name)

Wishing from the core of my heart for the progress of VAIDYAGRAMA by leaps and bounds

Dr.Amit Malik

Haryana, India

November 23 2013

The beauty of vaidyagrama is in the detail, human, physical, architectural. I will carry this beauty within me.

With warm wishes

Anjali Khote

November 20 2013

Thank you very much to all at vaidyagrama for all your care and kindness. It is the perfect mixture of relaxation, time to oneself and just enough interesting activity. Funnily enough, the “garden walk” is the least active but very interesting! Really enjoyed the walking, gentle yoga and the dholaka.

Thank you all again and Inshallah I will see you soon.


London, UK

November 17 2013

I had a really peaceful and relaxing time! I loved the therapists and treatments, and the doctors are very kind hearted and warm. The cow pujas were also spectacular! Thank you very much vaidyagrama for such a formidable experience!

I celebrate our date of departure by recollecting the myriad of enjoyment and novelty that I don’t believe could have been found anywhere else in the world, at least not that of this type.

The experience of beauty as serene and phlegmatic as its sights, along with all the people here that made it what it was. It was great to encounter each and every single person and thing we did. From chants to cow ritual in gorgeous rural living.

Cheyanne and Juliet

November 15 2013

Namaste to Vaidyagrama family

Tomorrow I am leaving but I hope to be able to come back and enjoy the morning ginger tea and kanji.

To come back to my girls – Nirmala, Ahalya, Maya, Sameena, Shiny, Sajitha, Sasikala

Huge thanks for your magical hands, your support and smiles

It is my second visit to vaidyagrama. I could live this year with support of Ayurveda which came to my life.

Drs.Ramadas and Harikumar! You detoxicated not only my body but my mind too.

Dr.Ramadas’s video show “Happiness Unlimited” will awaken me soon.

Dr.Harikumar, you are one of the most understanding and kindest doctors.

Dr.Harita, thanks for understanding my missing my daughter.

Dr.Om, your energy and speed is amazing. You were the first at that society evening with the bucket last year. The pool was full in our block.

Hakeem, I was not your headache this year. Nothing was broken, and burnt around me.

Dear Aruna, I think and I hope everything will be fine with you! Good luck!

Dr.Ramkumar, I hope you have patience enough to answer the 3 main questions of the vaidyagrama patients –

what to eat?

what to eat?

 What to eat?

I wish vaidyagrama and Trust will grow stronger.

Huge thanks to Aparna, Sonia, Kavitha and all staff.

Your Kalinka – Malinka

Yelena Ostanina, Kazakhastan, Almaty

November 2013

Dearest vaidyagrama family

I came for rest, for healing, for immersion in all aspects of authentic Ayurveda. I have received all of this and very much more by way of your nurturing, your caring, your acceptance – and your  smiles. The food has nourished me, the songs and mantras have elevated me, and the therapies have served to purify and revitalize me.

Your work with the local villagers in Rottigoundanur village is inspiring and heartening. Their centrality in your long term vision will be fundamentally significant in achieving positive health outcomes for all who live and visit this place.

Ultimately this work is illuminating the essential interdependence and convergence of art, science, psychology and spirituality for health of every living being and our world, our environment.

Further you are effectively bridging Ayurveda and our everyday lives, imparting knowledge, theories and practices for our sharing and personal use. In seeing each person, each plant, each element for its innate healing capacity and potentiality, you are helping them to do the same, to see and to fulfill their potential.

In gratitude and love, with many blessings, for your continued wellness, prosperity and happiness


Amy Massey, New Zealand/England

November 08 2013

I truly appreciate all that everyone has done for me here. Dr.Harikrishnan has been so understanding has given the best care possible.

Coming here has been quite an experience – all for the better. I look forward to continuing my healing through Ayurveda. I have learned so much here and cannot thank everyone enough for all the care and support.

Until next time

Johanna Mehl, Lawrence, KS, USA

November 07 2013

To vaidyagrama family

Many thanks for all family members who really contribute to the success of this idea. Special thanks goes to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Aruna, Maya, Vijay and Shiny. With the support of all staff, the 28 days of treatment went smooth, with/except small glitches which is the “kanji”. However the “oats” substitute worked well with us.

Wish you all the best with your endeavours.

Adel and Lomina, Kuwait

November 07 2013

Dear vaidyagrama

Being on the verge of leaving this serene and peaceful place, I find myself much overwhelmed with a rush of multitude of emotions. First of all, a “huge thank you” to the doctors and staff for all your efforts and considerations put into each and every inmate of vaidyagrama. My sincere wishes that may you achieve prosperity and success and reach  your vision sooner, so that many more people like us can experience and enjoy this wonderful place.

On a less general note, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for providing me the place and insight, to relax, analyse and reflect on my life and myself. You made me realize the importance of treating the body, mind and soul as a whole, and not as separate individual units. And the food, I’ll admit, has started to grow on me.

Now to all the “chechis” and “chettans” in vaidyagrama – thank you for giving Dewa such a wonderful time here. I know she has enjoyed the stay here much more because of you guys. And for all your love and care, and for all the laughs and giggles you gave her, another huge thanks. It means a lot to me.

For being a friend & family to me

For listening, caring and understanding


Your friend forever

Sneha Vijesh, Kuwait

November 06 2011

Dear staff of vaidyagrama village

Thank you very much for all work done. I really appreciate my time spent in vaidyagrama. You are doing a great job of curing and healing people using natural medicines and traditional treatments. I am so happy to find such a place. Wish you great success in the development of vaidyagrama.

With best wishes

Anna, Kazakhastan

November 03 2013

Dear vaidyagrama family

My heartfelt gratitude to one and all for extending your support at every stage of my treatment and to help me to heal physically and grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally and for making me understand the value and purpose of life.

Thank you and God bless!

Sangeetha Rajeev, Trivandrum, Kerala

November 02 2013


To Dr.Ramadas, Harikumar, Vinod, Maheswari, Sajitha, Lovely maids and all the rest at vaidyagrama

Thank you for your creative vision in developing such a beautiful Ayurvedic healing center.

Thank you for your love and support on my healing journey with my eyes

Thank you for sharing your depth of Ayurveda knowledge with an aspiring Ayurvedic practitioner and Ayurveda enthusiast

Thank you for your patience

Thank you for your steadfast daily love and care of my body and mind with all the lovely oils!!

Thanks for putting up with all my chants and mantras

Thanks for allowing me to continue my agnihotra practices and chanting with you at prayer time

Thank you for keeping my place clean

Thank you for all the pujas and mantras on my behalf


We will remain in contact

Much Love

Douglas Neal, USA