MAY 2019


May 29, 2019 

I really appreciate everything and everyone here during this stay. I feel supported during the whole process and was really impressed by the simplicity and authenticity in the treatment approach, yet it is so profound. So much joy even in talking about pooping and bleeding.  

There were moments I felt treatment was not effective and doubts arouse, however all doctors were so patient and wise to clear everything up. I learnt so much from my body, the treatments and interactions with each one here. I hope to visit again, with others in need as well. 


Xihua Chen (Sivani) 



May 28, 2019 

Taken more care in the treatment, food and everything. 

Thank you 




May 25, 2019 

This being my second experience with Vaidyagrama, was a very good one. I sincerely thank the doctors, therapist and all the staff for such a pleasant stay. Doctors were truly caring, attentive and patient enough to hear everything we could like to share. They were checking on my health and wellbeing close to 10 times a day during my snehapana and virecana. Next the therapist especially Dhanya was a true blessing. She would cater to all of our request always with a smile. Thanks to all the therapist for this wonderful massage. You guys do an awesome job and are the backbone of  Vaidyagrama. Housekeeping and other staff did their best to make our stay pleasant one here. Doctors are truly friendly and care so much on the wholesome recovery or rejuvenation of the person. Dr Hari Kumar, Dr Renjisha & Dr Sajna are the best. 

Thanks a lot for the experience! I had come with my kiddo; was scared of how she was going to manage the food and ambience but she loved the people here. All of them were friendly and took care of her like their own daughter. My mom loves this place and had a peaceful stay. Thank you each one of you, the staff of Vaidyagrama for being so accommodative and caring. 




May 24, 2019  

This is our first visit to Vaidyagrama for 21 days treatment. The clean green and calm atmosphere gives a pleasant surprise. It's not like hospital, we feel like guest only except the treatment times. Doctors are so friendly, timely food with balanced diet, lovely therapist. Satsang with the doctors are very useful and know about the basics of Ayurveda. Thank you very much  Dr.RamanandanDr.Sivajyothi, Dr.AnupamaDr.Arun and therapists. Mrs. Devaki, Sanita, Mrudula, Vaishnavi are so nice. Thanks once again to each and every one of Vaidyagrama staffs. Thanks a lot  


Chennai, India 


May 24, 2019 

Thanks to Sooraj, Ranjit, Arun. Thanks to Dr.Ramanandan 

Dr.SivajyothiDr.Arun Dr.Anupama very nice doctors. Treatment is very nice, I really got weight reduced after treatment. Never expected this much weight reduction. Very very thanks to Dr. Ramanandan. 

In future I can refer any patient to go here for treatments.  

Thank you Vaidyagrama 

Thanks a lot 

D. Asokan 

Chennai, India 

May 22, 2019 

The chirping of birds, 

The rustle of leaves, 

The chameleon playing tricks, 

And the evening breeze! 

This was home for us for 18 days 

Charming in its simplicity! 

Most of all, 

Kudos to our doctors, 

Dr. Mini for her endless patience, time and super caring. 

Dr. Harikrishnan for his detailed care 

Dr. Aruna, Dr. Princess for their attention. 

Special mention to Lakshmi, the therapist for being very gentle and sensitive. She is a star! And a healer. 

And Dr. Ramkumar for his stimulating satsangs! 

Much strength to Vaidyagrama  from 

Anita Soin and Mandip Soin,  

New Delhi. 


May 21, 2019 

Vaidyagrama, A Real Healing Village 

The Ambience 

The Service 

The treatment 

All here are outstanding 

Really giving relaxation 

Best wishes to the team Vaidyagrama 

Sasi Odayoth,  



May 20, 2019 

I am very grateful for the loving care I received here. I especially want to thank. 

Dr Harikumar and Dr Renjisha for being much attentive listening. 

Chandran, Libin and Midhun for being hard working and good hearted. 

Anjali, Archana, Aruna, Punitha and Aparna for being so sweet. 

-the housekeeping staff for being so sweet. 

Dr Ramkumar, Dr Harikrishna and Dr Ramanandan for being so helpful in answering my questions. 


May god bless you all 


Abraham Kuruvilla



May 20, 2019 

It is now the end of my 4 weeks stay here and I am feeling so grateful. The healing space exists here. Now I came with a collection of some mild complaints that felt to me the beginning of more serious things to come if I hadn’t found a way to heal them. As a practicing nurse at a hospital in the West, I know that most providers/doctors would not see my symptoms as anything to be concerned about. My guess would be lack of awareness the education (or lack thereof) they receive. Unless symptoms are evident enough to be diagnosed, they didn’t have the understanding to know what is really going on. 

Ayurveda and panchakarma is such a gift. I feel blessed that all the signposts in my life have led me here. Though there were some difficult moments with a couple of treatments ((Drinking ghee, purgation, vasti). Feel so much like lighter and creative then when I arrived. All my symptoms have decreased felt well cared for by the Doctors and their staff. I loved the food and learnt so much by the satsangs, the easy example short to us on how to making a daily routine how to teach how to feel it is with a simpler lifestyle in tune with the rhythm of life and just thank you for opening and leaving this teachings so beautifully. May all be blessed by this light. 




May 18, 2019 

First let me thank all the staff, they took such good care of me. Doctors, massage girls and housekeeping, all aid a wonderful job. Thank you all from bottom of my heart. 

Thanks for the kitchen staff for our food. It was good. Sorry to say some food can be improved in my thought. When I came next year may be there be sukku coffee. Really you are all doing a wonderful service. Again, thank you very much. The prayer I look forward every day that I will be missing in the morning and evening 

Anbudan Malarvizhi. E  



May 20, 2019 

I have come back here much stronger after last year treatment session in Vaidyagrama to continue my journey to heal my body. I could better appreciate the skills and talent of Dr Ramanandan who has given treatments and dosages that are exactly right for each patient and his conditions. Thus, I received stronger treatment and feeling better overall. I could enjoy more with the beautiful healing environment and birds singing. This year I was able to feel better with Inner myself and build intentions to do more for self even come back home. Doctors are very attentive and reachable even if they are taking day off, sorry to disturb you Dr Ramanathan and thanks again for your time. Dr.Arun was also very patient answering multiple questions. Beautiful and helpful therapists Shiny and Anita, thank and god bless this people and peace  

Real professional Ayurveda is here. 

Irina shchgoleva 



 May 15, 2019 

Thank you to everyone at Vaidyagrama for making my time here so beautiful and peaceful. You have created a healing heaven, away from the maternal world we all find our self's in. You have given me the space immersed in nature to get back in touch with myself. The care from the doctors and therapists are wonderful and made me feel cared of. Waking up to the sound of birds every morning. Walking around the beautiful complex and just had the time to be. This will be mixed but through your Satsangs you have given me the light to develop my practice to that I can take the healing process along with me. 

Huge thanks to Dr.Ramanandan and Dr.Arun for their tentative care and treatment plans 




May 14, 2019 

I am totally satisfied and happy with the treatment. This is completely Ayurveda and providing the best treatments with no side effects. Very supportive staffs and doctors. They are giving best quality service. Highly appreciated. 

Thank you Vaidyagrama 

Best wishes from 

R Abhirami Devi  



May 14, 2019 

I had a very enjoyable week here with the treatments by the expert hands. I am sure that the treatment will do me good as always. 

Shantha Ramakrishnan 



May 14, 2019 

It’s been our second time at Vaidyagrama and the experience has been good. The commitment and dedication of the doctors (Dr. Harikumar & Dr. Renjisha) are laudable. Highly appreciate the attitude of therapists and other staffs towards healing our stay easier. Thank you all for your support and keep up the good work! 

Vikram and Lakshmy 



May 13, 2019 

I am grateful that there is a place like this in the world. 

I am thankful to all people who make this happen, especially Dr Ramanandan who was able to listen and with his patient in order to make an efficient program. To Chandran the therapist who was respectful and caring at all times. To Anjali who was caring me for 3 weeks and all others big thanks 




May 11, 2019 

It has been a wonderful experience learning and experiencing what is Ayurveda treatment. The team from the doctors to the last employee did a magnificent job and let me feel always like I am home. Thank you very much for the magnificent hosting and the wonderful treatments 




May 10, 2019 

Our stay at Vaidyagrama was short this time, just 10 days. In spite of that we have recovered from the minor complaints we came with. 

The devotion and attention we got from the doctors,  

Dr. Ramanandan Dr. Anupama Dr. Siva Jyothi was amazing. Even the housekeeping and gardening etc are taken well care of. 

The therapist Devaki has magical fingers, I have got used to her massage since last 3 years and the two girls who assist her were also good. The food has improved a lot over the years 

Our best wishes to Vaidyagrama in the coming years 

Vanitha Rathindran  



May 8, 2019 

My first visit - charming place to have 3 weeks of therapy and bliss. 

Each and every one is helpful, kind and taking the extra step to care to our needs. Thank you all for making this stay wonderful. 

Best wishes to all 




May 8, 2019 

Everyone was so lovely and made our first visit so much easier. Big thank you to all the doctors and staffs for helping us and putting up with us for 3 weeks. 

Best wishes, 




May 08, 2019 

It has been a short stay but a memorable one and i look forward to coming back soon. Being at Vaidyagrama has been an intensely enlightening experience from realising the amountof rubbish we ingest and impose within our bodies to the constant rushing around to make life worthwhile. Here I came to stand still surrounded by compassion and care. A big thank you to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Mini and all the therapists and staff. Thank you for your time, your patience and your deep compassion. 

God bless each one of you with much love and prayers. 

Sonia Rashid and Nadir Rashid 

Bhopal, India. 


May 7, 2019 

Came back for another 3 weeks. Doctors and therapists are amazing, very helpful and kind. They care to all your wishes and fancies. 

The surroundings are peaceful tranquil and you get woke up to sounds of birds. 


Thank you all at Block 3 

Aman Rai  



May 6, 2019 

Dear Vaidyagrama Family, 

After my first visit to Vaidyagrama, I truly feel that humanity is incredibly blessed that a place like this exists. An oasis of natural healing in a world that is making so many of us sick. And really, it is the people that make vaidyagrama so special. I have never felt so cared for and supported in my entire life. Within a few days of being here, I was already convinced that i will return. I am deeply grateful to all of the staff, therapists and doctors who assisted me on this journey of healing. The combination of expert knowledge of this ancient science of life, with an environment carefully constructed to soothe the entire being and an attitude of loving kindness that is tangible on all levels, allowed me to finally surrender and trust in the healing process. I have always appreciated that the body has an intimate ability to heal itself and that Ayurveda seeks to facilitate that natural power. Unfortunately, after various traumatic experiences involving allopathic medicine, I had deep seated fears of medical professionals and illness in general. When my health issues re-surfaced five years ago, the allopathic system was unable to help, so i turned to homeopathy and naturopathy, but even after many rounds of treatment and despite what i believed to be healthy diet and lifestyle, including daily yoga practice, things did not improve.Infact with each failed attempt, feelings of despair and frustration increased and the physical condition deteriorated. As I desperately tried taking more and more natural supplements, my fears that I was incurable grew and I knew that this mental and emotional state was a massive obstacle to getting better but I was struck in a vicious cycle. I arrived at vaidyagrama full of fears and distrust. This made me a difficult patient! Thankfully my doctors had just the right balance of firmness and patience. Their strength of conviction and wealth of experience enabled me to gradually trust their method and my own body. With time and space to observe my mental patterns and physical tensions, I was ultimately able to overcome them and release deep emotional pain that was feeding them and perpetuating the disease. Now, the healing begins! I cannot thank vaidyagrama enough. I firmly believe in the vision of Punarnava and I hope that all of the wonderful goals are achieved. Whenever I am able, I will lend my support and I look forward to returning someday. 

All my love, 

Monique Ledesma 

(Shadow yoga teacher) 



May 5, 2019 

To all the Vaidyagrama family, doctors, therapists, office staff, cleaners, gardeners, cooks and everyone else. Thank you! You have made my stay here relaxed and delightful. The warmth of your smiles and the care you have shown travels with me home. 

Graeme Burn 



May 5, 2019 

Dear Vaidyagrama Family, 

Each time here is precious. Being with family is nourishing and that is important to healing. Everyone helps with the healing process - the doctors, therapists, cooks, cleaners and administration. Everyone has their place in the healing process, so I am grateful to everyone. I love the natural,simple,authentically processing environment. I feel nourished by it, its special here.I also appreciate how you give us the means to help heal ourselves. The knowledge you share is the most helpful and supportive. The chanting feels healing and soothes the soul. I give thanks to the bird song, the wind in the trees, the land and all the staff, therapists and doctors for all that is given to us for our body and spirit. 

Linda Burn 



May 03, 2019 

I have lost track of how many times I have come to Vaidyagrama in the last 10 years. The first trip is when it had only few buildings and in process of building more. What has been consistent in all these trips over the years is the professionalism of the staff- From doctors, to therapists and general staff taking care of food and cleaning. And after every trip I leave in better shape and state of mind. 

While I see more new and younger staff this time their skills and dedication to tasks and taking care of people continuous to be of high calibre. 

I can’t thank enough Dr.Ramanandan for his help in guiding the treatment and now I look at him more as a friend and guide than a doctor. Nothing will be complete without acknowledging Vaidyagrama approach to include neighbourhood as part of them, for taking care of local children’s and families and always focusing on quality If life and taking care of the planet. 

On the downside this was my first trip to Vaidyagrama in April and had lot of problems dealing with heat. Needless to say, I probably go back to trip in the fall. I also find myself less able to deal with food, as I go older especially 3 meals in a day mostly bland and with lots of rice. Think I may propose only breakfast and dinner on future trips with less rice. 

Other area I feel frustration is the issue of reliable internet service during every trip, this year being most difficult. Hope Vaidyagrama provide more access to TV even if it is only for a few hours every day. It is difficult to be shut off from what is going on around us in this era of information age. All in all, Vaidyagrama has been a significant factor in my battle with Rheumatoid arthritis and I owe there a lot for their help over the years. Hope I get more chance to visit. 

Vishu Viswanatham