May 2014

May 30 2014

Second time over and feeling as new as I did after my first experience 2 years ago!

I can tell the difference that I have felt and the changes in me…it has given me much more confidence that not only health but also the mind can be rejuvenated. I can see myself on the path to better health and peace of mind. I am as happy to have made some good friends too.

Vaidyagrama has not only treated me but also shown me the right way to conduct the whole process of living.

Thank you also for all the great experiences and knowledge I gained through the satsangs by Dr.Ramkumar. The kirtan sessions and also giving me the opportunity to work with the children during their summer camp!

Everyone here at vaidyagrama are now part of my ayurvedic family and will always remain so.

Thank you especially to Dr.Ram, Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Om and all the therapists especially Shyni, Lakshmi, Nirmala and Sasikala and Devaki.

Special thanks to Aparna for co-ordinating with me all through. Thanks to Kavitha for the amazing cooking classes. Renu for her guidance in yoga and diet!

VG is a place where I look forward to coming back over and over again. The healing, the love and the atmosphere is simply wonderful.

Love Always

Agnes Rajesh

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

May 30 2014

Rejuvenated body mind and soul.

A home away from home. That’s what vaidyagrama felt like. The place, the people, the ambience and most of all the love and affection and the genuine concern for our wellness. That’s a luxury that cannot be bought and abundantly available here.

With loads of warm wishes and a heartful of gratitude


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

May 28 2014

Dear vaidyagrama family

As soon as I arrived on this beautiful “Ayurveda island” my mind curled up in a warmer and started purring. What an amazingly peaceful place!

6 weeks have passed in a timeless space. I could stay here much longer..

I feel light and I did loose a lot of weight and very rested. Thank you to all the doctors, especially Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Omprakash and Dr.Ramkumar.

Thank you to all the therapists, specially to Sameena. Thank you to all the staff especially to Hakeem who helped me to get my phone back working. Everybody working here was just so nice from the doctors to the cleaning ladies. And thank you Renu for the very helpful satsangs.

In the time that I socialized I met the most amazing people here, other patients, and I am grateful for each and every one.

It definitely does feel like family and I will try to come back.

My best wishes and blessings to all o fyou

Dany Kahn


May 25 2014

How nice are you people in vaidyagrama! How much pain you are taking to treat us! We can only pray LORD ALMIGHTY for prosperity of vaidyagrama.

With regards

Sethurama Wariar and Radha S Wariar

Bangalore, Karnataka

May 24 2014

I enjoyed my stay here


South Africa

May 23 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

As soon as I arrived I immediately felt the peace of this very special place that is growing day by day with the love and energy of all the beautiful people that are here. I am very grateful for all I learned a lot of things and had the chance to share them with special people. I will never forget my stay with you. This place is now in my heart and I am leaving happy because I know that now I have a family in Tamilnadu.

Thank you very much for all


Vittoria Bonifati


May 19 2014

WE ARE RETURNING! Thank you for an absolute healthful stay – yes, 21 days is what is required.


Mamta Periwal / Shagun Mohan

Jaipur, Rajasthan

May 15 2014

My 11 days stay and treatment has been remarkable. It helped me to look within, more into the activities of my mind. I rarely missed my family and the doctors and staff have provided the requisite psychological support and comfort. Shall visit again. Great!



May 15 2014

Thank you for a wonderful stay and treatment. Everyone was so nice and helpful. I hope to return in the future and stay longer. I will continue the medicine after I leave here. The place is so beautiful and calm. I will miss it. Wishing you the best.

Helen Menon

May 14 2014

Dear Vaidyagrama

I am very thankful to all of you for a very “warm” (in all the senses of the word) stay at your wonderful place.

It was really a challenge for me to stay and to be with myself for almost 20 days and it has its results.

I feel myself much better and calmer now in comparison with when I arrived. I feel very good physically and emotionally, very relaxed and positive.

I have never experienced living in such ascetic circumstances but it is a very nice interesting and useful experience for me.

It is always very pleasant to feel that you are in professional hands, because it is evidently the real Ayurveda here and the professionals working here. Thank you very much for making me believe in what you believe in.

I really hope to continue what I have started here – at home, with God’s help. I believe I will do!

I leave this place with the feeling of satisfaction, calmness, positiveness and the intention to continue living this way!

The food was wonderful, the treatments too, the accommodation and environment are impressive and comfortable. Bust most of all I appreciate the professionalism of the doctors who follow the traditions of Ayurveda strictly and always the treatments for the patients very right. Thank you Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Om! Thanks to all the other doctors for their interesting conversations and warm prayers! Thanks to everybody here!

Olga Tsygankova

Moscow Russia

May 13 2014

I came here to experience staying in vaidyagrama. I really enjoyed my short stay of 3 days here. Though I came alone, I did not feel lonely. The doctors, staff and others were very warm, friendly and welcoming.

The rooms are very spacious and convenient. Very neatly kept and furniture also very classy. I went around the whole area and was happy to see the vegetation being allowed to grow naturally without “Designer wear” themes! I wondered how the simple food was so tasty though made without spices. I inspected the kitchen and discovered food was cooked in natural flame – not “cylinder gas”. I specially fell in love with the polished stainless steel tiffin carrier!

Treatment of abhyanga which I took was very good. Doctors with whom I interacted very friendly and cheerful.

This place carries a lot of positive vibrations. I will certainly miss the morning and evening chants and pooja which is being done with so much sincerity.

My special thanks to Aparna who interacted with me from the beginning.

I wish the vaidyagrama team all the best and may it grow in strength – at the same time, retaining its rustic charm, simplicity and love.

I am eagerly looking forward to another visit with my husband.

With prayers and love

Chitra Madhavan


May 13 2014

Stained but not shaken. My stay here has helped me recognize myself the obstacles to optimum mental and physical health.

It is always a delight to receive people friendliness and admirable to see such passionate commitment to healthcare!

Thank you all

PS – I hope you can forgive my stubborn resistance!

With much appreciation

Carl Lortz


May 13 2014

Thank you for all the doctors and staff for their co-operation and treatment. I am staying for 20 days – wonderful place and silent and peaceful. Love to all and love to God to bless you. Thank you

Yours truly



May 11 2014

I came to vaidyagrama during a particularly difficult time in my life after recently undergoing surgery to remove cancer. I came here without any expectations and with an open mind – to heal my body and mind. I feel so blessed and privileged to have been able to spend 16 days here with all the wonderful staff who attend to your every need without asking for anything in return. I was amazed by the immediate physical results I could see after the treatment. You have created a beautiful spiritual environment and I really feel that I have found what was “missing” in my life here at vaidyagrama and that I am on the path of recovery physically and emotionally. Thank you for all the wonderful staff!! I am going to miss my new Ayurveda family.

Chazada Gunter

Greytown, South Africa

May 09 2014

We came here for relaxation for 3 days. We enjoyed the stay here. We enjoyed the calmness here away from city – no noise, sound proof grama. Excellent outdoor with lots of plants and birds.

My husband Mr.Swamy was very happy about keeping away from his busy life and had good rest for 3 days and had a good time with our 10 year old daughter Neha.

Thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan and all his team for his nice care. We would definitely come back for longer time.

Janardhan Swamy

Bangalore, Karnataka

I (Neha) and my father gone around the campus for some photos of plants and animals. We got great photos, we actually got lots of plant photos.

May 08 2014

I came here to fix my knee pain and diabetes. After the various treatments, I find the pain reduced in my knee, but I cannot have a check on the condition of my diabetes as there is no apparatus ready at the lab. This may please be arranged for use on other patients coming to vaidyagrama in future.

The surroundings, ambience, the yoga hall and walkways are good and gives the mind a happy mood. The doctors are very polite and explain for the doubts raised by the patients. The morning homa and evening mantra prayers are mind refreshing. If anything is done towards entertainment, the patients will be more cheerful and thankful.

I shall tell my friends in need about vaidyagrama and ask them to visit for recovery.

Thanks and regards

With love



May 07 2014

I have been here at vaidyagrama for 6 weeks and without a doubt I feel much better than when I arrived! Many thanks to everybody here, especially to Aparnaji for her prompt and enthusiastic correspondence before I arrived and her continued attention during my stay; to Drs.Ramadas, Aruna and Harikumar for their devoted care, skill and patience; Kanaka and all her friendly, efficient colleagues, always smiling; Kavitha for courteously handling the money transactions; the excellent and hardworking cleaning staff, always friendly and polite; all the fine friends I made while here, both human and other, including my special furry friends, the vaidyagrama black and white cats – mother and young son – with whom I have spent very many pleasant hours.

With love and gratitude

Robin Casinader

Canberra, Australia

May 06 2014

It is clear that much thought has been given in the selection of location and designing of the buildings; to say the least, it is excellent.

As far as the employees are concerned, they are all courteous and doing their work in a systematic way. This is a tribute to the management.

The thing that struck me most is the attitude of the doctors. When I interacted with them, I found how much their talk gave me confidence. I thank them for imbibing positive thinking in me.

In short, it is a home away from home. During the 21 days of stay, I enjoyed complete peace of mind and got renewed energy.

With Best Wishes



May 05 2014

Hare Krishna!

This is also my second visit with Guru Maharaj to vaidyagrama, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time here.

Thank you for taking such nice care of us, and we really look forward to coming again.

The team under Dr.Ramkumar is very special; Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar, Aparna, Kavitha, Sonia, Hakeem, all the housekeeping staff and of course Vijay and all the masseurs!

Thanks to all of you – vaidyagrama is a very peaceful and special place.

Best wishes

Ananda Krishna Prema Das


May 05 2014

This place is spiritually vibrant; everyone is chanting the mahamantra –



I hope and pray to Krishna that this vaidyagrama project will re-establish our old Vedic culture Ayurveda treatment.

I am very thankful to the promoters, doctors, staff and all others those who are involved

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada

Ganganarayan Das

ISKCON, Ujjain

May 05 2014

This is my second visit here for treatment. Each time I come, I become more and more impressed with this set up and increasingly convinced about the efficacy of this treatment.

Ayurveda is a very profound medical science that goes to the root of the disease and eliminates it from there totally uprooting the actual cause.

I hope more and more people will become aware of this most wonderful medical treatment and benefit from it.

I wish this endeavor all success.

Bhakti Charu Swami


May 01 2014

It had been a wonderful experience to be at vaidyagrama. My body and soul was yearning for this deep rest for a long time. All the doctors, therapists and the staff are very beautiful people. They took very good care of all my needs. The whole environment at vaidyagrama was very nourishing for my body and soul.

I thank you all for creating such a wonderful healing place on earth. I could feel everyone’s heart and soul at vaidyagrama. Morning and evening prayers create a very different atmosphere. The satsangs with Dr.Ramkumar and Renu were very inspiring.

I thank you all for letting me be a part of your family for a few days. I am looking forward to come here again. I will recommend this place to all my friends.

Thank you so much. It is difficult to leave this place. It felt like home.

Thank you all

Shivani Jain

Rishikesh, India