MAY 2016

May 28 2016

To all the staff and doctors at Vaidyagrama

I am very grateful for this opportunity to experience a true healing Ayurveda environment.
It was inspiring to see your collective vision come together to create such a natural, positive healing community. 
we physician in the West may think we know a lot about the science of healing but we clearly have a lot to learn from all of you about the art of healing. 
This experience was enriching to me on so many levels and professionally it helped me view nutrition from a different view point; personally it helped me to calm and open my mind and spiritually it reconnected me to the wonders and wisdom of the land of my birth.
I cannot thank the staff and doctors enough especially Dr Ramadas Dr Krishnadas and Dr Ramkumar and amazing shiny for all their care and concern. 
we are all so grateful to Hakeem for his attentive care and bhagyam,  baby for keeping our room so clean. 
With deepest gratitude

Ameeta Martin

May 27 2016

Today is my 37th day on this 4th Life Of Mine. I had done 3 weeks strips in 2011 13 and 2015. Vaidyagrama has become like Home and it feels better with each trip. This time I have even started enjoying the kanji which is all I had for those 5 weeks.
The doctor, Therapist, housekeeping staff and ladies tending to the Garden always have a smile.
The positive attitude of all here adds to the healing process.
Have had a number of my chronic ailments cured, I am confident that any other minor or serious condition will be addressed.
I have enjoyed my time here, and look forward to my next visit. For the first time, my wife joined me for two weeks and enjoyed her experience. Will both be back?
Thank you all for making our stay comfortable and helping with our cure.

Rashid k kidwai

May 26 2016

Dear all at Vaidyagrama

First of all I am thanking everybody for making a wonderful atmosphere here. It was a great experience being a part of Vaidyagrama family for a period of 16 days.
We would like to thank all the doctors, therapists, and all the other staff who made our stay wonderful.
Wishing all the success to Vaidyagrama and it's family members.
Thanking you 
Said Mohammed and family 

May 24 2016

Respected Vaidyagrama

A Heaven on the earth. Yes really I got the physical as well as mental ointment from here.  A place where we only hear the sounds of birds and leaf which cures a lot.

The Therapist are the sacred person who have the at most tolerance and care. It is a great pride to Vaidyagrama which trains them likewise. Here I got the help from the Therapist of Miss. shiny Mol,  Vaishnavi and shiny,  fit person to comfort for the patients.

The doctors are really they are the mobile gods, who Serve us, whenever and wherever we need their help. 
They not only provide us the physical fitness as well as mental and spiritual fitness.  Doctors Mr. Ramadas and Mrs. Aruna helped and guided a lot for our well being with their advice and caring
i relieved from all the pain. 
5 years before I came here with several spinal cord problems that was cured by Vaidyagrama specially.
With that hope I came here again and got a complete cure. But this time, with myself my husband also refresh him. Thus he felt some sort of relief.

This way I and my whole family salute Vaidyagrama.

Thank you

R.Megala and S.Sivakumar

May 22 2016

My wife and I are so very pleasantly surprised at how wonderful Vaidyagrama is.  we don't know if we should call it as a hospital,  health Spa,  Resort or just nature experience.
The ground and buildings are thoughtfully laid out.
The staffs, all of them, are so pleasant and helpful.
The doctors are knowledgeable and caring.
It is absolutely a healing atmosphere.
Thanks to all of you and look forward to our next visit.
As good as the hospital experience is it really impressive to learn about your feeding 100 people every day, balagrama and teaching the villagers around.
This healing centre is truly authentic i have never found anywhere else.
How one should live and life should be experienced is a vision that can be truly realised here.
Thank you
Ven and Girija

May 21 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama

It was totally a different experience at Vaidyagrama.  I feel relaxed and stress free now anyhow it was difficult for both of us to stay here for first 2 days. 
Then I feel the changes in my body and the way the medicines reacted to pull  out all vitiated doshas from my body.
The experience I gathered from here, the Peaceful environment, all the greenery around, the beautiful peacocks, the Marvellous rains,clouds and the thunderstorm -all were amazing.
The time to time treatment and the intake of medicine and the accurate scheduled a routine of the lifestyle and diet. 
I am really thankful to the Dr. Ramadas Dr Aruna,  Dr Krishnadas and the therapist shiny mol and Jobin.
Yet I am really thankful to Dr. Ramadas for tolerating my questions and doubts and answering it all.
Talking and discussing all my problems to Dr Aruna, I felt really open and free with her.she is really down to earth and amazing person.
Though I was not that much interact with Dr Krishnadas I think is a calm person with pleasing smile.
The Therapist shiny mol and Vaishnavi were really helpful and have done a great job in accompanying in my free hours and helping me in taking medicines.
Jobin in is also there for helping my husband and taking care of them well.

Thank you
Reneesha  shamshudeen

May 21 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama

It was a wonderful experience for me and my wife at Vaidyagrama.
I have been visiting Dr Ramadas for nearly 1 year for consultation.
Though I was not convinced about alternative medicines,  it was my friend Mr Vikram who had Advised me to visit Vaidyagrama consult the doctor and then decide whether to give Ayurveda try.

I was convinced during my first visit and consultation with Dr Ramadas that it is a worth taking a break from a regular Lifestyle and subject yourself to here.
Vaidyagrama environment under the care of Dr. Ramadas and is team I was amazed by the way my body has responded to the treatments.
I am sure that allopathic can never provide you with a healthy treatment. 
I realise the importance of our mind body and Soul which I have been ignoring for the past 33 years.
I have learnt from Dr Ramadas how one should treat this mind,  body and Soul without compromising  your daily routine. I Thank Dr Ramadas and his team for the care, love and affection showed on us during our stay. 
My special thanks to our Therapist Mr Jobin and shiny who take care of us very well.
Thank you 

May 21 2016

We, Balakrishnan post on record our indebtedness  to the Vaidyagrama family for the following
1. Unconditional care 
2. Emotional encourage 
3. Healthy atmosphere
4. Nutritious food
5. Professionalism with compassion  
6. Positive attitude 
7. Spiritual Counsel 
8. Orientation towards body, mind and well being 
9. Commitment and accountability.

The above mentioned rare ingredients blended with their traditional wisdom from the vedic scriptures Were given to us as treatment by not just the doctors but by every member of the Vaidyagrama family.
We go back wiser, healtheir, happier and more complete.
Thanks a million.

Dr.A.Balakrishnan and Dr.Jayanthasri balakrishnan 

May 20 2016

To Vaidyagrama

My Stay at Vaidyagrama though very short a has been a truly rewarding experience for me. 
Having been caught up in the mad Rush of life often forgetting where we're heading to your body, the vehicle that has been carrying the so called me for so many years - yearn for some rest.
It was such a point that I felt I needed a break not only for my body but for my mind as well.
I just wanted to total Gateway from the whole rat race and that's how I landed up at Vaidyagrama.
And this place offered me exactly what I wanted and much more 
the perfect Calm environment.
The cent percent eco friendly system.
The dedicated and service minded bunch of people here doctors, Therapist, administrative and service staff.
The prayer and satsang.
Everything together was wholesome  experience.
I am returning with the light body, yet they have a Heavy heart wowing to come back again.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart to the Dr Ramkumar and his team Dr Ramadas, Dr Aruna and shinymol for their sincere efforts in making me feel better.

Ranjini Menon
Cochin, Kerala.

May 20 2015

Dear All at Vaidyagrama

Countless thanks and gratitude for the space that you provide here. It has been a blessing to stay here and undergo this experience with your genuine care and support.
Such a large and inspiring experiment this is, that is carried out in an authentic way with attention for the bodies, mind and spirits of each and every patient.
You have created a place in nature for one to go through whatever is required to sweep the being clear and leave with physical, mental and spiritual fortitude.
It may not always be easy or what one expects, but this is an easy space to surrender into the vast support and notice the change, and the benefits.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Sasha van Aalst 

May 18 2016

It has been a blessing and a great boon of heart and mind and spirit anybody to be here, to be among great kindness and nourishment the thoughtful ecologies, the grounded tranquillity.
The treatments were all quiet pleasant yet the effect were not always simple, they were precisely helpful.
Thank you all for the openness and the care and support.
Great beings Great space

Thank you

Spiros antonopulos 

May 17 2016

A great example of how Ayurveda should work the surroundings are beautiful and they stay very comfortable you don't feel that you are in the hospital most important is the why the Ayurveda is so true today its Origins and I will miss all the sage advice and most of all the funny Smiles of all staff and wonderful doctors who are ever so attentive and engaged.
A great exposure and one I will return to


May 15 2016 
we stayed here for 5 days.
The every place, surrounding and ambience etc is soothing to the mind. The services are excellent and the staff are cordial, food is healthy, hygienic and tasty and generally in excess.
Treatments are done with care and commitment.
Advanced information and punctuating May be this areas that require attention  May God bless this excellent institution

Swami sat swarupananda

May 13 2016 namaste Vaidyagrama

This has been a short 9 day stay but a very nice experience.
I am new to Ayurveda and this experience has sparked an interest to learn more about this Lifestyle.
The village you have created is simply beautiful and in harmony with nature.
I had a very relaxing comfortable stay I appreciate; admire this project and all the help that is given to the surrounding communities.
I want to thank all the staff of Vaidyagrama who they all very sweet and caring specially Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Arsha and Lakshmi who took care of me thank you to Madhav Anand for recommending me to this wonderful place.
My suggestion would be to offer some gentle yoga classes and chanting and also to be provided with more information regarding the treatment process what it's about,  how it works,  the medicine used etc Thank you

Florence Tagliavini

May 12 2016

Dear vaidyagrama

This whole idea of having a hospital in between a forest is just breathtaking.
The pure natural form of Ayurveda meditation and other restrictions have got us into leading a more disciplined and a simple Lifestyle with a basic food habits.
The prayers performed diligently at the perfect time are very piece giving.
The surrounding are something that I could have just dream off.
I also learned that there are a lot of people who believe in and do a lot of philanthropy.
But all of the drove would not have been possible without all the doctors and their personal attention to us, the always loving and smiling staff and helpless and of course the treatment one receives to kill oneself.

Thank you all 
Alpha and Niram B shah



May 12 2016

Thank you very much for making this a wonderful experience.
I am grateful to my therapists 2 shiny and to all the staff for welcoming me to this special place.
I appreciate the kind words from Dr Krishnadas and thank you for listening to me.
Dr.Ramadas  i am grateful for your words by wisdom. While there have seen challenges (heat)overall I look back with fond memories.
I will be returning to Ireland with feeling renewed and I will be continuing the journey of healing.
I also enjoyed mailing friends with the other patients and the giggles and the chats.

Thank you

Katie Lyrch

May 11 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama

I thank you all for your support, kindness and passion that made this experience possible for me. I knew as soon as I walked into this environment that I had embarked on a life changing journey.
The realities of my past and worries about my future had always hindered me from living my life peacefully in the present.
Thanks to the healing of Vaidyagrama I now have the tools to embrace this amazing gift of life.
The peacefulness of this healing centre allowed me to step away from my everyday norms and look from the outside in at the infinite
Amount of options and possibility this life has to offer.
Physically I feel healthier than I ever have in my adult life. Mentally I feel more aware than ever.
On a spiritual level I feel more embraced from the universe than I ever thought possible.
I know have got a long way to go and to grow on this journey but this opportunity has reignited me with joy for this adventure.

I thank everyone here that has made Vaidyagrama what it is. From the staff to the patient you have all contributed to my healing and words cannot explain how grateful I am.
The special thanks to the Therapist especially Lalu who helped me cleanse my body and bring me into the state of health.
You have all become friends that I am proud to have known.
Every doctor here has shared their wisdom and friendship that made this possible for me and all of their patients.
To Dr. Krishnadas,  thank you so much for a genuine concern on daily basis.
You helped remind me every day that I was in good hands and being thought of and cared for.
Dr Ramadas, I sincerely thank you for challenging me through my stay.
You had confidence in my ability to better myself,  when I didn't think it was possible you have a true gift of providing your patients with faith and confidence in themselves while remaining calm and patient.
Your positivity has been a huge encouragement and I thank you for it
the only suggestion I would have is to teach more yoga and meditation.
As a beginner in those fields along with Ayurveda medicine my mind and body grew restless while trying to adapt.
The library is great and luckily I was able to educate myself on ways to save my body and mind through yoga and meditation with your books.

Thank you all 
Nicholas v.Battles
Albuquerque,NM USA

May 10 2016

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you all for your kindness and support over the past 23 days 
it has been an amazing journey for me healing on both a physical and mental level.
The treatments were so relaxing and administered with so much care.
I also thoroughly enjoyed the food, very simple, very satisfying at the same time.
Once again a big thank you for making my stay here so pleasant.
I will be back.

Anne Marie
Melbourne, Australia 

May 08 2016

Dear all at Vaidyagrama

First we really want to thank all the people who take care of us every day, we don't have to think of anything, everything seems simple and quiet here.
We wish we enjoyed more simple activities since the beginning of our visit, that will be different next time we will come. 
We are happy for all the Great talks and things we have shared here.
What everyone here gave us is gift, a fresh air bowl we will try to keep with us for a long time.
Great thanks


May 07 2016

Dear everyone at Vaidyagrama

Thank you for all your do everyday.
This is my first visit but I hope I will see you all again.

I am happy I came here.
I like India very much on.
I love India and his people 
you all are dedicate to serve others to help people to grow and feel better about them.
I received so much from all of you
my heart would remember you always each one of you.
May you be joyful,
May you be healthy,
May you be blessed with infinite grace in your life,
May you be filled with love all the time.

With great respect a love I offer my gratitude once again to all of you

Rudra viornery

South Fallsburg New york

May 04 2016

Dear precious family of Vaidyagrama

I am beyond grateful to each one of you and for all the hard work you do each day and all the love you put into that work.
All that love shows so clearly in the brilliant transformation shining in the eyes of those who are so lucky to have this wonderful treatment.
After many years of feelings I was struggling with health troubles,  I instead can feel grateful for all that I have learnt along this path.
Thank you from the depth of my heart for this profoundly healing and growing experience and for the quiet magic of this beautiful place.
I am so happy.
Teresa obrein
New York USA

May 2 2016

Thank you for everything

When I was recommended by My senior friend to come to Vaidyagrama, 
I was told these doctors they do not guess they know.
So I have had good experiences well. And not just that, 
I Met here people of high character,  people who know that life does not the end with the end of present body, that life is meant for improvement of our character,  improvement, on our eternal path toward the perfection, self-realization,  toward the lord Dhanvantari who is Lord Vishnu Lord Krishna
With the best wishes

Bliznak Miroslav

Silicon Slovakia,


May 2 2016

I have loved staying and studying have at Vaidyagrama.
Thank you to all the wonderful staff for looking after me so kindly. 
At prayers fortnight I let the beautiful chanting of Dr Ramadas wash through me and settle in a deep place inside in the same way Vaidyagrama will always have a special place in my heart.

Kristie cleary
New Zealand