February 29, 2020


Words cannot express the deep gratitude that I feel for Vaidyagrama- for the doctors, the therapists, the staffs, the land, the trees, nature itself, the animals, quietude, atonement, satsangs and beautiful teachings.

There was a challenge at the beginning of the journey as I was sent away to another Ayurveda hospital for the first 3 nights. Although I was deeply disappointed, it did give me an opportunity to compare 2 Ayurveda hospitals. And Vaidyagrama really is a step above with the way they structure their days and integrate with nature. Providing teaching combined with nature and quietude.

This has been an extraordinary healing journey and has nothing but love for Vaidyagrama and all who serve here. I feel that I have been renewed, retrieved, nourished and loved for the past 23 days.

Special thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Soniya, Dr.Sreeji and Dr.Ramesh, Lakshmi (magic hands) and Viji and full set up for success for my return home.

With Gratitude

Caryn Challman



February 29, 2020

Thank You, thank you, thank you. I have received so many gifts here at Vaidyagrama – my health, energy, renewed optimism, and sense of purpose. This transformation came through the people, the wisdom, the treatments, the medicines, the outing, food and prayers. Namaste and deep gratitude to the doctors, therapists, cleaners, cooks, assistants and everyone else who make this place the healing sanctuary that is- with local, global, and universal impact.

May all flourish here.

Drs. Harikrishnan and Soniya in particular helped me through a few difficult moments with love and care and professionalism- as well as Dr.Sreeji..

I am returning home confident in the future of Vaidyagrama and my own health. I hope to see everyone again!

Much love, Gratitude

Grace Welker

New York


February 29, 2020

I was recommended to come to Vaidyagrama punarnava by Smt. Jayanthasree Balakrishna. I have to say thank to her first.

Such a wonderful place without TV and AC.I really enjoyed the vaidygrama. I appreciate the doctors morning and evening come and enquire my health and about treatment.

I am waiting for the result. After going back only I will tell. But as far as am here my internal would be clear. Now am feeling my body in light.

The hospitality and reception and managements are very nice and good. Thank you.

Anbalagan Masilamani



February 29, 2020

Dear all 

Thank you so much for life changing experience, it was blissful staying here.

Wish you all the best and hope to come back sometime later.

Lots of love 

Egle Luotyte,



February 29, 2020

Thank you to everyone who has been so kind and attention over the last four weeks, all members of staff who have helped in all manner of ways.

I have felt very supported during my stay in Vaidyagrama and have found it a really enlighting experience.

The energy here is very nourishing and healing and it is amazing what has been achieved since the village started eleven years ago.

May it continue to flourish and prosper.

John Sheridan Miller



February 28, 2020

With many thanks to all doctors and therapists for the space I received to the entire mind in quietness. I have learnt lots, and for Dr Hari Kumar humour and help with simplicity answering my questions. Hopefully I will return.

Claire Louise Lafferty



February 28, 2020

I came to Vaidyagrama to try and get a hold of my managing health and worsening habits of thinking and finally breach myself of conscious habit in eating. The treatments were superb, lost weight, lost pain, lost worry,  and gained improved eyesight and balance, and a sense of how much better I should feel then I have felt.

Thank you to all of the doctor and Therapists, I will be recommending your village and many people for the future.

Gary Allan Day, 



February 28, 2020

With heartfelt thank you to you all doctors, therapists and personnel. You have created an environment of rest and healing. I hope to return.

With love 

Diane Grifin



February 28, 2020

This wonderful experience was recommended by various friends from different countries and now I can continue to recommend it to others. This has been a month long birthday gift (75th) to myself and what a better gift could there be. I feel renewed and rejuvenated for the years to come and if necessary know where to come for another gift. The caring of doctors and everyone else who work here has been great. The talks were very helpful to make change in my diet at home. I learned so much and better understanding of Ayurveda which I know very little about before. So many thanks to you all for the incredible vision manifested.

Suzanne Huffman



February 28, 2020

To all of you beautiful souls here at Vaidyagrama,

It’s been an amazing healing energy that has taken we to this amazing healing place. This is my first travel to India and first time to Vaidyagrama, and first time doing panchakarma. This place is so inspiring and I feel like I Am leaving this place having made so much progress in my healing journey. If I had not had my big health calamity in 2014, that started a new chapter in my life. It pushed me to begin my healing and spiritual journey that landed me at this place.

Thank you so much for everything.

My gratitude to all the doctors and staff.

Much love

Susanne Britt Hamman

New Mexico


February 26, 2020

It was a wonderful experience, came reluctantly and we are feeling happy to be here for the last 3 weeks. The staffs, doctors and Therapists as well as the other support staffs are truly amazing. There love, support and care made our stay enjoyable. It is a great facility that runs very smoothly. Everyone that works here are committed to giving the best care possible. I am grateful to Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Soniya, Dr. Sreeji and Dr. Ramesh for being there when needed. All the best and hope to visit again in the near future. We are leaving well oiled, lubricated and happy.

Special thanks to Dr.Ramanandan for giving counselling and support when needed.

Arvinder Singh Kaler and Kulwant Kaur Kaler



February 26, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

It was a delightful experience waking up to the sounds of the birds, chirping, smelling fresh, clean air and watching the trees outside. Away from the Hustle and bustle of everyday life!

The 15 days spent here has been so fulfilling both on the physical plane as well as a spiritual plane. There is time to sit and introspect on life! The simple living, Wholesome food added to the overall experience.

Special thanks to all the wonderful doctors, therapist and cleaning people who go about their Job quietly and efficiently ever willing to help!

There is so much of positivity around this place! Absolutely Soothing and calming! Thank you all for the wonderful time Spent here! God bless all of you!

Radha Rajakrishnan

Chennai, India


February 26, 2020

I would like to thank all the Doctors, therapists, cleaning staff, front desk for all their help, assistance while in and their care and all  the cooking staff. Especially Dr.Sreeji and Dr.Soniya for their patience during this visit to Vaidyagrama. 

Many blessings to Dr Harikrishnan, thank you Dr Ramdas for lending your computer cord I left at home.

Craig Dickson 

Wood Hole, MA, USA


February 26, 2020

After my good experience with Ayurveda in the past, I decided to undergo 6 weeks of Panchakarma at “Vaidyagrama”. Respected practitioners in the US referred this wonderful place to me. The environment is thoughtfully designed to heal body, mind and spirit. 

Senior Doctor/director Harikrishnan along with doctors Ramesh, Sreeji and Soniya are knowledgeable, courteous, professional and caring. They patiently answered all my questions and made sure of proper care. All therapists and staff are here to help and do their
best to be attentive and caring. Given my experience, I canrecommend this place to anyone interested deep, restorative healing.

Marco Kleiner

Ft Lauderdale Fl USA.


February 25, 2020

Supreme gratitude to Dr Ramkumar for following his dream and to the doctors who helped him manifest this wonderful healing village is called VAIDYAGRAMA!

Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Dr Ramadas and Dr Vasudeva for their thoughtful caring insightful attention to this body's imbalances during my stay. Dr Ramadas was my doctor during my first visit in 2016 and I was delighted to discover that I was among his patients this visit!

My main therapists Vaishnavi and Kalpana excellent!  I was totally relaxed in their healing hands! And grateful Thanks to all of the other women working in my unit; I was in room number 110, for being so helpful reliable and hardworking every day. It was a blessing to spend 3 weeks with all of them. To those working in other areas of the village, my sincere appreciation!

May Vaidyagrama continue to bless and heal all those who show up at her door.

May all be happy!

Swami Karunapremananda



February25, 2020

I had a very good treatment and I feel very refreshed. I feel apart from the treatment it is also a spiritual Retreat. I feel happy and cared for. The doctors and the staff took extremely good care of me.

Shantha Ramakrishnan

Palakkad, kerala


February 25, 2020

Full of gratitude and excitement for my incredible care here, my body and mind needed that nourishment and rejuvenation. I am curious to see how this change can be implemented in my life.

A few ideas to make this experience better for future guests 

- At every satsang, ask students to hold all questions until the end. It was very distracting and hard to follow the lectures and it would set a format for everyone to learn.

- Perhaps record cooking classes Kashayam classes for YouTube?

-For guests staying at Acharya Nivas house, providing blankets, pillows and cushions would make it more comfortable. Adding seating outside would also be nice. It felt very isolating and sometimes difficult to be comfortable. It is a beautiful and blessed farm space with magical birds that deserve to be appreciated.

- It would be more beneficial if there was a clear communication about costs. The communication between email, staff and physicians seemed unclear and confusing and in space of trust it was uncomfortable to be surprised by incidental or surprise costs. Perhaps having someone from billing discuss with patients on day  one is helpful to clarify and confusion.

- I loved meeting Geetha and learning about the VG trust. This is just a beautiful enterprise that deserves more recognition.

-Would be helpful for students to know the recovering time needed after treatment here. It is very startling to know how recovery impacts our health. Again thank you for a lovely experience and wishing you all a beautiful year ahead.

With love

Roshni Shah,



February 23, 2020

Once again I have completed at vaidyagrama and Am happy with the result. Gratitude all around for my doctors and the whole staff.

Paul mark Saunders





February 23, 2020

Each year I see the changes at Vaidyagrama and I still see the original intention, and foundations being built upon. It’s amazing to see expansion while key points hold – small team managing each block allows very personal care, allowing getting to know the staff and affording a great sense of comfort and safety as we go through these treatments. 

The doctors are as always wonderful. Happy to have Dr.Sreeji and Dr Sonia here and hope they can stay many years. Welcome to Dr Ramesh and Dr Vinod.

My therapists were excellent and it was really nice to have mostly the same ones every day. 

The pujas, home, prayers and satsangs are such gifts. I look forward to returning next year 

Sincere gratitude, 

Durga Leela, 




February 23, 2020

Vaidyagrama was and is much more than I expected. The environment is like being in a forest with love and nurturing. Ayurvedic doctors attending to each and every patient. Ayurveda therapists excellent in treatments, housekeepers, laundry, landscaping all make Vaidyagrama a place to heal, (can’t forget birds, Vedic chants, cats cows)

I arrived stiff from a past injury and am now feeling like flexible pillow.

My gratitude to those doctors who had the wisdom and determination to make this possible. 

Jennifer Andrews 



February 23, 2020

My symptoms Grade 3 uterus prolapse, tremor and various other little imbalances.

Firstly I would like to thank Aparna and Krishna for the communication before I came here. Suggestion for message to be timelier and all messages replied straight away or advice when you will get back to them on a certain day. I have never been to India before and I found at times the lack of communication frustrating, However Krishna always replied directly and kept me calm. First point of call is always the most important one to keep the client safe and welcome.

My Story coming to Vaidyagrama. I was not referred, however kept researching and looking for an Ayurvedic hospital. There was a lot around but when I saw eco healing village that is what attracted me. I was diagnosed with a prolapse two years ago and the doctors said to operate. I have been on natural medicines for this period of time and I wanted to try Ayurveda. I was so impressed with the facility as the pictures and website do not do this place justice; absolutely divine all the way to the rooms, the facilities, the birds, the cows and all the other animals living in harmony.

I had no expectations except for rest and I compulsorily got that. It was a challenging journey and for me it will continue. All treatments were of benefit to me in some way and I would definitely recommend any one working to give their baby and bring it to balance.

Thank you.

I would like to thank everyone from administration, security, garden staff, kitchen staff, cleaners, therapists and doctors. Special and grateful thanks go to Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Sreeji. You both make such a synergistic team, So pleasant, so humble. I was certainly blessed to have the right pair of Doctors. Dr.Sreeji you are such an angel for being there with your gentle soul. Thank you to both of you.

Also special thanks to my personal angels Vidya and Varsha, and Anju and the lovely Salini who was so patient with me teaching her English.

To my very caring and sweet cleaner, Rajamani. Thank you everyone.

It was an amazing experience and I would love to replicate this in Australia.

Suggestion: Gym, Table tennis table, getting patients host lunch for staffs. More information restarts treatment in particular advice as that you will be describing how to manage on its second last day. Advise them if any feeling they may experience.

Lots of love and blessings,

Suzette white 

Perth, Australia.


February 23, 2020

I am so grateful for the caring shown to me here at Vaidyagramaby Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Ramesh and all the staff here.

My therapistsare a great bunch of guys - & I feel I must personally mention Girish Krishna, by name as he is so kind competent (also - V. RADHEESH & MANU). This being my 2ndvisit, I feel, I can recognize the cumulative effects of an annual Panchakarma.

I SEE you next year!
Chandramauli (Charles Hayse)


February 22, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama,

 Once again it's been a wonderful experience here at Vaidyagrama. This is my third year coming here and it's a one-of-a-kind pleasure. I leave feeling healthier and more optimistic. The therapists are sweet and caring, the doctors wise and patient. I look forward to my next visit. 

Peace and love

Connie Ann Martin,



February 21, 2020

I cannot say Thank You enough. I had no idea how much I had to heal until I was done with my treatments. I could not have asked for a more loving group of doctors and therapists. This place is truly like no other. I have so much love for all of the staff. This was the best experience and I can’t wait to come back.

Celeste Sophia Miles Carter



February 21, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

First and foremost I would like to express our sense of thanks and gratitude to the Vaidyagrama family for making our stay here a pleasant experience. Though this  is the first time we visit (me and my wife) here, within first few days we started feeling like as if we are at our home with great hospitality extended to us right from Dr.Harikumar ,Dr.Mini , Dr.Ardent, Therapists Kannan,  Lalu Prasad, Hema, Mariya, Archana and few other assistants. We are most impressed by Dr Harikumar's caring approach and his daily sharing of Ayurveda medicinal treatments related advices. Dr.Harikumar really reminded me down memory Lane those days I practiced meditation (Raja yoga). His approach is quite unique in the sense on the one hand treatment is done on a daily basis on the other hand he would share many tips on how to sustain the benefits for a long term basis by remaining as a happy human being. I learnt how keeping your mind in the state of happiness would result in improving our health and wellbeing. Dr.Mini a pleasant and caring doctor is a dedicated doctor. She is very helpful and always go extra Mile in Patient care. Hope she will continue to reach great heights. Dr.Ardent young and energetic doctor has always rendered his service with a smile. Very caring and listen to our needs. Hope both Dr.Mini and Dr.Ardent will become an asset to Vaidyagrama. 

Therapists  here, especially Kannan, Lalu Prasad, Hema and group of people, very caring and dedicated in their work, maintenance  team, I need to mention about Mr Hakeem and Keerthi, who extended IT services when needed. Reception staffs are very friendly and supportive. I am also impressed by Dr.Ramadas for his chanting of mantras and prayers at Brahma Kamalam, such an electrifying voice created great vibrations during his prayer session. Generally we are happy with the overall services and treatments.

Every day Satsang at Mandapam found to be very useful on the treatment and learned how Ayurveda treatments have been administered. It was a systematic and step by step process giving ample time for preparation both physically and mentally. In conclusion, we are largely benefited from the short stay here and felt that the objective of our stay here achieved. Once again we would like to thank the management Vaidyagrama, Dr.Harikumar, Dr.Mini, Dr.Ardent and all therapists and support staff for the great service rendered to us. We have also planned to visit here towards end of this year.

Best wishes

Bhuvaneshwaran Veerasamy and Nirmala Buvaneswaran



February 21, 2020

Dear wonderful people of Vaidyagrama

Thank you for the warm and sensitive environment. All of the smiles and gentleness, the humour, the beauty create a deep healing place.  Thank you for this and the skill - the Therapists were wonderful (special thanks to Bindu) Thank you for the big vision of Vaidyagrama - the eco-sustainability, the programmes in the villages, the food and the farm, the uniforms of the staff and the effort to maintain tradition and transforming cast prejudice and selfishness through caring community. And this is carried so well by the medical directors. One last thanks - something that I wanted to say to Dr Ramadas but didn't have the chance. Thank you Dr Ramadas for your chanting and the way you led the morning and evening prayer. The conviction and the heart that you gave to the chants had a big impact. It transforms the space of the prayer hall making it a deep place for meditation. Thank you

With love and gratitude

Elizabeth Debolt,



February 21, 2020

This is an exquisite place 

Thank you for your care, your heart, your professionalism.

Vaidyagrama is an Oasis, a little but living utopia of personal and planetary healing. The integral scope of your vision leaves me touched and impressed. I have only been here for one week this time, so I have not experienced the full cycle of healing that you can provide but the treatment and the atmosphere of your place have shown me a powerful natural way of healing.

Thank you Biju for my oil treatments and special thanks to Dr Ramadas for his Presence, the authority of his being, the love for his healing work and The Spiritual strength of his daily morning and evening chanting that become one integral part of the healing process in this week 

With gratitude 

Thomas steininger,



February 21, 2020

My sincere thanks to Dr Harikrishnan and his excellent doctors who were instrumental inhealing process. Some of them went beyond the call of duty to ensure I was comfortable & well taken care of. Special thanks to Dr. Ramesh who witnessed &subsided my Pitta uprising.. Ha-ha… and always made things better.I loved'Therapist - girl team' who work so hard all day & still keep smiling. They are gentle bothphysically & in spirit. As
are the kitchen staff+ others. I enjoyed the greenery and appreciate the using steel instead of plastic, infact I didn't see any plastic in use through my stay. I also found the satsangs informative. Special thanks to Geetha Hariharan who speeded-up my travel here. I also liked the open-architecture the greenery that attracts an amazing number of bird species.
In terms of improvement there are a few areas:

 Communication: What is required is a real person to talk to instead of an email. Prompt replies to emails also will be appreciated. A better website with more information & perhaps more pictures. More things to do if you're here for a long term, boredom are a real factor. Suggestion: (1) Have patients volunteer to teach English or another language to therapists. I noticed in feedback it is a real issue.

(2) It would be nice if we could show one appreciation of therapists, gardener, etc. by doctors and patients serving them a meal for a change. I hope the tree I plant will grow and attract more birds & bird song and adding to the healing atmosphere of Vaidyagrama.

Lalitha Krishnan,



February 20, 2020

Thank you to everyone for being positive always and take care of me and this body so sweetly. See you next time!

Kate  O Donnell



February 20, 2020

Extremely challenging 21 days. A true healing space.

It has been a privilege to be here. Thank you to the doctors and staff for your amazing work and care.

Thankyou Vaidyagrama for the teachings.

With gratitude 

Kevin Obrien,



February 19, 2020

Healing – The Vaidyagrama way

As I keep coming here the journey to detoxification and heal keeps getting deeper.

A big thank you to everyone Dr.Ramanandan, Dr.Vinod, Dr.Anupama, Dr.Prameela and our team of therapists who flit in and out of our room (with joy and laughter)

A big thank you to all the other staff at Vaidyagrama that we might not meet but are essential part of the daily running of this healing village.

Till next time!


Mrinalini Chawla,

New Delhi


February 19, 2020

It was a good experience, 1stone in Ayurveda. I learnt a lot 9days along. It’s the real life with the mother Earth, all natural. Everyone in the same family Vaidyagrama in Love. For me two difficulties 

– No sun directly, not enough light around me, in our room.

-No physical exercise.

! I thought I will practise some gentle yoga. But you explain me it is to integrate the ayurvedic treatment- OK

It is very impressive to see all the people working for this healing village and all the amelioration you do for the villages: feeding 125 humans every day and the home for the young boys. Everyone, the Doctors, the Therapists, the other Employees are very respectful, with attention for our well-being. (Sorry I don’t remember the names). I like discovering the ritual Hinduism.

Thank You for all this!

Good vibes for you!

Pascale Delrieu and Jean Yves Kerleguer




February 19, 2020

Panamas of love and gratitude to all VG family!

Instant peace when I arrived, a sweet girl brought us tea on a tray with a smile.

I relished the solitude and therapy times.

The women therapists are so gifted and inspiring. Vaishnavi, Bindu, Indus, Kavya, Deepika and others. I know by face and gentle/ firm hands. Dr Ramadas's jolly nature kept me in good faith and Aruna was a constant reliable presence. Thank you doctors and creators of this place for carrying the tradition of Ayurveda and reminding us all and the world that we are all already whole. Not to forget the house cleaners who kept everything feeling welcoming.

For me the evening times were hard. Me wanting to fall asleep at 8 or 9 but there always being pots washed or doors slamming or people talking outside my room, usually till 10pm

My health has been affected in a profound way and I have learned many new things to improve my digestion and overall health.

The Greatest Gift

I may even begin to wear my contacts less and glasses more...may be...


Chitra - Mary Kate



February 18, 2020

21 amazing days at Vaidyagrama. This is the hallmark of the dedicated staff of ayurvedic doctors, therapists and support personals of this one of a kind Drs village in south India. I can’t imagine this being reproduced anywhere else. Thanks for the efforts to all for making this a world class Ayurveda healing centre. I will be back for the restorative and healing thoughts of the ancient wisdom.

Mr. Gary Harold Sullivan



February 17, 2020

Thanks a lot Vaidyagrama. This is our second visit in a year. But we are more energized than the previous visit. A heaven of peace and home away from home. Doctors, therapists, and co staff all caring with a smile.

Great satsangs which made us more aware. Dr.Ramanandan, a special thanks to you.

Thanks to Mekhala and devaki ji

Dr. Vinod and Dr.Prameela, thanks for your patience.

With gratitude and love

Neena Chowdhary and Manju Chaudhary

Nagpur, India


February 17, 2020

My secondtrip to Vaidyagrama, amazing to see the vibrantgrowth and changes still happening.To me that reflect the intention of the leaders, the staff, I'm grateful.
I am grateful to be able to be cared for by such authenticallyknowledgeable& skilled peopledoctors, staff, front desk, and housekeeping. Everyone attentive and focussed on my

It is a unique village that extends to the details, theservice of the community it shows
as a vision of healthmaterialized. ThankYou all for your many kindnesses and my increased health and especiallyDr. Hari Krishnan– My Doctor

Denise Lynn Gaylord,



February 17, 2020

To my Vaidyagrama family,

Please accept my humblest and deepest gratitude for all your care and expert treatment during my first visit here. I am only sorry that I can’t stay longer. I know that there are many hard working staffs and support team members here that work behind the scenes and while I may not know their names and faces, their efforts are not unnoticed. Thank You to Dr.Harikumar, Dr.Mini, Dr. Ardent and Dr.Srisugha for taking the time to truly listen to me and continually tailoring this healing experience to my needs. It is too rare in this world that we have doctors who are deeply engaged with the processes of their patients in a way that addresses not just the physical body, but the emotional, mental and spiritual energies of each individual. I have been fed touched (and beaten) by the hands of Athira, Prema, Maryamma, Soumya, Adithya during my treatments and their quite, cheerful and steady manner has now raised the bar for me in what I expect from others who put themselves in service to me in this journey going forward. Being in this environment with the comforting noises from the cows, the birds chirping away to greet each day and the wailing cats in the yard have made me feel very much at home. This prismatically clean environment reflects the harmony with nature that Vaidyagrama seeks to instill in each and every one of us. I have loved prayers and poojas and yoganidra on the cool-filled floors o Brahmakamalam. With the Shivalinga, Sri Hanuman to affix my gaze an focus on. I was truly able to turn inward to reflect upon the divine beauty within. The community support and easeful conversations with the other guests here have also brought me a deeper sense of connection and joy than I thought possible, Cailyn from Sydney, Sasha from California, Ruchi and Varun quickly became friends that I could rely upon for a smile, chat and a laugh. Many thanks to Aparna who helped accommodate my uncertain travel plans to get here safely. I told her already that I hope to return in six months to a year to receive further treatments and to perhaps being others yoga therapists and clients to experience this magical place for themselves. I will miss people asking me I am married or have children – it is 2020 and the practice of inquiring such things of women must end if we are to understand and accept one another on a level that is far beyond our relationship status and procreative choices. I do think that there should be a better hotspot/wifi/ internet access in order to stay in touch better with our loved ones and be able to download reading materials and music( and yes I understand that many would be tempted to overuse this amenity even though it is necessary for others) . I have nothing negative to say or feel or share about my time here- I know that the process will continue as I venture off to explore more of this special and beautiful and sometimes challenging country. More than anything it is the people of Vaidyagrama and India that offer themselves their culture and systems and traditions with the whole of their hearts and spirits and it is those gifts of pure grace that imbue this planet with a necessary and indispensible richness. With my love and deepest pranams.

Carolyn Elizabeth Davis

New York


February 16, 2020

My stay here at Vaidyagrama has been nothing short of life changing. I have experienced a deep sense of peace and contentment that I will continue to keep with me and treasure always.

I have been learning to surrender to the love and healing care of all who work at this magical place. I am truly touched and grateful for this experience and I'm looking forward to coming back.

All my love

"Roshan" Kristine



February 16, 2020

I leave Vaidyagrama today after my fourth visit here. Each time I come I Am rumbled and filled with gratitude at the amazing work of healing and empowerment that is being done at this centre.

The very place itself exudes a love and warmth that fills one’s soul!

My doctor, Dr.Ramanandan has patiently heared me over the years, making me energetic and more resistant as I petting my health back on track. The therapists have certainly prone over the years – loved the time I spent with shiny, Lavanya, Kavya in my treatment. A big shout out to Radhika, Sanitha and Mekhala for taking such proud care of me with my meals etc. And to the support staff Thilakavathi for sure.

Thank You Dr.Vinod, Dr.Prameela, and Dr.Anupama for your patient listening and guidance.

God Bless.


Puneetha Roy

Assam, India


February16, 2020

OMG!! Vaidyagrama is a gift to the entire planet. I thank you with every cell of my being for 

All the wisdom, care, prayer and overall sweetness that you offer not only to me but also to all.

I hope this place and that is primarily because of all the incredible beings that made up this place. I am so deeply filled with gratitude and can't wait it return.

Deep deep bows to my Vaidyagrama family.




February 15, 2020

Thank you Vaidyagrama family

Being in this bubble of healing for 6 weeks has been a gift I promised myself for over 2 years.

It could only be here at Vaidyagrama. The trust that this was the right place was deep in my heart.

I want to thank each and every person that helped me on this healing journey. It was difficult at times, but the caring smiles and compassionate eyes from the therapists as they nurtured me back to a stronger body were heartfelt.

I will remember...

Allow, Allow, Allow and Let Go.

With love and gratitude,

Ruth Ann Moris,



February 14, 2020

I had been to Vaidyagrama a few years ago for just a few days and this time have come back for 2 weeks. I have found this experience healing and therapeutic in helping me to slow down here benefitted greatly from the therapy, the simplicity and the goodness that the doctors and the therapists have radiated rejuvenated, I returned today to the everyday nature of my life, but with some excellent advise, both medical and dietary to follow. I would like to thank many persons who cared for me here, Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Prameela, Dr. Vinod, Dr. Siva who conducted the Yoga nidra and helped me with my breathing exercises too. To Dr. Ramkumar who has brilliantly put concept and reality together to create the oasis. Dr. Ramanadan has become the mentor and I hope I am continue to follow his advice, I look forward to a longer period a year from now

A word of special thanks to my therapist Suraj Mandala and suneesh

Navin Chawla

New Delhi


February 14, 2020

The team at Vaidyagrama, Great thank you to you all for your kind help.

I came here 27thJan 2020, not expecting what I was in for. I wanted to leave that same day. But after speaking to family they said after travelling half way around the world I should stay and get treated for which I am glad I did.

First I hated this place, thought I was in prison; but after meeting some people and joining the activities second with I was starting to be happy.

Which I did and stayed on food 3 weeks these times I would like to counted on. 

1.     You have to ask for everything

2.     Food they will change if you ask for

3.     No phone services

Finally I made a donation 

Nand Samtani,



February 13, 2020

Vaidyagrama is truly a home away from home (except for the green gram deal and vasthi). The care one feels here is like family. When we had signed up for this, we didn’t know what to expect and our thoughts were that these were going to be uncomfortable 11 days. But contrary to our expectations there are so many great things we experienced here.

-       Knowledgeable and caring doctors who looked after us- Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Mini, Dr. Ardent and Dr. Srisugha

-       Dedicated and caring therapists- so many of them.

-       The amazing knowledgeable and free flowing satsangs where the doctors shared very useful information.

-       The morning and evening prayers which really helped us in our healing process.

-       The efficient and caring staff who made sure our meals and medicines are brought to us correctly and on time.

Thank You everyone for making our stay here memorable and we will definitely be recommending Vaidyagrama to our friends and family. Look forward to coming back here soon.

Take Care

Ruchi Bhatia and Varun Bhatia

San Francisco


February 13, 2020

This is the second time; I have come here in two years. A special thanks to the entire Vaidyagrama team for making so many efforts and making this my second home.

Raghuraj Sethi

Delhi, India


February 13, 2020

To all at Vaidyagrama, Thank you for such a gift of providing healing time, For showing insight in to a way of being, that serves  and the community and the environment. This is a very special and truthful way to be. Each day offered a glimpse into a kinder version of the self- and what healing that offers along with treatment.

Thank you especially Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Prameela, Dr. Anupama- and all those who cooked, cleaned, massaged, bathed and smiled at me.

I hope to stay again (Hopefully in a more improved way) and to visit the Tulsi Plant!

With Gratitude

Kavita Bedford,



February 13, 2020


A big thank you to all the doctors specially Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Prameela for the care towards Me and regular check-ups. This is my fourth trip but the longest as recommended by Dr. Harikrishnan. The stay was comfortable as the atmosphere of the centre is calmed serene. Doing morning and evening prayers there is a spiritual aura helping me cope with tough routine of ghee doses. I also want to thank Dr. Ramadas for prescribing medicine for my granddaughter. Lastly the satsang talks are very enlightening. The therapist suraj mandal did an excellent massage.


Shailendra Bandary,



February 11, 2020

Treating the mind, body and the soul together!

What a great concept!

What a great vision!!

Vaidyagrama is all set to be a perfect place for this excellent vision, with each one of you taking care of one part of the vision or the other!

From the wonderful service (with a nonstop smile) of Rincy , Anjali, Divya to the soothing treatments of Sujith ,Salman, Suneesh, Ranjith and Rathesh to the medical care of Dr Ardent and Dr Sri Sugha under Dr Harikumar ‘s able guidance to the soulful prayers of Dr Ramadas and Spritual satsangs of Dr Ramkumar, it is a great combination . 

Not to forget the services (again with a smile!) of maintenance staff like velumani.

You all run a great operation is greatly service oriented and healing focused!

Thank You so much for taking good care of me so well!


Bangalore, India


February 11, 2020

Many years ago I had asked Dr Svoboda about where to go for Panchakarma and he had advised Vaidyagrama to me. Since then I was waiting for the right day to come. Finally my dream has been realised this year and I had three amazing weeks at Vaidyagrama. Hard to believe that it is over now.

I have to admit that the first weeks were a bit difficult but the doctors were really wonderful with their Full support and care about everything.

It's been a very special healing journey and I feel deep gratitude.

The time here made me connect to myself and gave me so much inspiration and devotion.

Thank you for everything

Lots of love 


Istanbul, Turkey


February 10, 2020

I heard of Vaidyagrama through a friend in Canada. She is a physician who studies Ayurveda and knew the power of this ancient healing science. Over this past decade I experienced many health challenges which escalated due to a devastating car accident. Over the years my health got compromised on many levels and I reached a dead end with Western medicine. My search for an alternative approach took me on a remarkable journey through the world of alternative healing (may be you are on the journey yourself). It wasn’t until I came here that I finally found a way of life and healing that resonated with me so deeply. I came with 4 chronic conditions which were all resolved or reduced substantially. This place is magical. The staffs is wonderful and friendly. From the great caring doctors to the therapists and all other support team members, this was a remarkable experience. If you are looking for a true Ayurveda healing experience, look no more. You found it!

Erez Avramov

North Vancouver, 



February 10, 2020

Thank you vaidyagrama for another incredible experience! I had a profound healing and restful time here and I Am grateful for the chance to unwind and de-compress. I feel grateful to have discovered this incredible healing community and know that I will be back every year. The doctors and therapists so love and put their entire hearts and souls into this week and it definitely helps with the healing.

Thank you Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Vinod, Dr. Anupama, Dr. Prameela for your detailed and compassionate care. You have an excellent team and o feel lucky to know you all.

Thank you to all of the therapists- You are all amazing!

Much love

Stephanie Long Carter



February 10, 2020

We have enjoyed extraordinary attention from doctors Harikumar and Dr Sri Sugha. Their advice, care and kindness has seen wonderful.

Rincy, Sindhu and Anjali have seen cheerful and very hardworking and efficient plus lovely company.

The loving, authentic, passionate about Ayurveda atmosphere has really made an impression on me and helped sustain during the harder moments of ghee therapy.

The rooms in block 12 are light and airy and comfortable.

Please improve the arrival and reception process. Settling in is slow and stumpy due to the poor English and lack of problem solving training for empowerment given to front desk staff. Most people arrive here after a long journey and need a smooth “checking in” process. This did not happen for us.

New arrivals need to be given more explanation and context to what will happen during their stay at Vaidyagarama and what the various treatment process will entail – i.e. an overview.

Thank you especially to Doctor Hari kumar whose company is so inspiring and Dr Sri Sugha for her thoroughness, kindness and humor.

Susan Pole & Sebastian Pole



February 09, 2020

Nothing more to say-

I have had a very peaceful stay.

Improvements are there (since 2016) and lots of love and care. Much ahead…Don’t stop to rest And very soon you will be the best.

Wishing you all the very best as you journey ahead on the path of Ayurveda encouraging all of us to lead a holistic and meaningful life.

Thank You all for everything you do to made our stay here comfortable.

Shashi Gopal,

Bombay, India


February 09, 2020

A big thank you to the doctors, therapists and all at vaidyagrama for my peaceful and comfortable stay here.

It’s always very difficult to get out of this spiritual and healing balance and go back to the normal world…but always a great pleasure to come back. This 21 days here give me energy for the whole coming year.

Miss. Maria Dorota Dabrowska,



February 8, 2020

To all the wonderful practitioners and staffs at Vaidyagrama- THANK You!

It’s been a wonderful, beautiful, challenging, healing and introspective 4 weeks. I was seeking authentic Ayurveda treatment and I'm so ‘glad I found Vaidyagrama. The mission and intent behind creating an authentic holistic healing centre that gives back to its community shines brightly though Vaidyagrama is still under development it’s evident in the service of all those working here that providing experience to patients is of high importance.

I would particularly like thank Dr.Harikumar for his care, knowledge and insights into the nature of the mind and its role in healing, Dr. Ardent for his constant and patient care for answering questions and providing support and Dr.Srisugha for going above and beyond to develop rapport, be present for her patients and for keeping the company while I lay in bed feeling awful. You are as much a friend as a doctor. Also to Dr.Mini for her assistance, particularly on the bad period day. I have found all of the doctors excellent and to be truly in rested in my healing process-not something one finds in the allopathic system.

Thanks also to the wonderful therapists particularly prema and Adithya who were always kind, caring and dedicated to providing excellent treatments, accommodating my additional needs and doing it all with warmth and smiles. And to all other staffs for your cooking, cleaning, refilling, laundering and so on-not sure there is much more behind the scenes!, didn’t even witness. Thank You! Have loved the prayers, satsangs, pujas, group lunches and cooking classes. Found the overall atmosphere beautiful particularly in the old complex where the plants are thriving.

Some suggestions to continue making Vaidyagrama all that it can be:

More structure around check-in and more general information for patients rather than having to figure things out over days and weeks e.g. where to get internet that we should not bathe ourselves, who to contact in case of problems during the night, things available for room etc.

Less noise- I found it very difficult to both meditate and sleep here due to constant noise. I imagine the Westerners not used to the wonderful chaos of India would find this challenging particularly those with too much pitta. I would suggest minimising talking, loud music etc. early in the morning and after dinner. It can also be distracting while in treatment. The halls echo very loudly.

More training for reception staff-communication is very difficult. Even getting simple things like a pen, toilet paper or mosquito repellent took days, weeks or never happened. There’s a language barrier, a general unpreparedness to deal with requests that could be greatly improved or even a small shop with essential items where patients can choose directly to minimize the confusions.

None of these suggestions take away from the excellent experience but can serve to make future experiences smooth and more enjoyable. I will certainly be recommending Vaidyagrama and already looking forward to my next visit, whenever it may be (Though I’m not looking forward to drinking ghee).

With heartfelt thanks

Cailyn Brown,



February 7, 2020

I came not knowing what to expect. I wanted to cleanse my colon. The first couple of days were a struggle, despite the wonderful staff, environment and the great food. I did not think I could last but by the fourth day I turned the corner it has been a fantastic experience. The staff is fantastic, extremely helpful and dedicated. Dr Ramdas and his staffs are very caring and had genuinely invested in the patient’s recovery. Dr Ramkumar's talks were illuminating and thought provoking. The work being done for the community is inspiring. I am in awe of what Vaidyagrama is doing for its patients and community at large Karma yoga at its best!!

Thank you!!

Rama Padmanabhan,

Bangalore, India


February 06, 2020

There comes a time when stillness matters not the stagnant kind, But the reflective type. That is what I found again on this second visit.

Healing happened. Lessons to Balagrama boys bought a special joy.

Working with Geetha,

Exploring with my doctors,

Listening at the satsangs.

A feeling I shall returned to again and again.

Mrs Latika Mangrulkar,



February 6, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

 It has been an amazing and memorable experience to have spent 10 days in VG.   I came with no Expectations and get to take back so much learning and understanding of Ayurveda. Doctors given me a new perspective towards healthy living. 

I would like to extend my gratitude to the entire Vaidyagrama family for The Love, care and dedicated service during our stay. Special thanks to doctor Ramdas for his compassionate care and excellent treatment given to us. His knowledge and understanding of the subject is inspiring and commendable. I see Vaidyagrama as a beautiful healing village with a focus on healing and rejuvenation of Mind, body and soul Wishing VG family all the very best in future. Stay blessed, keep up the good work and continue to provide selfless service. 

Look forward to returning soon!!!

Mansi Ahuja



February 6, 2020

My name is Alicia Blevins. My time here has been wonderful relaxingand Soothing. I have travelled here once before (This is my second time) and I plan to return in a couple of years, and for many years to come.I love being here, there is a peace and calm about this place that is not located in anywhere else I have travelled. I love the staff and the doctors, the care that is given to me each day as well as attention.

The only two recommendations I have aretrivial in the scheme of things. The therapists who handle the treatments would be morehelpful if they know more English. One two occasions I had to ask anotherperson to havethe junior doctor come to my room becausethe therapists in my illam (7) didn't understand my request.
The other recommendation as for the store the lady who runs it only brings out a few
items each day. I am not sure how she makes the choice of what to bring but the closet where she gets the items is across from my room and there were a lot of items in there. At best some may be duplicate the shirts for ladies, pants, rice (especially rice) and trinkets availablewould be purchased if there were more options of the same (e.g.: I needed to buy 3 shirts of the same size) and I didn't buy and of thembecause I did not like the one option she had available. The next dayI saw one and I liked and purchased that one. I know the funds goto help fund Vaidyagrama - having more optionswould be helpful.

Thank you to all of the staff.
Blessed to be able to come here and I look
forward to my future trips.




February 6, 2020

Vaidyagrama is a beautiful temple, a great healing Centre which teaches you to live well, live simple, live healthy and leave happy. It's great to go back with this feeling of pure bliss. Doctors here are from the beyond directly sent from God who excel in their dedicated service and care. My special thanks to Dr Ramadas Ji, God bless! Staff- no words are enough to appreciate the service you do thanks for your hard work and harmful Cooperation May your have days full of joy. Our heartfelt thankfulness for Vaidyagrama family 

Shashi Ahuja



February 06, 2020

May all beings be well.

Bethan Lloyd




February 4, 2020

For my introduction into Ayurveda, I have been challenged on multiple levels, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically 

I leave feeling slightly sad, however I have a sense that it's my intellect going mad (crazy).

I feel I have reached further into my incarnations contents than before which has left my head sore 

You get the amazing, caring, professional and loving.

Thank you

Will be back 





February 04, 2020

This is Maragathamani from Chennai. I am here for the third consecutive year I could see a transformation in the administration and management. Appreciation to each and every individual of the Vaidyagrama team. 

Commendable work by the team of doctors. Dr Hari and his team keep up the great work. Special mention about the therapists they are truly angels. More power to them.

My appreciation to the house keeping team. I find every staff to be humble countless and willing to under their support 

All my needs were well met. Living in harmony with nature is something I admire in this community. Sincerely pray and wish the Vaidyagrama family continue their yeomen service and enrich more and more people. 





February 03, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

It is my first time in India and I am really grateful that life sent me here in this amazing place. I was looking for something really authentic and traditional and I found this place perfect. I really love the way people here are so humble, the smile of the people you meet on the way to the prayers or mandapam is so good and inspiring for me. This whole place is so inspiring by the way doctors heal people and also I love also the way that the centre help the children in different village. It’s really great actions you are giving to the world. In a modern life where you are too much into job, or technologies, you forget to take care of yourself and have I really realised that. It’s important and good to reconnect with the self and nature. I really realised that here eating local fresh food, take care of our self, going to the prayers is the way of life that I want to bring back home, and of course this place grow a seed in me. So let’s this seed continue growing in my heart and all the cells of my being.

I’m really grateful for you all!! You made my journey here so amazing.

Thank You So Much

Laille Guillaume



February 02, 2020

I was referred to Vaidyagrama by my teacher Yogrishi Vishvkethu, although my knowledge of Ayurveda is limited I trust so that we knew what was best for me. After spending 22 days here I realize that this time was quite challenging. If not for the care and compassion of my wonderful doctors, Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Sreeji and Dr Ramesh. I would not have completed my treatment snehapana was quite difficult for me and there were many times I felt like throwing in the towel. My heartfelt thanks to Dr Sreeji for her compassionate support as I moved this process. The depth of knowledge and understanding here is quite remarkable. The satsangs were very informative and provided me with some of the tools I will carry with me always. 

The entire organisation with many moving parts is very well run. Lovely people with beautiful smiles surrounded me. And I appreciate the wonderful energy that they create. 

The only advice I can offer is that all of the therapists should assure to the level that Sajith displayed every day. He is wonderful! Perhaps some additional training for the junior therapists would be helpful...

I know now that these treatments and medicines are not a quick fix. I look forward to the days ahead as my body and mind continues to heal. 

My gratitude to all at Vaidyagrama who made this a very special experience. See you next year 

Jay Hamilton, 



February 02, 2020

Great energy all over.

A total different experience.

Nice and excellent environment.

Great knowledgeable Doctors and therapists and staff.

Afternoon sessions are very informative.

Special thanks to Dr.Ramanandan, Dr.Vinod, Dr.Prameela ji. For girls- special attention to our needs. A thanks to Aparna ji for arranging our visit. We are sure to visit soon. Visit to village is very interesting. God bless all of you.

Ashok Patel

Yogina Ashok Patel,

West Chicago, 



February 01, 2020

After first 2 to 3 days of settling in everything started to fall in place and has been very smooth stay here at Vaidyagrama. The professionalism and personal attention and care by Dr. HariKumar and Dr. SriSugha have made all this differences in our time here. The remote and natural environment makes it so peaceful all the therapists here have been outstanding.
Along with the treatments, we have been looking forward to Sat sang and discussions every day. Thank you all so much for providing the care and treatment.Hopefully will see you all in our future.

Suraj and Jyotsna Sancheti.

Rajasthan, India


February 01, 2020

First of all thanks a lot for being a part of such a prestigious place. Environment, architecture and location are unique. It is great to hear birds singing all the time. Staffs are very friendly and kind. Treatments were very successful. Doctors are knowledgeable, and experts of their jobs. It is great to have daily and weekly activities. We feel ourselves very safe and secure. Doctors are very caring and trustful.


For further improvement and visibility of the schedule and information for the patient can be improved.

Skill set of front desk is not sufficient to support patient’s needs, e.g., language , problem solving skills, arranging transportation, sharing cost information and when not able to answer informing patients.(except Sasidharan who works in the night shift)

Based on shared patient rights, we are not informed about cost and rate related subjects although requested several times.

Staff can be more careful and active to keep the silence. 

Although satsangs are extremely helpful, it could be good to structure them; otherwise people are asking same questions.

Thank You very much for everything. We will suggest you to our friends and relatives.

Kind Regards

Bahar Turkey and Nergiz Tunca,