JUNE 2013

June 29 2013

My dearest brothers & sisters of vaidyagrama

Vaidyagrama seems to be the Mother who is taking care of her children, whoever came to her. With great care, she is teaching us the art of living. The value of the nourishment and service of our Mother Vaidyagrama, we are unable to return back by any cost.

It is a memorable event for us in this Divine Vaidyagrama.

We pray to our beloved God & Gurudev for better, health, strength and prosperity of our Divine Mother Vaidyagrama.

Hari Om

Yours eternal Divinity

Swami Viswarupanand, Rishikesh, India

June 28 2013

A heartfelt thank you and a big hug to the entire vaidyagrama family for taking care of this American girl!

Sarah Becerra, Dallas, Texas, USA

June 25 2013

Vaidyagrama is a place for peace, herbs and inner parts of the body cleanliness. This is my second visit!

I am suffering from PARKINSON’S disease, and know about this fact that it cant be cured but after visit to vaidyagrama, I feel much comfortable. Beginning of the day with medicines and prayer headed by doctors (Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar and Dr.Om Prakash), really appreciable for soul. Murthyji, a real GURUDEV, has depth of knowledge about spirituality, his way of explaining Bhagavad Geeta goes deep root of heart.

Dr.Ramkumar’s satsangs has become part of life during this period. Then Doctor Aum Swami Om Prakash show the way of Nidra Yog and in the evening, same set of doctors start prayer. Hakeem is available for any technical query, and Dr.Aruna’s attendance reflects relief.

So we feel at home, very cool and safe place with smiling faces. Ayurveda will survive after visiting here I have come to know, will try to visit not as a patient but as a person also.

Rajiv Sharma, Advocate, Supreme Court, New Delhi, India

June 2013

To All at Vaidyagrama

I thank every one here who attended to me, made me really feel at home.

The treatment I underwent were good, short and calm. Only thing I had to leave early without finishing the complete treatment due to labour problem back home. Anyway hopefully, I should come back at the earliest. I am leaving this place contented.

Vijay, Bangalore, India

June 24 2013

Dear All

This is my 6th visit to an Ayurveda Treatment facility and the first to vaidyagrama. I came here for a specific purpose and am good to inform you that my goal has been met.

Many thanks to the courteous doctors and staff. Best wishes to your expansion program.

Naveen Kini, Bangalore

June 23 2013

Dear All at vaidyagrama

No place like India on Earth, and no place like vaidyagrama in India!

Thanks to one and all, Ever smiling faces from the gardeners to the MD!!

More than the medicines, the positive, smiling environment helped us a lot. The Narayaneeyam chanting was a fitting finale to our treatment.

Great work by our doctors, Dr.Ramadas & Dr.Harikumar. Any number of questions from us were patiently answered by them. Special mention of Sajitha, very few children like her are around these days. Thanks to the lovely hands of Maya, magic, real magic it is, her massaging. All the other therapists were also good; all the best to Sindhu to get better. Hope Santhi’s recipes will keep us going for the better future.

We were peaceful with the prayers and pranayama. Dr.Ramkumar’s satsangs need to be mentioned; we are sure everyone will agree to this – his was structured, informative, influential and entertaining us listeners. May that God’s Gift to him help many a listener. He was not just transmitting information but motivating us to change a little to the Veda he believed in, a powerful tool to use to influence us. Thank you Dr.

Thank you Kavitha for all your help.

Lakshmi (Bangalore) and Shyamala Venkataraman (Bhubaneswar), India

June 2013

A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone I met this time at vaidyagrama. I truly felt I was among family and nobody seemed a stranger to me. Though my treatment was tough, I think it has rejuvenated me physically as well as mentally. Dr.Om, your company has been amazing, so thank you.

Special thanks to Maya who took care of my paati so well. Thanks to Kanaka and Sindhu who took care of me so well.

Tons of love and thanks to the doctors Ramadas and Harikrishnan.

Vaidyagrama has a lovely healing and calming energy. No matter what happens, don’t lose that because the energy is the soul of this place.

Cheers and love

Purvaa and Saroja, Bangalore, India

June 2013

To the staff and doctors of vaidyagrama

They showed me the showers of happiness. The young girls especially during period of treatment helped me a lot and are friendly with me. And heartful of support they gave to me.

I must thank the doctors who treated me like their own people not as outsiders. They treated in a wholehearted manner with care. The two young girls are always in time in giving medicines and food.

So I pray to God to shower his grace on the team of doctors and the staff to serve the patients with patience and good memory.

I am leaving this place happily and with full satisfaction.

Thank you


V.S.Chukkamamla, Hyderabad, India

June 15 2013

To all at vaidyagrama

I had never imagined that vaidyagrama would be such a tranquil place.

Everybody has been wonderful. It has been so rejuvenating that it is not possible to describe. I have got so much trust in Ayurveda that anybody who comes here will be cured. Everybody is looking for attentive care, medicines – vaidyagrama will grow from strength to strength.

A very big thank you to all of you

God bless vaidyagrama family

Sushi & Nalin Shah, London, UK

June 08 2013

Dearest Healers

We cant thank enough the vaidyagrama family for everything (big & small) they have done to us.

Cant thank enough the room service ladies who cleaned our rooms and kept them spic & span all the time to make our stay more pleasant.

Cant thank enough Hakeem, Kavitha & Sonia for their service rendered to us always with a smile.

Cant thank enough our darling Kanaka, Sindhu, Shashi for the wonderful treatments and friendliness. I will cherish all the girlie giggles with them…also thank Madhu, Santosh and Unni for their awesome massages & help.

Cant thank enough Dr.Om Prakash for being there for us 24/7. We have named him the butterfly of vaidyagrama for always being present everywhere. Lovely person, his delightfulness made our ghee treatment easier. Great job Doc!

Cant thank enough Dr.Harikrishnan. Just seeing him every morning was healing in itself. Talking to him and getting our apprehensions cleared was very reassuring. You are a great doctor.

Cant thank enough Dr.Ramkumar for all those knowledge packed satsangs. Apart from our healing, we are going back with loads of invaluable knowledge of Ayurveda.

All the doctors have more than convinced us to change tracks towards Ayurveda way of life.


May ALLAH BLESS you all with your endeavours

Rafeeq Salman & Sarah Latif, Singapore

June 01 2013

To the family of vaidyagrama

I have been several times with my family to this healing paradise and each time we have all gone back wiser, healthier and happier. This is the first time I have come alone. In fact, it’s the first time I have been anywhere all alone for three weeks. It has given me time to be with myself, think of life, and try and understand the meaning of awareness.

It has been so peaceful and satisfying. The treatments have all worked wonderfully. The smiling faces of the therapists, their concern and gentleness is the best I have experienced! I mention here Maya, Sajitha, Bincy and Kanaka who are wonderful, kind and caring.

The cleaning ladies are also dedicated to their work and keep the room clean. Hakeem with his smiling face is always around to help – a phone call away.

All these treatments, kindness guided by Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Harikumar, Dr.Om Prakash is irreplaceable.

The atmosphere, the environment and the calmness and high energy levels makes vaidyagrama a true healing village.

Of course I hope to be back again soon. The satsang by Dr.Ramkumar is a new welcome addition – I don’t know anyone who can explain something so complex in such a simple manner; always interesting. The knowledge of Dr.Ramadas in the 2nd satsang was also welcome. I really learnt so much.

Thank you everyone for taking such good care of me and I really felt “looked after”.

Rashida Anees, Mumbai, India