JULY 2013

July 2013

Dear All

First of all we would like to thank the wonderful people who dreamt of creating a unique place like vaidyagrama. In today’s world when people have become so selfish running after their dreams, there are still some amazing people like you all working hard day and night to make other people’s life better…to give them a new lease of life.

Your commitment, dedication and love towards us was amazing. May we all spread your ideas far and wide. Today my family is going home enlightened, rejuvenated and more wiser…

Thank you all!

God Bless You All!!

Ajith, Shruti, Anagha and Suja, Kuwait

July 31 2013

First day for me in vaidyagrama was Thursday 4th July; I met Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Aruna with the manager Hakeem. I thought it was to be a nice vacation and treatment at the same time. After that, I met the patients and sat for dinner, it was a good day. The next morning after leaving my parents, I started getting bored because there is nothing to do, therefore I started having difficulty and that is why I didn’t eat for a whole week. So I lost 11 kilos and I am happy but it still felt bad that there was nothing to do.

The last week when I knew that I was leaving, I started loving the place, chatting a lot with doctors and patients. And today I think I am going to MISS the place!

And wishing my sister my best wishes.

And I want to thank all doctors, and I apologise for any disturbance and wish you all luck.

Thank you…my best wishes

Ghazi Al Besher, Saudi Arabia

 July 27 2013

The first time I came to vaidyagrama, I didn’t know why I had come. I was having lunch with a friend in Mumbai – Auro - & enjoying a hamburger when he told me that I needed to take myself in hand. He said he was coming here for a repeat visit & asked me along. I agreed as, if he was coming for a repeat, there must be something to it!

Now tomorrow I am on my way back after my REPEAT VISIT. Apart from losing 8kg then, and 8kg now again (I wish it was cumulative), I think the 3 week break from my normal city routine, have done my mind a world of good which also reflects on the body aided by the kashayam, plum brandy and the fantastic kanji!!

The doctors & staff are great and add to the well being feeling. Always there & available & with a wanting to serve attitude.

Thank you very very much. I’ll be back soon.

Rashid Khalid Kidwai, New Delhi

July 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama friends

It has been a real pleasure to meet you all. I very much appreciate your care, kindness & love.

I came here to find balance in my lifestyle and I feel I leave today renewed ready to go!

I am sure my family back home will be very grateful to you for sending back a healthier and happier wife & mom.

Much love and gratitude to each one of you who has contributed in one way or another to make my stay here a wonderful experience.

Mercedes Bellavista, Spain

 July 25 2013

Dear vaidyagrama family

When I came with the family, I was thinking to send back them after one day but after one day, we understood that this place is very nice place and my kids also stayed the whole week. First of all, we express our gratitude for all the staff for their homely behavior.

It was a wonderful experience for us for the last week; we thought we are staying in a good resort.

I learned so much from this place, regarding the dedication, food and Ayurvedic values.

We thank everyone for creating this wonderful change with us and their kind and caring attitude.


Pradeep Kumar, Suvarma, Sidharth, Sachin, Kuwait

 July 2013


Vaidyagrama Staff & Doctors

Thank you very much. Very good care. Very good hospitality. Good treatment. I enjoyed staying here!

Thank you very much

Smt.Dhanalakshmi Bhaktavalsalam, KG Hospital, Coimbatore, India

 July 24 2013

First of all, “Thank you” for the hospitality, care and treatment, and also to bring awareness of my own health. I had really good time spending bringing awareness of my body, health and mind.

You know – I love the name VAIDYAGRAMA so much because might be I come from a small village which has its own beauty and vaidyagrama is like a small village where the healers live.

After five years, this is the first time, I gave little much time for myself to understand my health, my body and mind. I feel relaxed now and hopefully I will heal soon.

I was a kind of a person who used to feel little uncomfortable or you can say don’t like to go to the doctors but here I started feeling comfortable talking and knowing about my health issues.

Everything is so natural here – the medicines, the treatment. I am eager to know more and more about all the herbs and medicines.

And the most wonderful thing was being with all the older people here. It is always so lovely to be around the elders, hearing those experiences, techniques, stories and so many things.

Once again I thank to VAIDYAGRAMA for everything. My humble pranams to everyone.

Lumi Bangsia, India

 July 20 2013

Dear vaidyagrama family

We are fortunate to be here and spend some memorable days with the members of the vaidyagrama family. A special aspect which we have noticed is the competition among the members at every level to keep us in good spirit.

Your effort to create the surroundings with a great imagination, the trees, bushes, flowers, fruit bearing plants, lot of medicinal plants and of course different kind of birds.

After leaving from here, all the above facts will remain in our mind forever.

Thank you a lot vaidyagrama family

Jayaprakash Panicker & Usha Panicker, Pandalam, Kerala

July 20 2013

To everyone at vaidyagrama

It will be my best “Holiday Resort”. The place not only gave me a change from the usual normal routine; but it has also transformed me. The aesthetic buildings, the doctors and staff, the peace, calmness, softness around has had a tremendous and wonderful effect on my mind, body, attitude and soul. The place is ideal to absorb some knowledge too.

I thank everyone for creating this wonderful and simple place. It is a place with nature – the mountains, trees, birds, bees, cats, dogs, soil & plants.

I am very happy I made this decision to come and stay here. Hope I am blessed to make some more visits.

May all the dreams & visions of the people creating this place grow and happen.

Shubha Thiagarajan, Coimbatore

July 19 2013

Dear staff and doctors

I cant express my gratitude for such a wonderful experience to you in words. Vaidyagrama is a heartfelt, inspirational and authentic centre of Ayurveda. My preliminary knowledge of Ayurveda reached a deeper understanding in just 2 weeks!

Dr.Ramadas, you truly are the best teacher. I learned so much from you and your dedication to my learning is truly appreciated. I didn’t expect to do as many things as we did – making buter, buttermilk, curd, oil decoctions. I also loved that you taught me the principles of Ayurveda from the Sanskrit texts first. There is so much meaning and depth from these ancient texts that a student can miss if not exposed to them.

Whenever someone asks me where he or she can go to experience Ayurveda, whether it is for training or for panchakarma, I will certainly say go to vaidyagrama!


Suhani Vakil, USA

July 18 2013

To staff & doctors

Thanks for the amazing kindness and gentle care you provided during my stay in vaidyagrama.

You have a wonderful vision for carrying on the ayurvedic tradition as well as supporting the community. Many thanks & best wishes for much success.

Karen Manuel, Richmond, Virginia, USA

July 17 2013

Dear All

Needless to say I was very skeptical at first but was proved wrong.

I must thank all the doctors especially Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Omprakash for their diligent monitoring of my health – I cannot leave out my therapists who assisted the doctors in carrying out the plan and all the other support staff for the way in which they conducted themselves.

I leave happier and I take this opportunity to wish all at vaidyagrama a wonderful future and I hope this place blossoms and grows according to the master plan that Dr.Ramkumar envisaged.

With warmth

Uday Nayak, London, UK

July 16 2013

To everyone at vaidyagrama

Many thanks and a heartful of gratitude for your personal attention, kindness, gentleness and sincerity. Your warmth and naturalness fills the entire environment. At the time of departure, I feel I am leaving a beautiful MOTHER!

May your mission be Blessed and continue to keep things simple and natural. Looking forward to many more visits.

Warmest wishes and Many Thanks!

Rudabah, Pune, India

July 16 2013

To everyone at vaidyagrama

Many thanks for your kindness, caring & sincerity. Your dedication stands out in an age where the medical profession has become such a “business”. Everyone has been so incredibly kind – from the driver who arrived to collect me, to the therapists, doctors & support staff.

The peace & solitude is palpable & so healing. The buildings are so well thought out & aesthetic. The “wild” grove of plants I looked out on with so many birds was therapeutic.

You have created a place with so much healing energy. Congragulations!

Warmest wishes to you all

Jaya Mani, Bangalore, India

July 2013

Namaste! I commend the vaidyagrama team for its dedication to excellence. A wonderful experience of panchakarma (PK), that is scientifically sound and yet, saturated with spiritual & environmental well being, is orchestrated here, daily, for each individual patient, with attention to detail & needs of the patient. The doctors are par excellent, the therapists are passionate, mature, benevolent & Gods are smiling at vaidyagrama.

I will return & recommend my students to avail the vaidyagrama opportunity.

All the best!

Shunya Prathichi Mathur, Founder, Vedika Global, California, USA

July 07 2013

Dear All brothers & sisters

This has been an amazing stay for me. I enjoyed your company, care and love. I believe my words are short for all the experience I had here with you but my heart is full of gratitude and love towards all of you. I wish you the best in your mission forever.

Abdulla Al Obaidan, Qatar

July 07 2013

Peace be upon you

Dearest ones

Thank you very much indeed for the great care & love that you showed me during my stay in your outstanding spa. It is a real place for the mind / body / soul & heart to unite and become one with the self & one with the universe. The harmony that you created between the elements and people are out of this world.

Keep this simple unified heaven on earth, where I shall return for more blessings.

With love

Khaled Al Mohannadi, Qatar

July 07 2013

Dearest brothers and sisters

In my second stay in vaidyagrama, I just want to reiterate my gratitude to all of you, offering your service with so much love and care.

May God give you may good years of this wonderful mission.


Leon Fernando Del Canto, Qatar