March 2016

March 31 2016

Amazing place,

 Feeling very good here

I’ll see you people soon.

Suket gujral


March 30 2016 

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

Thank you all so much for everything during my stay of 15 days but wonderful stay. Here in your beautiful natural place i learned a lot about the ayurveda treatment . I live in India (lucknow) but I have never taken ayurveda treatment before but  here at vaidyagrama i could know about the ayurveda through satsang with Dr. Ramadas and other doctors and i love the prayer in the morning and evening 6:15 every day. It effect a lot to me.

Thanks all the doctors and vaidyagrama team

Shri Narain Agarwal

March 30 2016

Dear vaidyagrama family

I love being here so I’m sad to go, but happy I’m healthier and understand ayurveda and myself more.

Thank you for your loving care, wonderful food and this special home.


Linda Jane


March 30 2016

Dear friends,

You have created an oasis here. I have been touched by your love in so many ways. The love you show as you tend the gardens, think deeply about my treatment, look after my body, share your wisdom and encourage me to go inward and love myself.

Thank you each and every one!

Graeme Christopher


March 30 2016

My vaidyagrama friends,

It’s my 2nd time here and I know there will definitely be a 3rd and 4th and 5th and...

Thank you all therapist especially Bindu and Devaki, Dr. Ramadas whose cheer is medicine in itself

Dr. Ramkumar wonderful Satsang is illuminating! There’s more to thank, the cleaners the gardeners, everyone who has put so much into this place of peace and healing, my 3 weeks here have ended too soon, but i have a little lighter in body mind and soul.

Thank you all again.



March 29 2016 

Dear vaidyagrama family,

So glad to be here, to learn firsthand of the wonderful lesson of healing and very grateful to your team of dedicated staff to make the healing take place in a positive environment. Most of all, I’m happy to learn of your vision for the next generation, the community around here, its children support and to keep the tradition.

Great job, god bless all of you

Lawrence john and Christopher Marian


March 28 2016

Dear vaidyagrama family

Thank you so much for the past four weeks, i surely enjoy my time here and i’m so grateful for the amazing Doctors and Therapists as well as all the other staffs. Everyone was always friendly and smiling.

I came here looking for something that I couldn’t find anywhere, so far on all my travels and I’ve finally the feeling I found out what that was letting go off many things that didn’t  serve me anymore and  finding the inner peace. And feeling relaxed and calm and I’m enjoying each moment fully pleasant! I have come a long way in a short time and I’m proud of myself finally acknowledging who I’m.

 I love this place, the peace and silence and the amazing people I’ve met here. Even though I sociable very little. This place has given me so much and I feel very grateful that i had chance to spend so much time here, I feel very healthy, grateful and blessed, just being alive and enjoying the simple things. Who could have wished for more?

Thank you so much Dr. Ramanandan for the cooking lesson I surely will try this once. I have a house to call home again, thank you Dr. Anjali for your patience and smile.

Thank you Best                                                                       

Christiana wedding   


March 28 2016

Now it’s time to say good bye after almost 3 weeks, to a place that we are fallen in love with and it’s time to say thank you to all of you.

Your great vision and way you are healing this and all your feature projects are both inspiring and uplifting.

Isabella and Herbert

Imbach, Zurich

March 23 2016

Dear vaidyagrama family

A very short trip but I am coming soon.

The staffs are wonderful so is the place. Keep up the good worth best wishes.

C.S. Sethi

New Delhi

March 23 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama

Where do I even begin? I suppose first I’d like to thank all the staff that have made this reality come true.

This place has truly changed me as i am sure it has done for many before me. I have learned some great lessons about myself and best of my relationship during my time here. I came despondent, clouded and anxious but am leaving clear conscious and understand of what tomorrow may bring.

 I know this is only the first step in my rehabilitation, but I can certainly say it has been the most significant. I will be in touch very soon to update all of you on my progress. This is not good bye, only till we meet again


Neal Pravin Joseph


March 23 2016

To the lovely people at vaidyagrama

Thank you for creating such an amazing and well balanced environment for healing and relaxation. I have learned a lot about myself the human mind and the body in my 3 weeks here. I have learned about patience, about positive thinking, about being grateful. I thank all the doctors, therapists, hospitality staffs and administration for all their compassion and heart.

I am grateful for the seed of healing that has been planted in my being, and will work to continuously water the plant and transform it into a powerful tree.

I will heal, and I am healed

Thank you Vaidyagrama for this realization.


Jehan johar

March 23 2016

Thanks to the entire team at Vaidyagrama for making my stay very comfortable and healing. It is truly a very peaceful atmosphere.

The ambiance is totally de-stressing. Wishing the team the very best. The doctors really made me feel very comfortable.

Thanking you,

Bindoo Wadhwani


March 23 2016

This was a fascinating experience for me. I reached Vaidyagrama solely based on idea i had read on the website, but I had feeling that this was the right place for me. I spent weeks here and i am very glad I did.

I was not initially comfortable but i put my full faith on Dr. Harikrishnan and his team, including Dr. Kesari and Dr. Omprakash

I definitely feel more energetic, calmer and rested. The therapist did a wonderful job as did other staff members including cleaning and maintenance. Things are no perfect but staff members are willing to clean and adjust or change accordingly. Dr. Ramkumar satsang were always educational and inspiring.

The Morning Prayer lead by Dr. Ramadas was helping and I really enjoyed Dr. Harikrishnan soothing evening prayers.

The other important fact that here is the environment itself – it’s a peaceful filled with lots of plants, fruits and air of no pollution.

I met so many wonderful people from all over the world- interesting, intelligent, friendly and entertaining people. I was like being amongst friends that i had known for years, not days.

I wish all of the Vaidyagrama patients and staff the very best for health and happiness and continued success for their unique and fruitful healing village

Love and warm wishes

Ram narayanan                      

San jose, CA


March 23 2016

To all the amazing loving people of vaidyagrama,

From the deepest well of my heart. Thank you!

The vision and dream that brought this gift of healing space to the world is one with life itself.

It feel deeply nourished and all my cells thank you for restoring harmony in my body and mind so that i may walk with clarity and purpose towards my dharma. This place is a blessing and a watering hole for so many .imagine the ripple effect! May you be sustained in your work and continue to blossom in every way. All my love

Kristin Taylor

Telluride co USA

March 23 2016

To all my dear friends at vaidyagrama,

It is truly an experience being here. Most of all to Dr.Ramadas whom i have met and valued his advice. Dr. Aruna and rest of them. Therapist have been good and kind. Thank you to all who have put so much effort; to all the people i made friends.

Thank you again

Sophia Ismail


March 23 2016

25 days Anita, 10 days Luca peaceful, restorative, emotionally and physically challenging at times.

Beautiful staff, caring doctors, simple food, lovely guests, overdose of ghee quiet weights, happy birds singing.

We hope this is not a good bye, but an ARRIVEDERCI and remember



March 21 2016

Thank you to everyone in Vaidyagrama for making my stay so comfortable and giving me a place to heal and relax. I know it takes a lot of efforts to make a place like this work. It really is a team effort from many people behind the scenes as well.

 I have met a lot of wonderful people here and I hope to carry these friendships with me.



March 20 2016

This is my third time in Vaidyagrama and i continue to be an amazing aura of positivity and grace. I want very much to thank all the people in Vaidyagrama who with their everyday smiles, their healing touch, their helpfulness and caring have made this a treasured experience. I hope to come here again and again to be a part of this wonderful family.

I would especially like to thank Devaki and Kalpana for their expert treatments

Hakeem for always being there to look after any problem with a big smile

Dr. Aruna and Dr. Ramadas for their wonderful and positive attitude and their smile as doctors, nor to mention their amazing knowledge.

Geetha for taking us around the village and showing us project of the children home and residential houses of course all the very impressive.

Dr. Ramkumar for his knowledge, so easily and clearly imparted and of course for his great sense of humour.

I could go on and on but must stop!!

My Namaste and whole hearted affection.

Anjali Mathrani


March 20 2016

I’ve now completed three weeks at vaidyagrama and man do I feel great! 

I still remember the first day I arrived. i was greeted by an extremely happy  Dr. Ramadas who was to be one of my Ayurveda doctors for the healing journey i was about to embark on.

The weeks flew by as I began to feel lighter in my physical and emotional health. There is an aura and energy at vaidyagrama that allows you to feel this feeling of ever present support and nurturing.

The great big smiles from all the staffs from the doctors to the therapist, to the front desk, and to the cleaning staff made me realize that to be alive is a thing of joy. While here i found the answers too many questions I’ve had. My time in silence gave space to allow thoughts and feelings to surface which had been buried for many years. My time out of silence allowed to meet the most amazing people who gave me insight no years has been able to. I’d have to say I will be forever grateful for my time at vaidyagrama.

My friends and family have told me that I look more vibrant than ever before and that there is a glow on my face. So for that I want to thank the vaidyagrama family, it’s because of you that my health and happiness has been taken to the next level.


Alok Pandya


March 18 2016

To all the team at vaidyagrama

A long (huge) Thank you!

My staying here has been amazingly peaceful, relaxing, healing (and good for a weight loss too); I don’t really feel like leaving.

I have to concentrate my thoughts on (awaiting me) chocolate cake, ice cream and good cup of coffee to be able to start packing.

All the best and see you soon

Maryia Dabrowske                                                                                          


March 18 2016

The past 3 weeks have infused in me a sense of wellbeing, amazing energy.

The healing nutritive, caring environment of vaidyagrama will be missed very much.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to spent time here and being able to heal.

I feel like my 2nd home. I thank Dr. Ramanandan for his kindness, care and helping me through the process. I would also like to thank my therapist Sajith, Dr. Krishnadas and Dr. Anjali for attending to my needs and care.

I leave happy, healthy, new friends I made here and with the fond memories of overall experience.

We will be in touch.

Pravin Bathija                                                                                     

Mountain view, California

March 18 2016

To Dr. Harikrishnan whose strength and wisdom was my guide and support.

To Dr. Kesari humour entertained me.

To Dr. Arsha for her constant support and friendship and teaching me how to dress well.

To Dr. Ramkumar for his inspiration.

To Dr. Ramadas for his beautiful prayers, the always present twinkle in his eye, and for asking me to find vaidyagrama lay and open a door.

 To Dr. Omprakash and his beautiful family who is already much missed.

To Aparna for her virtual hand holding in getting me safely here. To all the staff who made my rooms so comfortable, my nourishment appropriate and for keeping vaidyagrama flourishing truly wonder at how many people are taking such good care of us.

 To vaidyagrama that magically offers profound space and time to be with my time self and learn.

And heartfelt gratitude to all the therapists for their skill and caring. To Shiny and Sreelakshmi for their youth and strength. To Jameela for her beautiful saris and her smile.

And to Lakshmi who I have known for many lifetimes, who cared for me like a loving mother, who shared her friendship and deeply nourished my body, mind and soul, as Dorothy in THE WIZARD OF OZ said, ‘I think I’m going to miss you most of all scare crow’

Coming to vaidyagrama was a net of hope. Engaging at vaidyagrama was a leap of faith. My experience at vaidyagrama was transformative.

Sharon Pollock                                                            

Providence Ri

Cutchogue NY, USA

March 16 2016

I completed twenty days at vaidyagrama today. I feel rested and relaxed with the treatments and life style.

I came here after trying many other types of medication and leave with hope to recover fully from my health problem. It has been a positive experience with good care from the therapists.

Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Aruna. Each one made me feel comfortable and helped me at any time i needed. I am grateful for their dedication and time.

My thanks to whole vaidyagrama team especially Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Aruna, Shyni.

I suggest to have some other activities besides satsang and pujas for the who may wish to do so. Meditation, light yoga or anything else.

Huma Khan


March 16 2016

Thank you for taking good care of me!

I appreciate and let the loving kindness of all Doctors.

 I am sure we will keep in touch.

Bernhard Dostai



March 15 2016

Thanks for healing time and the support of all the staff – it was a new experience and I enjoyed it. We plan to do a non-profit project in Switzerland

Yours Robert                                                                                                   


March 14 2016

I can only underline what so many grateful patients I felt and have expressed here. Especially the international community I had the opportunity to meet and to have deep talks to was a real highlight for me. To be united in one common spirit is a healing experience for me.

Love and best wishes.

Juge Staedler


March 14 2016

My experience at vaidyagrama

Coming to vaidyagrama has been truly enriching and wonderful experience ; the layout of the healing village itself is designed like a retreat. It has been an exhilarating and therapeutic experience, just walking every morning along the perimeter of the healing village.

I am extremely thankful to Dr. Ramanandan and Dr. Ramkumar kutty for all their support, advice and guidance during the course of my stay here. All of the other doctors including Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Kesari, Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Omprakash have been very helpful and encouraging as well. Truly and enjoyed.

I have loved being part of the daily morning prayers and evening prayers during my stay at vaidyagrama all of the treatments offered to me whilst love, were very professionally executed and have been treated me immensely through my healing journey here.

I take back home fond memories from vaidyagrama. I feel much better than when i came here, and am determined to continue on the healing journey, that I have commenced as here.

Until again, with lots of love

Jaldeep Bajwa 


March 13 2016

I am very grateful to all vaidyagrama team, especially to Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Kesari fo taking care of me during my living here. I feel much better. Ayurveda works! Thank you a lot. I will miss this place.



March 13 2016

Although i have been at vaidyagrama now 3 weeks I have not actually during treatment but being support for Leisa who has been going through intense healing experience. I myself have through this have been able to focus on my spiritual sadhana and hope that my presence has been a positive aspect to the many staff here. Chanting the Guru Gita in the mornings and lifting spirit through the grace of my beloved gurudev bhagawan Nityananda has been an amazing time, of course the presence of Dr. Ramadas and the healing team cannot put words to it. As Leisa wrote we are looking forward to the Ramdas Down under to in 2018 and ope we can raise funds towards charity work of vaidyagrama. To everybody here my blessings and love, may joy and bless fill your hearts and your families

Alan Oshlack

March 12 2016

A massive thank you to all the staff here at vaidyagrama. Especially to Dr. Ramadas who alwaya took time for me to explain and keep my spirits high. To my 4 therapists you were amazing and helped me feel better when i was really not well. The cleaners and ground staff and admin – all do amazing job. Loved that there are babies and cats and dogs in this place, i really took comfort in the animals at times. Starting to plan for the Dr. Ramadas’ Down under tour’ in 2018. Thanks again for helping me to heal and set me on a positive path into the future. I look forward to letting you all know how I beat what the western medicine give up on.

Leisa Webb                                                                                                     


March 12 2016

Yes, to the staff of vaidyagrama, you all do an amazing job and made everyone feel welcome.

I feel forward to coming back over the years to see all the developments of this incredible place.

 Look forward to seeing you in Australia Dr. Ramadas in 2018, hold on to your hat!

Love, peter

Peter Quinn


March 12 2016

As well as a wonderful healing experience this has been an educational time for me also.

I want to thank every person who works here for their wonderful caring work.

Your attention to detail is amazing; this special place is such an inspiration.

During my busy life in Sydney I will often think of your lovely smiling faces.

Love and best wishes to all

Dianne Stephens                                                                                            


March 12 2016

One thousand thanks to all the wonderful staff of vaidyagrama!

Each and everyone of you have made this a memorable experience. I am truly impressed at how the village spirit does not stop at the gate , but goes beyond into the community with daily meals for those in need. May your vision inspire others do take this path. Thank you to all the smiley, cheerful faces and healing hands/souls.



March 11 2016

Dear vaidyagrama team,

I am glad to have spent 4 weeks here, soaking up the loving, caring, healing atmosphere, credited by the wonderful staffs, Dr’s. I think it has been the experience for  a lifetime for me. As I leave I feel more relaxed, more healthy and enriched by the educational , spiritual guidance received. My Dr’s Ramanandan, Anjali, Krishnadas, have been fantastic. The therapists gentle, skilled.

On  an outing to Coimbatore i fell and fractured my shoulder. Dr. Ramanandan came to my rescue, stuck with me for 6 hours in hospitals until everything was sorted because of him Dr. Ramkumar, the night discussions were made, for my shoulder and I will be forever grateful for them . Thank you.

Also grateful to Dr. Ramanandan for his brilliant idea to cut one shoulder of my tops. Few buttons there so I could dress myself.

Thank you everyone

Best wishes and luck for the future

Jude Edwards


March 11 2016

Coming to vaidyagrama is the best thing i could have done for my health.

I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to come here and experience this healing.

Thank you to Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Anjali and Dr. Krishnadas for all your expertise and kind consideration and coming. Thank you also to the therapists and the staff who always have a smile. Having this peaceful place, surrounded by kinds of goodness, has been a chance to retreat from the world and just be with myself which is a healing in itself. (4 weeks) I wish all the very best for the future of vaidyagrama and all the people works and visits here.

Kind regards,

Trisha Innies                                                                           

North Queensland Australia.

March 11 2016

3 weeks before coming to this place i did not even know this place and that I felt what i needed. I simply wanted a secure place for a complete STOP.  And food care on top. I did not come for ayurveda but i could taste silence again. And not doing it was not easy to stay there simply comfortable in and with myself but i reconnected with this space. Fromthe beginning felt thankful for the aesthetic in four columns, spaciousness – luxury!!! Taste!     

March 11 2016

Vaidyagrama family,

Our time here felt like a gift from god. Thank you. We are having happy and peaceful and with lovely hearts. Vaidyagrama staffs are very friendly.




March 10 2016

How to open my gratitude? I have considered my body as a temple. I have to take care of it! This knowledge passed from the intellectual concept to a physic sensation! Especially with my therapists Jameela and Babitha. They were attentive with lot of respect for my body – Thanks a lot!!

All the organization contributes to create a place where people can experiment a “new” way of life. Thank you to my doctors for satsang, for the prayer, the food and the laundry, housekeeping and so..... MERCI!!

I wish you the best you want.

Sironetto Isabella


March 9 2016

Thanks so much for supporting me the second time here on my journey. Your expertise, your kindness, your empathy and inspiration will be greatly remembered. I wish you and your families the very best and look forward to return

Take care and very warm regards

Dagmar Gramatzki                                                                                           


March 8 2016

Dear vaidyagrama thanks, Thank you very much for your attention and care. Thank you to everyone for creating a healing space like this. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and the treatments. Therapists work round the clock, my big thank you to each of them. Thank you to Dr. Ramadas for sharing his wisdom. I would really like to recommend some more activities (like yoga, have an option to eat in dining area) other than satsang and pooja.

Wishing vaidyagrama good luck

Anubha Sood


March 8 2016

The intention behind and passion for what you do is admirable and inspiring. You have created such a kind and gentle space, with so much attention to detail. Thank you to all the doctors for sharing their wisdom each day. Especially to Dr. Ramadas for your heartfelt sincerity and Dr. Aruna for your calm and gentle presence, thanks to all my therapists skilful hands and kind hearts especially my sweet and faithful Shyni. Thank you to every one for taking care of me. My stay was challenging in some ways but then the most rewarding experiences often are. I know I have grown in my time here and i look forward to witnessing it all unfold

In love, light, gratitude

Tamara Everett


March 06 2016

A huge thank you to all at vaidyagrama!!

Dr. Ramadas: I so appreciated your time and patience in discussing my health issues.

Dr. Aruna: your loving presence was immensely helpful and calming when I become emotional and overwhelmed.

Kalpana: I was so lucky to have had you as my therapist – you were wonderful!

Finally, to all doctors and staff here who took good care of me these past (almost) four weeks your smiles, your kindness, your care:

Thank you from my heart!

Gabriele Steiner


March 06 2016

Love love love to you vaidyagrama.

So blessed and have so much gratitude for all of vaidyagrama and for my experience here. All i can say is Love.

Blessings to you

Thank you Lord Danwanthari

Allison Kemphaus                                                                                            


March 04 2016

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all the doctors, therapists and assistants that have aided in the treatments at this magical place. Everything from beginning to end has been a motivating experience

God bless, warm regards 

March 02 2016

“Many many thanks to all vaidyagrama team for warm welcome and hospitality. I am very much grateful for all of you. my doctors (Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Kesari, Dr. Omprakash, Dr. Arsha) and  Hakeem and especially Lakshmi! I have here friend, taking care and love

Thank you all of you!!

Hope see you again!

March 01 2016

“Thank you” seems insufficient to express my heartfelt gratitude to all at vaidyagrama. We met as strangers we part as friends. Your essence lives with me always.

Lyn Edwards


March 01 2016

Thank you all doctors, therapists, cooks, cleaners, gardeners, office staffs, and all those behind the scenes who make this centre run so well. I here   appreciated all the healing and know that i will benefit from this visit for a very long time. Thank you all

Steve Edwards