JUNE 2019


June 30, 2019

Vaidyagrama is bringing the old and wonderful tradition of Ayurveda to this scientific world. Ayurveda is fully scientific, very correct in today's scenario.  This is the most appropriate scientific and healing therapy.

All the doctors and other staff is really very good, helpful, polite, and good. Dr Harikrishnan Dr.Mini, Dr. Princess, Dr.Aruna was really very good.

I am very thankful to whole Vaidyagrama. Thanks to Dr. Ramkumar and whole Vaidyagrama team to bring and keep this tradition alive, Once again thanks to whole Vaidyagrama for giving this wonderful opportunity to mankind. Thanks to Dr. Ramkumar Dr. Harikrishnan Dr.Mini, Dr. Princess, and whole Vaidyagrama Team.

Meera Bajaj

Pune, India


June 30, 2019

My sincere and heartful thanks to all the people at Vaidyagrama. The place itself has an amazing effect on our soul and body. Dr. Harikrishnan has the patience to hear us and make us comfortable. We all are very thankful to Dr. Ramkumar for his memorable satsang and the therapist Lakshmi has got a magical hands. My special thanks to her. I wish this institute will prosper more. All the best.




June 30, 2019 

This time we came here at Vaidyagrama after about four years but we find this place good-looking as before a natural abode and an ideal healing place. Everything here right from its spiritual atmosphere calm and quiet surroundings, pollution free air, the drinking water, the food, help to cure the ailments apart from medication and therapies.

The doctors here not bosses but very friendly to the patients, the patients feel a healing touch and get a Ray of hope when they come in contact of their doctors I have special mention of Dr Ramadas, Dr Harikumar and Dr.Sajna.

Dr Ramadas is the one who is so knowledgeable, he is also a friend philosopher and guide to the patients. All therapists, kitchen and cleaning staff are well behaved always smiling and helping the office staff and are soft spoken and helping.

Vaidyagrama has been very much successful in its mission of providing healing and complete well-being to the people coming here from different parts of the globe for treatments that is also acting as an ambassador of spiritual uplifting to the world.

Vaidyagrama is contributing highly towards correcting the lifestyle of people coming into contact, thus doing great service to mankind.

Some suggestions:

Library can be organised some leading magazines may also be added

Caroms, Ludo similar mind games can be more entertaining and time pass activities.

One table tennis that will be highly appreciated.

With best wishes 

Ranjit Singh Gupta and Shyamali Sengupta

Bangalore, India


June 29, 2019

Thank you team Vaidyagrama for bringing me back to my roots. It has been a wonderful life changing experience here. The four principles of spirituality are here in abundance. Can’t thank Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Princess and Dr. Mini for their efforts. Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Aruna explain everything so patiently and nicely brain wash you to like kanji and green gram too. My two therapists Vidya and Sreeshma there smiling faces and patience will always remember. Pooja and satsang really calm and heal you. Taking back lots of positivity and smiles from here. The aura of this place and blessings of god Dhanwanthari make this place beautiful. Wish there is a Vaidyagrama each city.

Think about a progress for young, growing children seeing Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Aruna daughter it will be a good learning experience for children who are away from nature and in a virtual world.

Warm regards

Roopa gogia

New delhi, India


June 28, 2019

My visit to Vaidyagrama has been a turning point in my life physically, spiritually and emotionally. After years of living a crazy life of unknowingly being disrespectful to my body, I have finally learnt to love and be grateful for this life and love my body and reconnect with the supreme consciousness with a positive attitude. A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan for understanding the complexity of my medical circumstance, treating us with care and gently increasing the cleansing process without aggravating too many symptoms. Thank you Dr. Harikrishnan for reconnecting me to the Bhagavad Geeta and spiritual way of living with surrender!

A special thanks to my therapists – Vaishnavi, Devaki and Akhina, your gentle and caring attitude and touch gradually helped me forget my pain from the last few years. Kudos to Dr. Ramkumar for creating a utopian healing village and bringing together a loving and happy group of people in Vaidyagrama. Thanks to the daily satsangs.I was able to understand better spirituality and the process of living an Ayurvedic life in harmony with nature. I would like to take this opportunity to make a few recommendations for future, potential expansions at Vg

A 5 day camp for teenagers on Ayurveda and living in harmony with nature

Please consider a summer Ayurveda

Maitreyi Krishnaswamy

Seattle, USA


June 27, 2019

VAIDYAGRAMA…!!   Where do I begin..!!!

I guess from the very beginning, Dr Ramkumar, after seeing his dedication to human beings, plants, animals and the universe, I am totally “stumped”. Have never met a person like him who has dedicated his entire life to humanity and created this wonderful paradise for people like us.

I am blessed to have met him, heard his satsangs and experienced first-hand the fruits of his endeavours. Was blessed to meet his mother too- an amazing human being.

I’ll have to write in brief I’ve realised as don’t have much space this being the last page of the notebook.

Many thanks to Dr Ramanandan, and Dr Vinod who took immense care of my woes and all with a smiling face always. Their patience is much to learn from.

Dr Ramadas..!! I’ll never forget his melodious prayers twice a day – the fervour and divinity is rare to come by. Thanks to him and I have finally learnt to INHALE & EXHALE. We had some very interesting and informative satsangs with him, cleared all our doubts with a smile always.

He is blessed with a lovely daughter who dances beautifully. God bless her. I’ll miss this serenity, calm and peace of this charming place. Loved meeting travellers, walking with them, exchanging notes with them and spending these two weeks with them. I do hope to come back every year, god willing to find myself after the hustle and bustle of the city.

I think one need this “Me” time once a year definitely to connect with oneself and one’s maker.

The staff here is really dedicated and selfless in their service. I have not seen a single person frown, unhappy or impatient. No matter what the demands. Of course it all flows from the top. So kudos to all the senior doctors who founded this place and gave wings to this vision.

I do need to thank Aparna, Dr Anupama, Dr Aruna, Dr Mini and all the office staff, the lonely girl who gave me library books regularly, the charming girl I bought knicker knacker from.

Before I run out of place a very special thanks to SHINEY, who’s an amazing therapist .

See you all soon.

Sorry but I’ll sign off on this page now.

Wishing Vaidyagrama and each and every person here all the best always.

In gratitude,

Neena Tejpal

New Delhi, India


June 26, 2019

Firstly a huge thank you to all the support staff who helped make our stay so comfortable and rewarding. All of my therapist and girls looking after me were good Chandran, Vaishnavi, Cheeru, Geethu. love you all.

Thank you to you all the doctors who was so well informed when making their rounds I felt I learnt so much from those interactions as well as our Satsang’s it's such a different philosophy to allopathic doctors and is surely beneficial in future .

Please pay close attention to which room and which block you put people with disabilities.

Rooms that are closer to the prayer room and Mandapam are better. Also blocks without Steep ramp are better.

It is also a good idea to inform these patients to use treatment room bathroom in case of emergencies.

Inside chooses or equip any new bathrooms with grab bars next to the toilet.

Wash basin should be high enough to roll under but low enough for a wheelchair user to use.

Consider long handle level mixer faucets instead of knobs.

Towel racks are too high for someone sitting down.

I was given in portable commode which made my bowel moments easier.

I would recommend installing an assistant button in all the bathrooms. There are switches for the lights between the beds that I couldn't reach because the distance between the beds is too narrow.

Emergency phone numbers should be available in rooms.

I would recommend spending time teaching therapist manual handling techniques, they would try to lift me more using strength in their arms and back, instead of their legs .This made me feel unsafe and lead to a few near falls. There are informative ideas on YouTube which you can show them long term they should be learning some more English for their own futures.

Thank you for the everything love 

Mark Robert Elisha 



June 26, 2019

This is my fourth visit to Vaidyagrama, so there is obviously something special about this place! All the doctors, therapists and staff are so genuine and dedicated to the Ayurveda life, that this place his became a temple of mind and body healing.

My journey is not always easy and i thank Vaidyagrama for providing an amazing environment and knowledge for healing and balancing the body. I also would like to thank them for the philosophical and spiritual understanding that one’s attitude and positive thinking plays a major role in healing and happiness.

Thank you

Jehan johar,

Mumbai, India


June 26, 2019

Everything was fine. not much to say. Home that will be missed is Vaidyagrama.

See you all next year




June 25, 2019

I admitted here for some allergic nature of my skin and went through some intensive treatments which imbalanced me Mentally, Physically and emotionally, but the care of all doctors who treated me really helped to overcome all imbalances positively.

Though I am not satisfied with the “Kanji” I am really happy that it helped me to reduce my body weight.

My mother Viji and Mother in Law Latha kumara also got the chance to experience overall good care of Vaidyagrama- Truly a healing village.

Respect. J

Thanks to Vaidyagrama for a wonderful and peaceful experience

Athira K.K

Thrissur, India


June 23, 2019


Vaidyagrama is my second home, the community living Nivrittigrama being the first. 2015 is when I first came here and fell in love with this space.

Healing village is the perfect name for this space. Dr.Ramkumar's dream became vision and that vision now needs to be sustained. This place is family- a large joint family. The healing experience is as much due to medication, food and lifestyle changes, as much because of the love, care, and nurturing.

Big thank you and gratitude Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr.Mini, Dr. Princess, Dr.Aruna, Lakshmi and Athira.

Going back with lifted spirit and healed Body and Mind.

Mala Kapadia



June 23, 2019 

This place is wonderful, lovely people, lovely food and service .I really enjoyed the routine it's very relaxing on the body and Soul. Soothing for the mind.

Tree planting is definitely surprising we would like to see how much they grow in a year of time. Thank you for all and all of the Vaidyagrama family. Will see you soon.

Bryan and Regina



June 22, 2019

First I want to thank you for Vaidyagrama took us as your family members, we had a great time here for two weeks. All the doors are closed for my son’s treatment. Dr Lad showed the flower path to Vaidyagrama.

Dr Ramadas such as wonderful, compassionate, lovable and friendly to kid and he knows very well to handle the clients. Next I want to thank Dr. Sajna and Dr. Harikumar every morning we saw all the drs smiling face.

Vinod therapist did his job very well and made my son’s treatment successful. Thanks vinodji. Pantry peoples are awesome and they are always open and ready to help whenever we need, receptionists, office people, cleaning peoples they were outstanding and did their job nicely.

Totally it was a memorable stay thanks a ton to Vaidyagrama family.

If possible keep TV for kids and patients care takers, I know it is not possible because of not having TV my son leaving early. No other kids won’t discontinue the treatment because of TV.





June 20, 2019

Although I stayed for a very short period of 3 days at Vaidyagrama, my experience was nice.

All at Vaidyagrama are very helpful and take care of your problems very well.

The doctors at Vaidyagrama are nice.

Thank you

Jesal Mansinghani.

Mumbai, India


June 20, 2019

This is my 3rd visit to Vaidyagrama and it has been a splendid as ever before. It has set an example for other health care providing organization to emulate. The care and services provide here symbolize par – excellence, perfection, professionalism, promptness and punctuality.

I express my sincere gratitude to doctors, Dr Ramadas, Dr Ramanandan, Dr Vinod and Dr Nishanth, who frequently monitored and closely kept a watch on my progress.

My special thanks to the therapists, Ms Devaki, Ms Athira and Ms Bhavya, who with their magical fingers provided healthy touch.

There were several others who rendered services with equal dedication, sincerity and commitment. I convey my thanks to all of them.

It is said that when you have a hammer, everything looks like nail..!! Having spent more than half of my life in teaching economics, I tend to look for application & concepts of economics in whatever I witness or experience. One such concept is “POSITIVE EXTERNALITIES” – It implies the positive side effects or additional benefits arising out of an activity.

At Vaidyagrama I am immensely benefitted by the treatment given.

Besides the direct benefit, I received several other additional benefits – Positive Externalities..!!

It was a coincidence that during the phase of my treatment, “Sreemad Bhagavatham” Chanting was done. Smt Aruna Sairam rendered melodious songs, besides the daily prayers being performed here. Vaidyagrama thus treats and heals not only body but also our mind and soul.

There is a policy implication behind the concept of “POSITIVE EXTERNALITIES”. If an activity of an organization gives rise to POSITIVE EXTERNALITIES, the government must intervene to redress the externalities.  Instead of levying taxes, should provide sizable subsidies..!! And Vaidyagrama deserves it to be heavily subsidized.


With lots of Love, Respect and Regards

Latha Ravindran.

Orissa, India


June 19, 2019

Today is 19th day of joining in Vaidyagrama.

This is my first timeout of home such many days.

Felt here comfortable like home and pleasant stay.

Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr.Mini and all therapists took care of me well.

Housekeeping is excellent and all always with smile, it shows culture of greatness.


Coimbatore, India


June 19, 2019

To all at Vaidyagrama!

Every so often- Where we are fortunate- Life presents us the “Golden Opportunity” to learn the deeper nature of things. For me, Vaidyagrama has been that opportunity (Twice!!). I have just experienced 3 weeks of humbling, insightful, deep and wise care from everyone here- Including fellow patients.

I will keep this feeling and knowledge in my mind and heart.

Now and forever

With love



And Thanks...


Neil Eric Dorfsman



JUNE 19, 2019

I am grateful to all that took great care of us. Everyone was very friendly

It was an amazing experience when every door was closed for us Vaidyagrama give a new hope and we were able to find a cure.

The doctors are amazing. They don’t treat you like patients but like another human, a friend. All the therapist, room cleaners, people in the pantry are compassionate and smiling. Office staff and reception staff are great.

The chirping birds chanting in the morning and evening, beautiful flowers and trees are makes this a special place to be. Seems like a TAPOVAN to me.

When we asked for non-medicated plain water we were given mineral water and later charged for that. The charges was very reasonable but it would have been nice to know that we will be charged for plain water. We did not know we were drinking mineral water.  I had asked if there is a charge & was told probably not.

Everything went really well for us. The people, place, experience, bhagavatam, chanting, prayers, satsangs all of them made us better humans. Learnt a lot

Thank you all

Rupali & Sattv



June 19, 2019

I feel rejuvenated, recharged and healed, emotionally mentally and physically. Efforts of administrative staff, therapists, runners and most importantly of all dedicated doctors is an excellent example of team work dedication and discipline that makes Vaidyagrama a healing village.

Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr.Mini, Dr. Princess, Arunaji all of you are such blessings and such caring people. Thank you so such.

My stay has been very short but I am surely looking forward to come back. One small request (if the cats can be swayed away from campus). Shall miss satsang by Dr. Ramkumar and morning and evening prayers.


We were privileged to attend the Bhagwad Saptah. The mantras and chantings took so much negativity away.

Seema Leekha

Haryana, India


June 17, 2019

Vaidyagrama is the place I have been looking for during 15 years! A holy land where I will be back as soon as possible.

Welcome is unique, services perfect, peace, love, smile are everywhere. That Unique place is an example for community life and energy positive.

Be back in couple of months.

Thanks to doctors, staff

To all warm wishes

Marie France Lepere



June 15, 2019

At every turn you are greeted with a smile and open heart – Vaidyagrama is a place of deep healing and growth.

I am blessed to have love and care of a supreme team of doctors – Dr. Princess Dr. Sruthi, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Mini and overseeing us all the sparkling Dr. Harikrishnan.

The depth of my experience here will continue to resolve over the next few months- I hope I have the grace to try and truly take on these lessons I have been thought.

Much thanks to Aparnaji the front of house team, Shiva, the cleaners, the cooks, the gardeners, my incredibly caring therapists- Shalini, Sreeshma.

Anna De Duchnesse



June 9, 2019

Thank you every one at Vaidyagrama .this is my second time here and this time I got to share the experience with my husband. What you do here is really special and so desperately needed around the world. It is rare to experience such deep trust and confidence in healing process. I can help but see that you really do make miracles happen. From the doctors to the therapist to the cleaning and cooking and gardening everyone seems to be genuinely working together as dedicated team to make everything for your guests. Beautiful, thoughtful, professional, caring-it’s impressive to see.

We are especially grateful for our fabulous doctors and therapists. You took such good care of us. Thank you also for all the chanting and satsang, and the way you care for the land and community.

We feel radiant now. Glowing from head to toe. Energized and smile. We look forward back and in the meantime sending all our family and friends

Blessings to you all

Elliot Anna & Tamer Ashry



June 06, 2019

Vaidyagrama is home for me. Over the last 8 years, I have watched it grow from a single block to an entire community. However, the attention and care given by both the staff and the therapists has remained the same over time- Warm, genuine and thoughtful. Thank you Dr.Ramanandan, Dr.Anupama, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Arun and everyone else that’s made my time here truly healing and joyful

Until next time

Purva Sampath



June 04, 2019,

Our time at Vaidyagrama has been very challenging, nevertheless we have been so impressed at what we have experienced here. It seems that every member of the staff always has a smile for us whenever we encounter them. The Doctors are always willing to spend a little extra time with us when we need it. The facility itself is an impressive work of eco design, which we very much appreciate. Shiny and Anitha have been a great support over the last 4 weeks. All in all we leave here changed in ways that we may not yet fully understand but with great hope for the future. Thank you


Mr. Stuart Purdy (Syam)

Mrs. Daniela Colacilli (Mohini)



June 03, 2019

Vaidyagrama has been a ‘home’ to my wife and me, a home we have been missing all the while.

With people the Dr. Ramanandan, Ms. Aparna and Ms. Geetha whose friendly and loving faces were always there to help- we are leaving the place in lot happier, healthier and a lot of wellness at heart.

Thanks for the wonderful treatment for the past fortnight.

Mrs. Radha Chandrasekhar and Mr. Chandrasekhar Jonnalagadda

Coimbatore, India



June 03, 2019

Thank you for a beautiful healing time here with my daughter.

Gayle bowler, New Zealand

Gease bowler, Australia


June 02, 2019

A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ramanandan and his team of doctors and therapists. This was my first time at Vaidyagrama and three weeks passed in a jiffy.

It’s a rare place of meditative healing and h and learning. There was much to see and observe and learn, I am grateful to the vision of its founders.

Thank you to the wonderful Devaki and Vaishnavi and Mrudula, Bhavya, Akina and the ever smiling Bhaagya akka who all help the wheels running smoothly and calmly with at most sweetness

It’s difficult to describe the level of care taking and patience of Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Sivajothi, Dr. Anupama, Dr. Arun, Dr. Vinod not to mention the nominating chats in all topics medical to spiritual with Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Ramkumar and DR. Ramadas.

I am excited to see the effects of my treatments on fixed over the next months.

With much gratitude

Best regards

Shefali Karamchandani