JUNE 2020


June 10, 2020

It was a long journey of three and half months (Covid time) in Vaidyagrama, which cannot be completed without recognising each ones’ enthralling support.

Special thanks to Dr Ramanandan who was very patient, supportive & a source to health; Dr Ramadas for his mesmerizing prayers and care when he graciously accepted to become the punching bag for a couple of us who could not leave to home due to Corona regulations; Dr Harikrishnan for extending his inputs and being vigilant as always; and Dr Ramkumar who is the support system for smooth functioning of the show.

In spite of the condition outside, the inner environment was always back-boned with enough protection, peace, smiles and grace on everyone’s face & intent.

I wish Vaidyagrama the best of its future endeavours!

Mudit Dalmia,