December 1, 2020

Words fall short in conveying the deep gratitude I feel about my 5 week stay in this beautiful slice of heaven. All the doctors, therapists and staff have been so very caring, helpful and nurturing. I appreciate you all. My time here has done me a world of good - body, mind and soul. I am so grateful for the care and loving vibrations with which all the activities here are done. I look forward to being back here in a year.

Thank you all once again!

Warmest Regards,

Shubhalakshmi Amin

Vadodara, India.


December 19, 2020

A big thank you to Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Vinod, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Arun and all the therapists!

What do I say about the place? It is a beautiful place in remote location with the goal of providing an environment for health, rejuvenation, and healing. The doctors and staff are very attentive from the minute you walk into Vaidyagrama. Doctors are very approachable and take enough time and care to spend with the patients to see them get better with proper care. They provide explanation of every little thing that one may need to make one feel that you are in safe hands. The treatments are authentic with the appropriate meals provided, based on individual medical condition. It was a great experience for me. I absolutely saw and felt the positive result! I would definitely recommend this place for any kind of medical illness, as this is the natural way of curing by understanding the root cause of the problem. 

Thank you for all the support and encouragement!


Suma Raghu

Bangalore, India.


December 22, 2020

To the wonderful, compassionate Vaidyagrama Vaidyas, therapists and all the wonderful ever-smiling staff - my immense gratitude!

My 21 days here have been very special and healing, not only for my physical issues, but also for my emotional well-being at a time when I have just retired… in fact just one day before coming to Vaidyagrama. Dr. Ramadas and Dr.Harikumar explained the concept of letting go and to be happy in the moment very well. My interactions with Dr.Ramkumar were very enlightening.

The treatments have benefited me, and I feel 70% healed form my musculoskeletal issues. The environs are very conducive to healing and have a wonderful energy.

Dr. Soniya and Dr. Ardent were patient listeners and reassured always.

I look forward to coming back to this serene healing place again.

Best Always,

Nandita Amin

Vadodara, India.


December 24, 2020

I came here for cleansing and detoxification the treatment given was effective.

All the staff from doctors, therapists, and housekeeping team were excellent. They were very much friendly and made me feel like home, than a hospital. Especially the counselling given by Dr. Ramadas was excellent, and I feel that I have got cured 100% and am starting home fresh.

Prayers done every day in the morning and evening were enlightening and paved the way for spiritual thinking. In total, I felt like home.


Coimbatore, India.


December 25, 2020

We would like to thank the whole team at Vaidyagrama! We had the most amazing healing experience. Vaidyagrama is a world by itself. We did not expect to find ourselves in a different world once checked in. Each and every staff, doctors, support team, worked tirelessly in providing us the most comfortable environment to enable healing. 

The wholesome approach to healing is something we do not experience in today’s time. We are thankful we found this place and wish to be a part of it in many ways for as long as possible. 

With 2 kids (2y 8m, 4m), I was very unsure we could feel comfortable and relax. But Vaidyagrama made us feel comfortable and bond as a family amongst nature. This special will be special to the four of us. Hope everyone who wishes to heal, find this wonderful place!


Lalit Nikam and Subasri Nikam

Chennai, India.


December 25, 2020

A heartfelt thank you to all lovely people who are part of such a wonderful community. It has been an awesome and humbling experience each time I have visited Vaidyagrama. This is my third visit here and service, which was nothing short of best, has become even better if that was possible. Therapists and doctors are a true blessing and enduring all my questions and requests.

The care and concern exhibited by the therapists especially Maya and Shiny and Doctors -Vinod and Aruna were truly awesome. For each stay at Vaidyagrama I bring my kid along. With total love and friendship each soul here has treated Deeksha. I am eternally grateful for doing all that was possible to make my stay with my daughter a very memorable one.

Thanks a lot each one of you! The system is such a well-oiled one, with each one right from the kitchen staff to housekeeping doing their job so sincerely each day and every day. This is how the whole community is able to work so efficiently and effortlessly. I am truly impressed with the dedication and devotion of doctors and therapist. My kid will recollect the time spend here with joy for days to come. The prompt response of doctors and therapists even at midnight was to be thanked for. Collective effort of everyone has given tranquility and peace of mind to heal for my sister, which was what I wanted primarily. My heart-felt gratitude to Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikumar, for their efforts and patience in an answering each one of my queries, concerns. Thank you!


Chennai, India.


December 26, 2020
After attending the Swasthya webinar I decided to visit Vaidyagrama. But was not sure how would we adapt ourselves to their environment and way of life close to nature, as we got used for the city life, though we connected ourselves to the nature now and then. So finally planned for a short visit. We enjoyed each and every moment connecting to the Nature, but sitting in the room was difficult for us. After meeting Doctor Ramkumar, and getting to know his Vision through Geetha ji , we were very inspired. 

The concept of illness to wellness was very inspiring. The staff, everyone from the senior-most doctor to the housekeeping were so polite. Always with a smile on the face, therapists were so humble and caring.

Thank you Vaidyagrama and team, and looking forward for a long stay with the Vaidyagrama family.

Leena Reddy,

Hyderabad, India. 


December 26, 2020

When my wife told about Vaidyagrama, I just thought it's another hospital /treatment centre, but when we entered the place it really surprised me. I never thought that the treatment will be such a wow experience. It's very difficult to put our experience on paper. All the staff, right from security guard to the senior-most doctor or director, are very caring and wonderful people. I would say they all are blessed. Looking forward to come back as soon as possible. Good luck to all and all the best!

Warm regards,

Srinivasa Reddy

Hyderabad, India.


December 29, 2020

Thank you very much for all the kind support from the entire team.

M. Unnikrishnan

Coimbatore, India.


December 29, 2020

We have been to Vaidyagrama many times, and as usual it was a great experience this time as well. All staff, doctors, therapists are great and their dedication is admirable. A big thanks to everyone.

Nithish Agarwal and Chhavi Agarwal

Bangalore, India.