February 28, 2019 

Dear Vaidyagrama family, 

Firstly, I am so glad to have my first stay at Vaidyagrama for 10 days. I really appreciate I had this opportunity. Even though my stay was limited, I feel my body was purified and gained energiesfor future. Consulting with doctor removed my anxiousness and made me to take the treatment positively.  

One day Dr Ramadas talked to me. That talking with me was neither his work nor duty, he is enjoying the conversation with patients. That’s the way of thinking and how to deal with my things. But this is really difficult in reality. In the hospital no patients tend to have doubt or anxiousness. 

Doctor here was very close to us every day and had Satsang as well, these supports were very well appreciated. Treatments and therapists are all nice and very hard working. I also respected the work of housekeeping; facility was always kept clean and greenery is well maintained. 

It was a great circumstance to feel relaxed and see inside of myself besides the treatment. I think I will remember this peacefulscenery for sometime, and want to come back. 

Thank you again for everything!

Yukako Toyoshima, Japan 


February 28, 2019  

My stay at Vaidyagrama for 3 weeks has been very rewarding inspite of some trying moments in between. Ultimately my colon ulcer symptoms have been greatly reduced, and I am returning much healthier, happier and satisfied.  

I sincerely thank all the doctors, assistants and supporting staff for making my stay successful and comfortable. No one person can be singled out – they all contributed to my wellbeing with their overall care and concern.  

The stay was enriched by the excellent and peaceful environs, the friendly interactions I had with other residents and the lively group activities. Of course, the sacred and devotional programs shall always resonate and inspire me.  

All in all, it was true Ayurvedic holistic healing of the mind, body and soul.  

Thank you very much!  

Warm regards,  

Tanuj Nanda, India 


February 28, 2019  

Dear Dr Ramanandan and your whole team of doctors and therapists and supporting staff. Thank you for making my treatment and stay at Vaidyagrama a very beneficial and health enhancing experience. Thank you for all your kindness, gentleness, understanding and support on these three weeks journey, and I take your dedication and motivation with me through the nourishing phase. Hopefully and will be able to follow the instructions well.  

The satsangs, prayers, poojas and group dinners were really wonderful. I have learned a lot and made some friends.  

With all good wishes,  

Till next time,  

Om tryambakam 

Jayashree Saha, USA 


February 27, 2019 

So many shifts and movements happen in these 3 weeks. 

Thank you, Dr Ramanandan and his team of doctors and therapists. 

MrinaliniChawla, India 


 February 26, 2019 

Thank you Vaidyagrama, 

For your wonderful kindness and care.

The doctors and the staff have shown us the true meaning of Ayurveda. 

It has been an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. 

I feel so motivated to continue on the path of health of wellbeing. 

For this I will be grateful. 

Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Renjisha a special thanks and Dr. Ramkumar for being a shining light 

Barbara, England 


February 26, 2019 

Dear Vaidyagrama team, 

I thank you so much for the experience I have received, I came to Vaidyagrama with an open mind not knowing about Ayurveda medicine, healing, and treatments. When I arrived, I felt absolutely amazing. On my last day I have lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks. Conquered my addiction for smoking, and my mindset has also changed to the way I should be eating and preparing food for myself. I am ever so grateful for all you have done for me. I will never forget my experience here and would like to thank doctors and staff for everything they have done for me. 

Emma, England 


February 26, 2019  

Thank you for all your care and patience. I feel I have received a great care. I feel privileged to be able to come to such a place and receive such healing. I was dismayed as I first didn’t have a room that I have previously booked. Better to have a computerised booking system. Treatments needs to be more consistent among the therapists, may be fortnightly workshops, where they practice on each other. Some therapists need to be sensitive to the body type of the patient and adjust style accordingly. Overall, I had a great experience of Vaidyagrama and see it a special healing place.  

Thanks again Dr Athulya, thank you so much for looking after me so well. Hope to see you all again.  

Glynn Reginald Perkins, London 


February 25, 2019 

I have to do a very interesting thing here. I turned my bed to pillow in the program and I'm amazed with the results, my stiffness and muscle and joint pain has resolved. I'm sorry I won't take the kashayam. Dr. Ramanandan was very patient with me and I appreciate that because it helped me to settle in. I also liked Dr. Athulya and her arm- chair-side manner. She was very kind and understands my inability to remember what happened yesterday i.e., bowels, appetite etc. 

My therapist works very kind and understanding, which help me at my treatment. My stay here was excellent. 

Daniel Isidoro Duran, New Mexico 

February 25, 2019 

Hi everyone, I am so happy to say that my second time here was just as magical and amazing as the first time two years ago. I brought my father, I am very pleased to say, is so much improved on so many levels. Just for that, I am so grateful to Vaidyagrama. He is like a new man again. As usual the time here is full of mixed experiences ups and downs, such is the process of deep healing. Yet always my doctors and therapists and the staff tirelessly and selflessly offered assistance I needed. A very heartfelt thank you to my wonderful doctors, The Incredible Dr. Ramanandan and the ever-patient, caring Dr. Athulya  with whom I have really healed so much, especially in Dr. Ramanandan's absence. 

As I remember from my last experience, I simply put my trust in doctors and their expertise in my treatment and that is all I needed. My experience was yet again so rewarding on so many levels. I lost some weight, which was getting very unhealthy. I am sleeping much better. My overall life being is upbeat and my mind is clear. I feel lighter in my body and mind which is amazing. In the end there is so much for which I am eternally grateful for. Too much to mention, but my experience here has been nothing short of awesome.

A few notes I am happy to say my Mandala drawings each day were my saving grace and I am happy to share them with the community. I will post the pictures to the Vaidyagrama community on facebook when I get back home.

A shout out to the ghee gang this year Mark, Atreya, Peter, Mike, Nick the king, Glynn, Tamara and all the brothers and sisters who share their experience. "In ghee we trust"!

Thank you, Vaidyagrama. 

I will keep you in my heart until we meet again. 

Many blessings of light and love! 

Jonathan Erik Duran, USA 


February 24, 2019 

My heart is full and my mind at peace as I leave Vaidyagrama. Am so grateful that I trusted the universe and decided to come here after a friend recommended Vaidyagrama. Everything about this place exceeds my Expectations. Having studied Ayurveda over the past year, it was the perfect place to depend my knowledge and experience. 

First hand from the sources, what is Ayurveda! 

Thank you to everyone that made this experience memorable. I will remember the kindness from all, the most. 

Much love,

Jo Ann Mercier, Canada. 


February 24, 2019 

Thank you dear Vaidyagrama team!

All the doctors, the therapists, the staff for the wonderful treatments and for taking care! 

The energy in Vaidyagrama is exceptional  - in tune with nature + environment. Vaidyagrama is a team working together with a beautiful positive energy. There were many moments of laughing with Dr. Ramadas. 

I am impressed about the concept of Vaidyagrama! 

I am leaving, very inspired to continue Ayurvedic life style and will come back, maybe to try creating a cultural exchange with our students in Switzerland and here. 

Thank you all very much! 

Verena Fischer, Switzerland 


February 23, 2019 

Vaidyagrama was a great heaven for me. I came exhausted, not very well and I was softened with the kind words of doctors, the relaxing treatments and the atmosphere. The phone did not ring, the internet did not work everywhere, so all in all I could rest and relax. I enjoyed the satsang, the discussion and conversation that we had - on the body, the health and what is good for body and mind. 

I have been very impressed with Vaidyagrama. The therapists were warm and lovely, the doctors very attentive, Dr Arun and Dr.Athulya have been absolutely patient with all my questions. Dr Ramkumar is inspiring, Dr Ramanandan is absolute wonderful healer who one can trust and respect. Dr. Ramdas is great too, reminds me of a South Indian film hero. His energy is so calming. He first smoothened me when I arrived by looking at my reports and test. 

I wish everyone the very best. I thank each and every one who has helped me to sit and relax while I have been here. 

Sharupa Dutta, New Delhi 


February 22, 2019  

This is an impressive place I have had treatments I could not have dreamt of if I tried, and I have been made up of 90% ghee in every cell. I am particularly impressed with the way this place has come together and the philosophy that holds it together. 

The treatment itself has brought up a lot, and I am so curious to see how the next month unfold. 

Thank you Dr. HariKrishnan for your quiet, powerful presence and easy smile, deep knowledge and kind, wise words. Dr Mini, thank you for your skill, warmth, patience and rich humanity. Lakshmi is the queen of the treatment room and a beloved presence, and I am so impressed with Anju only 2 years here, and so strong and skills. And I was blessed with a smiling, beautiful angel who came to my room daily to clean and take care. I have got such a lot of Satsangs and loved the poojas. Thank you to Aman for always smiling and blessing us with his sweetness. I will miss the orchestra of birds' song and watching all the wildlife and the beauty. Do well and keep it up!

Jude Claybourne, UK 


February 21, 2019 

Always a pleasure to be back home! To be back among people in whom such kindness and integrity abounds, people who can inspire us to stretch our limits and inspire towards a cleaner, more harmonious life. 

Thank you Dr. Ramanandan and your team of Dr Athulya and Dr. Arun for your strength and wise guidance, and the incredible team of therapists headed by the amazing Devaki, Mridula, Anita, Lavanya, Radhika and Sameena. You took care of us in the therapy room as well of as our food needs and request for hot water in the oddest of hours. 

I take back precious memories of Dr Ramdas's melodious chants and the inhale exhale rhythmically. Thank you Dr Ramkumar deeply for the  philosophical satsangs, and all the amazing team in office and the kitchen who have all together made it a memorable stay. 

Till next year, a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to stick to the regimen you have advised and will come back new year with my vata pitta kapha in better balance. 

Lots of love,

Puneeta Roy, India 


February 20, 2019  

I appreciate the attentive good care given by everyone here. I always felt that I was being watched over and was very confident in the expertise and depth of knowing.  

With that said, I wonder if the staff could be responsive to the words ‘come in’ or ‘enter’ I’ve spoken at many times and no one seems to get it! There seems to be a lot of shyness around entering the patient room… a small point!  

Thanks much! This place is great!  

Thomas Frank Martinelli, USA 


February 19,2019 

We are happy with the treatment, massages and medicines. Dr Harikrishnan and Dr Mini are very good and loving and they took care of us. We are happy with the Temple, the way they do Pooja and homams, and we feel very good. Even staff is also very good. All doctors and therapists are very good. They treat us very well. I am happy with the Ayurveda care here. 

Thank you, 

Sangeeta Sunder Gulabani, Mumbai 


February 17, 2019 

Once again, I came to Vaidyagrama in mess, and again the doctors put me at ease. I can't say enough about what this place is. 

I love and miss everyone in my home in India.

To the Vaidyagrama family, I will be back. 

Paul Mark Saunders, California 

February 17, 2019 

I was doing my third Panchakarma at Vaidyagrama; first and second were in another place and I am very impressed of the detailed description. 

You get to experience lots of how Ayurveda works. I am grateful to have had the chance to learn more about Ayurveda. Hopefully continuing this lifestyle in future. 

Thanks to the whole team who took care of me, doctors, therapists, kitchen, back office and all the others had a great time, and am leaving this place with some new energy. 

Hope to have the chance to come back one day. 

Keep the good work going. 


Johannes Kempter, USA 


February 16, 2019 

Dear Vaidyagrama team, 

As I pack to leave from here today after 14 days of peaceful and restful stay, I can't help but feel gratitude for having the opportunity to have this healing experience. 

Dr Ramadas and Dr. Sajna, thank you for your compassionate and kind care, thank you for sharing your wisdom, time and attention during our stay here. 

I have gratitude for Dhanya for taking good care, day after day without any break. 

I am thankful to Jaya who cleaned the room and collected laundry and address your concerns for any bugs which we are not accustomed to live with anymore in USA. 

So thankful to the kitchen staff for preparing our meals three times a day, and tea and snacks or soups. I definitely ate well. 

Thank you all the staff members for their kind loving care and pampering which feel so healing. 

I have gratitude for all the work that is being done for the community led by Geetha; it is such a delight to see the efforts to teach and reach out to the community. I wish her luck for opening the girl’s school and other projects. 

Thanks to Aparna and Sonia for organising a stay here and for arranging the tour. 

Thanks to the staff of front office and back office for arranging all the services with a smile, and lastly thanks to all the staff we didn't get into interact but we know that this place wouldn't run smoothly without you all. 

Grateful to be here and experience love peace and harmony and joy healing. 

With love,

Anu Ahluwalia, USA 


February 15, 2019 

What a time! Very unusual experience.  

Much better for it. A totally different way of living for us. The care and attention from everyone are incredible. 

Much improved on all levels - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. 

Much gratitude and many thanks for all the loving service. 

Keep up the good work!

Michael Childress, California 

February 15, 2019 

I came here ignorant and left with knowledge for the rest of my life. 

Thanks to the compassionate staff and doctors. I felt very welcome here and very at ease.  

I cannot think of a better environment to heal and learn. I agree with the principle of "simple". It helps a person figure out what is important. A special huge thank you to Dr. Ramanandan. I absolutely was successful because of the wisdom and compassion and intelligence of Dr. Athulya. She is best and also special person. 

Thank you to my favorite therapist Abhila. 

Jennifer Childress, California 

February 15, 2019 

Being my first time in Vaidyagrama and I'm doing panchakarma, I can happily say it was a wonderful and eye-opening experience. I'm glad I got to do it here at Vaidyagrama. It is truly a place with great intention and it really comes through in all the staff how they are caring, kind and super attentive. The satsangs were very helpful and insightful. Talking to other patients helped through process, and was good to get to know like-minded people from different parts of the world. 

I will definitely be back and will spread the word and the details of Vaidyagrama's aim and goals because it is such a wholesome and beautiful project that the world could use more of, not only the healing but all the other parts of this life project. 

Thank you to everyone for the collective care. 

Atreya Aron Fain, Australia 


February 15, 2019 

Thank you again for looking after us so splendidly!  

As you know we arrived after some very sad family news and Nasim caught up a painful ailment on the way. I apologize for my short temper which I feel was caused by the above circumstances. Now we head home to East Africa, a lot more rested, healed and in better harmony.  

Thank you again to all of you and especially the lead doctors. 

Mahmood Amir Karimjee, East Africa 


February 15, 2019 

A very big thank you to Dr Ramanandan and Dr Aishwarya for looking after me so well and giving me the best treatment to help me get so much better. The treatments were very good. Hopefully we’ll be back soon.  

Best wishes,  

Nasim Mahmood Karimjee, East Africa 


February 14, 2019

Coming to the place with an open-ended mind, I have nothing but my bro in law's drastic change in his life to go by. 

What a wonderful experience. Losing weight was only ideal to the lifestyle change and the relax mind.  

The doctors and therapists were wonderful, kind and interested in my progress. 

Thank you so much. Special shout out to Ratheesh, Sooraj, Santhosh, Radhika, Abhila and Akina for all of their patience and good humour. 

Dr. Athulya and Dr. Ramanandan helped me every step of the way. 

Cheers to everybody!

Peter Chaplin Thornton, UK  


February 14, 2019 

Dear Vaidyagrama team, 

These moments when you trust your soul to show your way...

After long researching I just knew Vaidyagrama is a right place, and it was the best decision I will make for myself for my body and my soul. 

Thank you for your warm heart, full of love and acceptance, for your wisdom, you are too passionately charming, for this lovely peaceful serenity place. 

For the safety I felt here make my stay here comfortable. 

For the feeling of reconnection with my body again which I lost years ago. 

For the inspiration of Living a healthy life tuned with my body. 

Thank you... I will see you again soon.

Sanja Horvat, Croatia, Europe 


February 13, 2019 

Thank you everyone at Vaidyagrama  to have made our stay of 19 days so memorable. Special thanks to the doctors Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Mini, Dr.Harikesh for being patient and always around. 

Most authentic place for having Ayurvedic treatment, environment is so peaceful and all the people also caring and loving. Amazing visit to the Balagrama (home for children), Nivrittigrama (home for elderly).

Satsangs were very informative, specially by Dr Ramkumar who is the founder of this place. He has so much knowledge and despite his busy schedule takes out time to speak to everyone and clarify doubts in any subject. Food is very well designed; some people make complaints, but it is the right food (satvic). It has a lot of flavor. I am definitely coming back with a group of friends to let them experience Ayurvedic way of living.

Ruchika Patni, Singapore 


February 13, 2019 

Thank you for having us especially at such short notice, and then even arranging the extension of 3 days. The extension goes to show that the experience has been memorable. Everyone from the therapists to the housekeeping and most importantly the doctors have been patient, friendly and helpful. The afternoon satsangs have been very knowledgeable I have found a new favorite herbal tea here, hopefully this will get me over my milk, tea and coffee habits. 

I have learnt simple and healthy eating habits from Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Mini and Dr.Harikesh. Thank you! for all the help and guidance. I had come with complaints of frequent mouth ulcers, shoulder pain and knee pain. I go back feeling a lot better with no occurrence of above in past 3 weeks. I am sure I will be back soon, if not for treatment, then just for 5 to 7 days getaway. 

Anand Goyal, Singapore 


February 12, 2019 

What an experience this has been. I have let go of old patterns that no longer serve me, and eagerly wait to go home and explore. There have been many highs and lows and I feel humbled by my time here. Though my stay here has been short, I feel transformational energy which was subtle but powerful, I thank everyone at Vaidyagrama for the time of healing with all of you. 

See you next time, 

......Mackenzie, Australia 


February 12, 2019 

Everyone, from the doctors, therapists, reception team, gardeners, housekeeping and the kitchen are remarkably friendly, warm, highly knowledgeable and exceptionally professional. 

I feel life, this journey will be the first of many at Vaidyagrama. Its power lies in its subtlety and I love this place.

.....Rees, Australia 


February 11, 2019  

My wife and I have been coming to Vaidyagrama since last eight years and after being looked after so well we feel we are rejuvenated. I can say so, as we are in our late 80’s!!! Our thanks to Dr. Hari Krishnan and his team of young doctors who looked after us so well with their care and attention, especially when we were under the weather. Our thanks also to the therapists and the staff who have been so kind and helpful. 

Dr. Ramanandan and Dr. Ramadas followed our care too during our stay. Last but not least, Dr. Ramkumar who had the Vision of this center, and who is now embarking on a greater objective which will bring benefits to nearby villages.  

With our thanks and good wishes to you all,  

Veena Currimjee, Abdulla Carrim Currimjee, Mauritius 

February 10, 2019  

This is my fourth visit and it gets better every time. I would like to thank Dr. Ramanandan and his team, the therapists especially Sameena and everyone at Vaidyagrama who are always doing their best to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Thank you for making me feel so fit and energetic. Until we meet next which should be very soon. (unless my husband can’t make it…)  

Best regards,  

Shama Veerasamy, Mauritius 


February 10, 2019 

To be in an environment that allows you to fully experience living in tune with nature is so unique and special.  

We feel very blessed to have come here. The environment, gardens, prayer, pujas, Satsangs, Yoganidra, treatments, the food and the people - all make for such an authentic Ayurvedic healing experience. 

Dr. Ramadas, your positive energy, wisdom and passion for nature is incredible. We both automatically, felt comfortable with you. 

A big thank you to all the doctors, therapists and staff here for all the genuine care and nurture you provide –amazing!

We are leaving feeling very inspired to continue living an Ayurvedic lifestyle and hope to be back soon, we will recommend Vaidyagrama with confidence. 

Thank you very much!

Lots of love, 

Scott and Alicia Hay, Australia 


February 7, 2019 

My deepest gratitude to all the loving and caring doctors, therapists and staff members of VG for providing such a wonderful satvik healing atmosphere, 

I consider myself very fortunate that such a place exists in the modern world and that I got to come here for my physical and spiritual healing. 

This trip has been particularly good and I am returning with a lot of optimism. I have also benefited a lot from a spiritual perspective, had a number of insights about my mind and my Prakrti which are causing some of the health issues. 

I want to specially thank Dr. Harikumar for not giving up on me when I have sleep issues and acidity continuously for so many days. I hope to apply the lessons I have learnt hear through doctors counselling and Satsangs in my daily life so that I can fulfil my Dharma and achieve my life's mission. 

With sincere thanks and much gratitude. 

Nikhil Jain, USA 


February 3, 2019 

Vaidyagrama made us feel at home and much more. All in all, a very new nurturing and healing environment, waking us up every morning to the delightful chirping of birds, a variety of them. 

A deep sense of gratitude to all the doctors, therapists and working staff who made it possible to facilitate divine healing in such a dedicated way. 

Dr Ramkumar’s wise and serene talks. 

Dr Ramdas’s compassionate and unconditional counselling, his wit and infectiouslaughter, his personalized treatment and Satsangs.

Dr Harikumar's gentle and compassionate care and presence.

Dr Sajna’spersonalized care and affection, the gentle smiling face. 

Dr Renjisha’s talks, inputs and wise suggestions. 

Thank you Geethaji for the community activities which are never to be forgotten which I value much and carry it all back with me to Hyderabad on this journey of further healing. 

I cannot thank enough my therapists Dhanya, Indu, Kalpana especially Dhanya for her continuous, conditional and cheerful services and presence. I am inspired by her diligence and duty consciousness ...God bless her. 

Grateful to the cleaning staff for keeping the room and premises clean. 

I take back the memory of the friendly and smiling faces. 

Aparnaji, your immediate response to my desperate request to be accommodated here during this period has made this possible for my husband and my healing. Your warm friendliness and reaching out to people may be cherished always.

Activities at Vaidyagrama were wholesome, soulful and great learning experience especially the Satsangs.

We wish for the growth and wellbeing of this awesome place through our prayers and blessings. 

Last and the most important, the food and medicines. I heartily thank all those who made it possible for the divinely cooked food arrived at the table many at time in a day, and the carriers of the food, Kashayam, soups, fruits etc. 

Thank you all at Vaidyagrama for this hugely Wholesome and healing experience. 

Hope to be back soon.

Much love and happiness, 

Madhavi Kotha, Hyderabad, India 


February 3, 2019 

Dear Vaidyagrama, 

I had a wonderful time here. It is a healthy atmosphere with greenery, plenty of birds and loving care of doctors. Dr Ramkumar’s initiative is very valuable. 

Dr Ramadas, Dr Harikumar, Dr Sajna, Dr Renjisha are compassionate, have a lot of love and care and very knowledgeable. The treatment is exceptional. I feel light, energetic and motivated. I follow the guidelines of Ayurveda. 

Satsangs by Dr Ramkumar, Dr Ramadas and Dr Ramanandan were very informative, the principles of Ayurveda were very easily explained. 

Therapist are also very talented in administrating the panchakarma. Therapist Libin is exceptionally good. 

I wish to thank all garden staff and cleaning staff for their services; also the kitchen staff for the excellent food served timely at our homes deserve all praise and also gratitude. 

The efforts of the administrative and other staff taking care of the premises deserve praise. 

I wish all the doctors, therapists and staff all the best. I thank everyone for the wonderful healing time I spend here. 

With all good wishes, 

Hariprasad, Hyderabad, India 


February 02, 2019 

Experienced a great healthy time at Vaidyagrama. Thanks to Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Mini and all the lovely therapists. 

Much Thanks to all the staff here which are caring and doing a wonderful job. 

I am always sad to leave, and happy to come back seeing the development and new ideas every year.  

OM Shanti.

Daniela Wolff, Austria 


February 1, 2019 

My heartiest thanks to all the hard-working staff, doctors and visionaries of Vaidyagrama and not to forget the birds whose singing is enlightening us. 

May this place prosper & remain abound with peace and happiness. 

Prem and Om to all!

Christine Burri, Switzerland