MAY 2021

May 29, 2021

We service our vehicles and gadgets periodically. We never bother to service our body, and that is exactly how I felt after my 21 days stay in Vaidyagrama. Ayurveda and Siddha based institutions must mushroom all over the country and must outnumber Allopathy hospitals.

I and my family are grateful to Vaidyagrama, especially to Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Arun, Dr. Renjisha, therapists Geethu, Shyni and Arun for the wonderful experience.

Looking forward to coming here every year!


Adv. Hari Radhakrishnan

Chennai, India


May 28, 2021

This has been my 4th  stay at Vaidyagrama. 

I have stayed here in 2012, 2015, 2019, and now. I must say this has been my best stay. 

The hospital has definitely progressed in many ways and I am happy to see its growth. Dr. Ramanand’s approach towards healing is very rare.  His commitment towards his patients will go a long way in strengthening the foundations of the hospital.

I also want to thank Dr Vinod, Dr Renjisha, and Dr Prameela. They are very prompt and efficient. Their knowledge of Ayurveda is also worthy.

I would like to further thank Krishna Kumar and Athira, who were very much helpful to me. Bindu and Sandhya in the reception require special mention. I would like to thank Keerthi and Sandeep, Noufal, Thatha (Subramaniam), Sasiharan, Kanagaraj(watchman), Murugan(watchman).

I would like to thank the therapist Suraj the superstar. He is definitely an asset to the institution. Mention for Maya, Radhika, Vaishnavi, Libin who all made my stay a wonderful experience! Dr Ramadas and Dr Harikumar also were available when I need any help.

May Vaidyagrama climb to greater heights and may it heal more people!

Mr. Vikram Ramakrishnan

Chennai, India


May 23, 2021

We experienced a traditional way of life and could connect to our grandparents’  lifestyle in village. Exceptional service by both Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Ardent.

All the staff were very kind and dedicated to their duty.

All the facilities were neat and clean.

Good Satsangs to improve the spiritual and knowledge quotient.

All the diagnosis and consultations were correct and the health conditions for both of us improved remarkably.

Felt like home and the approach was like a family.

Food and medicines were given on time.

Overall excellent service and wish more Indians and locals know about Vaidyagrama

Keep up and sustain the good service!

Mr. Arun Mugilan,

Chennai, India


May 23, 2021 

This was my first experience with ayurveda, and it was totally worth it. Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Ardent took exceptional care with emphasis on each minute details. Their daily visits were something we looked forward to everyday. 

The therapists did a wonderful job with the treatments, making us feel comfortable. All the support staff here made our stay comfortable. I would like to thank each and every one who made our stay here memorable and comfortable. 

We would like it if the team would take steps in spreading the word about such treatments to more people, because many people would not know about this.

Overall, we had a very rejuvenating and memorable experience here.

Thank You!

P.S. Special mention about the healthy and yummy food, and the prayer by Dr. Ramadas Sir.

Mrs. Pragathee

Chennai, India


May 21, 2021 

I have been to other Ayurvedic hospitals prior to coming here, with poor results. I am extremely pleased with the result at vaidyagrama. Dr. Ardent is amazing, he did a great job.

I am a foodie and struggled with the mild food. My lifestyle and dietary regimens have changed, and I will try to keep it up. 

The therapists are a mixed bunch. Some are very poor, and some need more training. Finally, Dr. Ramadas is like a Superman!

Mr. Jithin Macherikkal,

Kerala, India


May 21, 2021

Vaidyagrama is truly a healing village in the true essence of the word. 

It has been a life charging experience to say the least!

All the staff and doctors are incredibly attentive along with the environment. 

I feel wonderful and head home now with a new zest for life!

Special thanks to Dr Ramanandan, Dr Harikumar, Dr Vinod, Dr Prameela and Dr Renjisha, Sameena, Radhika, Suraj, Bindu, Deepa and Athira for sorting every need; and with Dr Ramkumar, even though was a brief meeting, it was extremely informative. 

Thank you. I will be back soon!

Thank you once again for this amazing experience!

Ms. Dimple Verma



May 21, 2021

This is my second visit. I was extremely pleased the first time around and am doubly pleased with this visit. 

The staff are courteous, helpful, and as amazing as ever. Very Efficient. The therapists were fantastic. The Doctors – very caring, concerned and giving. The facilities are very good and great care is given towards our comfort.

I am grateful that I found Vaidyagrama,and look forward to my next visit.

Ms. Rama Padmanabhan,

Bengaluru, India


May 20, 2021 

Dear All,

First time I am into Ayurveda treatment. Initially it was very hard to eat foodand live without air conditioner for 17 days.

My body’s regular habits have gone upside down. My eating time was 10am, 3pm and 10 pm - but here it became 8am, 12 pm, 6pm.

Now  I feel everything from your side Is good. Really I learned from all experience a lot through your Ayurveda treatment. Thank you so much!

I would like to appreciate everyone of your staff of all the departments who were kind enough. All treatments were very well. Overall, I was in a new world for 17 days!

 Thank you, team Vaidyagrama...

I love you all!

Mr. Manikandan



May 20, 2021

Vaidyagrama, the name itself, is  different and inspiring. 

Actually, it doesn't look like a hospital - it is like our home. That is what we experienced here.

Like our loving family members, all took care of us. Doctors approached us in a friendly manner. They not only described our disease, but also described our food, habits, our routine life.

Whenever we asked something, they helped immediately without any hesitation. Service is excellent. Ambience is fantastic. It is like heaven.

We inhaled fresh air here. In the beginning it was very tough to sleep without AC.

But day by day we got used to sleep without AC.

Morning at 6am we rise automatically with the sounds of birds. We started eating dinner before 7pm. This is a big transformation.   Usually, we eat after 9pm. Now we feel our stomach is lighter.

Here they are giving very nutritious food. As long as we take light food, we are healthy. That is we experienced here.

Thank you very much for your care, love, affection, dedication, hard work andhospitality towards each and every patient coming here with lots of expectations.

God bless you and your family always!

Ms. Thanga manohari



May 17, 2021

Vaidyagrama is Unique!

The first thing that strikes one is the physical aspects of the place. The architecture is wonderful, and not at all institutional. Passages and areas flow into each other, and the wild growth of trees, plants, and bushes all along have created a wonderland of bird songs, fragrance and magnificence - creating a space that is green and alive.

The materials used in construction have been carefully chosen and used; the results are very good. We have been generously provided with a lot of space including individual verandahs. 

The doctors, directors and other are intuitively patient and caring. They are also very competent, and the directors display brilliant thoughts of different kinds. The therapists are very well trained, and all the staff work consciously in a disciplined rhythm. There is no bickering or scolding. Amazing! The office is very efficient.

The surroundings are plentiful, and the atmosphere is of service, commitment, and cheerful dedication.

As far as the treatment is concerned, one feels better, and the pain is reduced. The task of taking the medication regularly and following the dietary restriction seem a bit daunting.

Thank you, many times, to everyone at vaidyagrama!

Ms. Subhashini Ali

Kanpur, India


May 12, 2021

Believe - It works! The best Ayurvedic treatment that I have ever seen in any of the hospitals, has been done in Vaidyagrama. 

Good service, and good treatment! Dr. Ramanandan and Dr Vinod visited us at least 5 times a day, asking about our health. When I was ill with vomiting and dysentery, doctors visited me often, and were checking the pulse rates and blood pressure too. 

Dr Vinod gave us more tips to maintain our health and wellness. He also told us about the ayurveda facts and we learned a lot about Ayurveda through him. 

Thank you for all your great support and help. 

All the treatments were fabulous, and we got the result as we expected.

Thank you doctors and therapists, for the great opportunity!

Ms. Sreenidhi



May 09, 2021

Dear vaidyagrama family,

From the moment of our first online consult, you have been nothing but a pleasure! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such warm support, kindness and generosity.

Even though it was a very emotional journey you have made it so much lighter, kinder, and loving. Am for ever grateful for your open arms and hearts.

May you grow and keep spreading your gifts to all in need! 

Pray we meet next year...

With love and gratitude, 

Ms. Aneta Beasley



May 07, 2021

My almost 6 weeks long stay at vaidyagrama was truly exceptional, to say the least. Physical, mental and spiritual healing all in one place is what delivers in Vaidyagrama. 

I am very thankful to the doctors, therapists and all the support staff for taking really good care of me during my stay. 

Looking forward to coming for rejuvenation!

Mr. Pravin Bathija, 



May 06, 2021

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Vaidyagrama. It has been a unique healing experience.

I really enjoyed the therapies, consultations, Satsangs, cooking classes and garden walks. I met some wonderful people. This place is hub for spiritual seekers as well as ayurveda enthusiasts. 

It is sad that Covid made things more difficult, yet the hard work carried out by staff is to be commended. I really hope things get better soon. 

One thing I would recommend would be more activities to keep the mind occupied. I just feel that may be helpful. 

Very grateful for everything!

Mr. Mudit Pandya,

United Kingdom


May 03, 2021

To the Directors & Doctors, and entire staff of Vaidyagrama family, 

I and my entire family sincerely thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for

providing best Ayurveda treatment for my mother. On her 21st day of stay we know that her stay here was very useful. We would love to recommend others as well as to visit here again. 

Thank you so much for all doctors, therapists, entire team for all the efforts taken.  Let this service continue!

Thank you..

Mr. N  Premkumar



May 01, 2021

Really awesome place!
Real professionals, and caring service is motivating!

We know how we are treated and how the treatment reacts in our body; it is all explained really well.
Awesome doctors who really care!
Food is really healthy.
I am moving out as a new human!

Mr. Sangamesh
Erode, India.