December 2015

December 31 2015

On the last day of 2015, I reflect on my 15 day stay at Vaidyagrama—how I cannot ever remember having the opportunity to be so taken care of and so loved in my life ever before.

It is a deeply nurturing experience here and allows for a compete letting go—emotional, physical and spiritual, allowing  for a deep healing to take place.

Dr. Ramadas inspires confidence by the way he seems to intuit emotional blockages and problems and subtly release them with lightness, humour and affection.

We really have so much rich understanding to learn from Ayurveda, India and their traditional customs.

 But what is more remarkable is the vision of Vaidyagrama which was perceived, thought through and effectuated and which is now in full flourish with so many auspicious blessings from some of India’s greatest Rishis, who seem to somehow come together to permeate the vision and the day to day running of Vaidyagrama.

Good luck to all your wonderful karma yoga and may grace and blessings continue to fall on your endeavours.


Charlotta Martinus



December 31 2015

I was new to this, I am still new to this—still digesting, as you do in Ayurveda!! Many images come to mind as I leave—such as the smile on the face of Dr. Ramadas as he turned towards me in the doorway of the therapy room, basti syringe raised, for all the world like an Ayurveda James Bond come to battle the toxic colon! Or the gentle, reassuring “Excuse me!” as food or medicine arrived, again the smiles, the peacefulness of the therapists—and the slow, green morning punctuated by bird calls and the cat calls as they negotiate their way around the blocks—so much to digest!

Early on, in Satsang, it was mentioned that this place slows you down—to bring life to a gentle meditative pause—to give space to restore balance. It does that, and we have been able to make a special experience of it sharing the process, starting the journey. I haven’t got to that balance yet—and I dare say I won’t—but the direction is clear to me now and for that I thank all at Vaidyagrama as all the community contributes, even those of us who are but fleeting members of it. A heartfelt thanks to you for this green blossoming peace.

Nick Kearney




December 31 2015

This is my third visit to Vaidyagrama and it feels like it has almost become a part of my life, an integral part. I look forward to my visit now as after every visit I feel like a new person. Although I haven’t yet made friends with the lovely and wholesome “Kanji” and still look for the little jaggery,  my acceptance of everything around me grows with every passing year. I mostly miss the calm and quiet spaces. The prayer! The birds chirping and occasional visit of the four-legged furry friends out on the balcony. Needless to say, I am eternally grateful to the entire team of doctors, with a very special thanks to Dr. Hari Krishnan, Dr. Om (who still remains omnipresent in every space of Vaidyagrama), Dr. Arundhathi, Dr. Anjali, and Dr. Aruna, and of course my therapists who have magic in their fingers—especially Lakshmi and Indu and many more who lent a helping hand. My thanks to all the members of admin, the cooks, the gardeners and cleaners who make this space wonderful. And hearty thanks to Dr. Ram Kumar whose Satsangs are thoroughly enjoyable, and help one never stop learning. Thanks to all, until next year, I hope!

Navnita Bhegar



December 31 2015

This was my second Panchakarma at Vaidyagrama, and without suggesting in any which way that my visit last year was anything other than wonderfully nurturing, this time was different. This time, I truly fell in love with the place, the staff, and the ambitiously inspiring project of Punarnava.

Every little aspect of one’s stay, the treatment, the layout of the buildings, the organisation of all  by the staff has been thought  through with great care and attention to detail. All of this comes together to make one, as a patient, feel intensely cared about and loved. I think this was the real difference this year—I was much more receptive to the love that comes in every aspect of Vaidyagrama.

This morning we watched Dr. Ramadas give bath, dress and feed Lord Dhanvantari at the temple, which seems to encapsulate the tenderness and love which is at the heart of the Punarnava Project, a symbol of the optimal relationship of caring and being cared for that constitutes harmony or balance.

It feels like a great privilege to have had the opportunity to be a patient here. I am so grateful to have found Vaidyagrama and look forward to many years returning here as a patient, guest, friend, and hopefully one day, a contributor.

Thank you to everyone!

Serife Dervish



December 28 2015

What can be said...

Nothing can be said.

Osho says, “See life as a river, moving through time...”

Until the river brings me back to best to you all.


Suraj Mcnamara


Love and light!


December 28 2015

All-hearted thank you for this wonderful experience at Vaidyagrama. It has been an amazing two and a half week experience, starting with the conference and ending with planting a tree here in Vaidyagrama. I feel loved, nurtured and content. Thank you doctors, therapists, cooks and all the other staff involved...

I will pray to come back!

Margarita Taglia



December 27  2015

Vaidyagrama is a true oasis in the midst of a busy and pollution-full world. It must be given the Lord’s blessings that Vaidyagrama has been able to thrive within a few years. Looking at the greenery around and beautiful constructions, you can hardly believe that several years ago this place was barren soil. A superb job has been done to transform such “desert” into an Ayurveda healing village for the benefits of people.

I am amazed at how thoughtful and effectively Vaidyagrama Village is organized by units. Patients undergo treatments in the same block and they don’t have to walk to their rooms in the open air after the treatments. Meals are also served in their rooms, and they don’t have to line up in the diet centre. Obviously, a lot of thought had been put in creating the village to make it serve the mission of helping people restore their health. I’m extending my gratitude to all of the Vaidyagrama staff, and my deepest appreciation to Dr. HariKrishnan and his team for taking me as their patient, for being my listeners and tolerating all of my silly complaints. I am grateful to my therapist, Jameela, for her kindness and love. Thanks Aparna for responding to all of my emails and for providing this great accommodation. I hope to come back next year, if you accept me again. Next time will come for Panchakarma (21 days)!

With love and wishes for continuous God’s blessings to you all.

Larisa Tazmin

New York, USA


December 27 2015

During our short stay at Vaidyagrama, we felt the

·      tranquillity and kindness of staff

·      kindness and devotion of doctors

·      rational approach to illness

·      treating patients as a whole, rather than to only focus on illness

On the whole the concept of “Service to humanity is service to God “is fully met here.

Wishing the best for the team and kudos!

Dr. Usha Elango



December 23 2015

The reputation of Vaidyagrama precedes itself. I knew that I wanted to come to this place to do an authentic Panchakarma. I am certainly glad that I came! I believe that I have been nurtured, and taken care of in my journey to better health. I have learnt a great deal not only about myself (with lots of time in silence), but in the consultations, treatments, satsangs.

Through the process I tried to remain “open” to the experience and what may unfold. I knew that I would transform, but now I know that my lifestyle will/has changed from this point onwards. It will affect my personal life and working life. A Quite profound change, which actually make sense. I choose this. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with my students

What Vaidyagrama does well

·      The balance of “entertainment” and silence.

·      Gently guiding those new to Ayurveda

·      Nurturing through the process of Panchakarma

·      Buildings blend in Nature seamlessly

·      Lovely staff all round

I leave in great health, new practical knowledge and feeling peaceful and optimistic about my future.

Merry Christmas

 Thank you so much.


Lisa Mcgarva

Brisbane, Australia


December 20 2015

I’m coming for the third time here already, so that must be evidence of how much I like this place!

Vaidyagrama has become a real home for my soul and everybody here has become my family.

I’m very happy and very grateful to all of you and it’s a treasure to have such a place where you can escape from this crazy world.

Thank you very much for your love, warmth and professionalism!

Thank you for welcoming me here so graciously!

Thank you for bringing me back to life!

I love all of you very much and wish you all the best and prosperity!

Thank you Dr. HariKrishnan, for your calm and peace that passes to the patients!

Thank you Dr. Om Prakash for your positive attitude.

Thank you Aparna and everyone here for the hospitality!!!

God bless you all! Love!

Olga Tsygankova



December 19 2015

Dear Vaidyagrama Team,

The last time I came here several years ago, it was great. This time is somehow even better. The place has expanded, yet so has the level of care. The sense of being cared for and welcomed has gone from great to greater.

I thank you deeply.

Subash Patankar



December 19 2015

This was my first visit and Panchakarma at Vaidyagrama. The treatment was great and I really felt looked after very well by Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Aruna. The therapists were very good and made sure I was comfortable.

I loved the room 101 in block A. I used to spend a lot of time sitting on the bed in the back listening to the sounds of the birds and feeling very peaceful. I think I got the same room. Just one suggestion: an orientation manual and explanation one treatment and medicine would be appreciated.

Thank you all at Vaidyagrama. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and met a lot of wonderful people.


Sarjit Kaur



December 17  2015

Dear Vaidyagrama Team,

My experience here was above and beyond my expectations. The atmosphere, your attention to detail and serving spirit of service is highly appreciated. I felt cared for and looked after.

You all did such a good job making me feel at home that I am actually contemplating the idea of really moving here despite being a bit young to join the senior community (AureaLiving).

I am glad I followed Rema Prasad’s advice and signed up for the treatment and the conference. Both were an unforgettable experience.

I convey my deep gratitude to my doctors, therapists and all staff. I haven’t left yet, but already am looking forward to return!

Please kindly keep up with the beautiful energy and continue with AM/PM prayer, changing, satsang, group dinner, etc. They are the icing on the cake!

With love,

Nathalie Heynderickx



December 17 2015

I feel sunny and bright, vibrant and full of enthusiasm for life after my short stay in this beautiful hospital. If all hospitals could be like this one, life would be so much better for sick people! I was staying here for the Ayurveda Conference organized by Punarnava Trust and managed to squeeze in a few days of “light” treatment beforehand. I love this place away from it all, amidst the lush greenery. I feel as though I could stay forever, my heart warmed by everyone’s kindness and my spirit nourished by nature and prayer. Thank you! I am very grateful to Anju for bringing me here and will come back for a longer stay next year, God willing.

Vanessa Gheorghiu



December 17 2015

It is my first time in such a great spiritual cure place in India! Food was just perfect, people gracious and always ready to help with a smile. I’m just very happy and hope to come back another time for a Panchakarma.

Thank you for the hospitality, for the heart and care you put in, for keeping this environment wonderful, for respecting nature and for all other organisation, administration, services of any kind.

I go back to Europe with a peaceful mind and an open heart.

Peace, love and light always!


Brigitte Stappers

Ghanna, Africa

May the clinic remain as wonderful as it is and bring light to anyone who comes in?


December 17 2015

Oh! To stay in Vaidyagrama is to relish in the tender loving care of nature. The gardens, the space, the food and most of all the absolute unconditional devotion and love from all of the staff and doctors is stellar!

My stay was three beautiful content weeks strolling through the sun protected corridors open to the healing plants of Mother Nature LOVE! The morning sun kissed my patio of room 108 making breakfast and lunch hour delicious! Brilliant were these moments of confinement!

I reach out with warm embrace to all who I have met and those “behind” the scenes for their efforts from the heart and hands (therapists!!!) Sasikala, Devaki, Sindhu, Reshma, Mythili and the ones whom met me in the treatment room!

I thank Dr. Ramadas, Dr. HariKumar, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Om Prakash and Aparna... Your blessing will forever be remembered in body, mind and spirit.

With love,

Deborah Michaels


December 16 2015

It has been a wonderful experience at Vaidyagrama. It feels like home. The peace, tranquillity and quietness of the place have really touched my inner soul.

I have made some wonderful friends from various different countries around the world. The doctors, staff and the whole team of Vaidyagrama has been so wonderful, warm and kind. I would like to thank each one of you for making my stay so comfortable.

Hope to visit Vaidyagrama very soon. Stay blessed and peaceful.

Love and light,

Pooja Nayak




December 14 2015

We thank all these lovely women who took such care for us, devotedly and softly attending to our bodies during the treatments, bringing us food and medicine and all our daily needs. Thanks a lot to the staff behind.  The cleaning ladies, the cooks, the gardeners keeping the whole place in peaceful, quiet and harmony.

We thank Aparna and Hakim for their help and reassurance, being always ready to help with every detail.

And most of all, thanks to the doctors who took charge of our health for a full 12 days and for being ready to help and find solutions to ever need of us.

And since this is an Ayurveda village, we deeply thank the air and the water, the flowers and the trees, the earth and the fire, the sounds and the smells, the sun and the clouds, the wind and the rain.

With love,

Ruth Golan and Iris



December 12 2015

The beauty and the layout of the site is exceptional, and the Doctors and staffs could not be more helpful. Fell in love with Dr. Ramadas and many others and are convinced I need to incorporate many aspects of Ayurveda in to my daily life. The swelling in my leg is much reduced and loosing 4.5 kg was a bonus. Experienced marked by 3 vertigo attacks, so nausea and dizzy in later part of the 3 week experience.

Hope to include the Ayurveda menu as much as possible. Was told the experience would be sometimes difficult but much less severe than I feared.

All in all a very life changing experience with in good sense.

At 80 years old, I may or may not be able to come back...

Bob Moore



December 12 2015

The journey continues... inspired by so many aspects I will take Dr. Ramadas home with me in my heart. His joyfulness and acceptance of all that happens in life whether bad or good... all part of karmic back pack we carry conditions here support healing on a deep level and I have fallen in love with so many people here, the sound of the birds, the warm breeze and will so miss being so well taken care of and will spread the word of the magic of vaidyagrama.

Karen Moore.



December 12 2015

The staff made my stay here very enjoyable and peaceful. It is very high quality care in all levels... from the doctors, therapist and cleaning team. Morning and evening prayers are precious. I would remember the faces of smiling staff, Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Aruna, Lalu, Pradeep, Tony, Shiny, Kalpana, Deepa. They will leave a trace of good impressions to add to my memorable experiences.

The facility is perfect, very comfortable for a pilgrim from the West.It has a Great natural ambiance with the gardens and birds. The three week stay allowed me to make major improvements in my blood pressure, blood sugar and acidic stomach. All good now! I lost 6 kilos with no issues. I am very grateful and will plan to come back for future tune-ups.

Rogelio Herrera

Emeryville, CA, USA


December 12  2015

I am grateful for the entire experience and the three week panchakarma. Dr. Ramadas was more helpful than he probably knows. As an introduction to India, it was a great gift. The beauty of the place and the deep integrity of its construction reflect the deep integrity of its broader vision, which I was lucky enough to learn more about, thanks to a long conversation with Dr. Ram Kumar. I met so many lovely people many of whom are part of the ongoing community. It is inspiring and gives hope for the prospects of a healing that could spread far beyond this specific place. What this represents is needed in a larger way. You have my sincere best wishes for the future.

Richard Whittaker

Oakland, CA USA

December 11 2015

There is a spirit of generosity and calm that melts me.... A sweetness that has forced me to my knees... It’s gentle and normal, nothing special here it’s a daily way and energy. There is of course also imperfection loud noises and roaches, but Dr.Ramadas would say we must learn to love all the same. I have hard time with rashes and have much gratitude in my heart for my short stay here. I have been to other Ayurveda villages, but not as authentic loving and harmonious as this. Thank you for your wisdom, prayer, care and love .My wish is for all humanity to experience Ayurveda in this way.

May all beings be peaceful, happy and free!

Love, Love, Love!

Please know you have a place to visit in USA.

Erin Douglas,



December 11  2015

Thank you for the lovely service you all offer to the place. It is a blessing of God for me to get a chance to stay here. In the silence, nature, the loving spirit and the love of all the spirit here, all the problems solved.

Wish you all happy and peace!

To spread out the knowledge of love to many more people to come here.





December 11 2015

First of all, a Huge thank you!!! To all of you in making this a real genuine experience, it provided me a holistic experience across physical, mental and spiritual level. The energy and nature here is amazing. The Doctors are genuinely committed in providing great care. Moreover, they are very approachable. The energy they carry has tremendous impact on the patients as well. All the staff members are very loving and most of them always smiling and seem to be happy. Many times reminded me that this is an attitude one should carry in life.

Over all I am grateful to God for providing me an opportunity to experience this during my stay.


Viral Chawda



December 11 2015

I am very impressed with the quality of the Panchakarma experience. Dr. Ramadas and his team of doctors and managers under have been highly professional. They made my 3 weeks experience very pleasant and nourishing.

The pain in my hip is all about 70% improved and my low back pain is gone.

I managed to incorporate my personal spirit and believe in to Ayurveda lifestyle and feel that as a result have deepened my spiritual practice. It was particularly enjoyable to have some deep connection with Dr. Ramadas. I will recommend this programme to selected patients in my medical practice.

Thank you so much

Len Saputo MD,


December 10 2015

God Bless You All

This is my second visit to Vaidyagrama. The first time 2 years ago, was with a friend; my experience this time has been quite different. To spend almost 3 weeks of introspection is something we all should do regularly for physical, mental and spiritual health.

Vaidyagrama is a supreme example of an Ayurveda experience in which all the mundane trivia of modern world melts away and we are able to “see‘’ what life is really about.

The only thing that matters in life is LOVE and Vaidyagrama embodies nothing but love from the doctors, Geetha, Aparna Therapists, girls who clean the rooms and the areas and laundry to the kitchen staff and gardeners. Even the dog and cats who visit me bring love to my door .We are surrounded by it, no wonder why we are healed.

Every detail in our care is attended to and the concept is so simple and yet so difficult to achieve in today’s world.

Thank you Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Ramanandan for creating such a wonderful place to become whole Vaidyagrama is a model of sustainable living and is in every sense an “Ayurveda Healing Village”


Ann Holaday



December 10 2015

Always staying and getting treated in Vaidyagrama has been a wonderful experience for me. The care given by the doctors, therapists and all other Team members had been superb. We feel that we are being pampered by all. Thank you Vaidyagrama team for your excellent service. My prayers and wishes are always there with Vaidyagrama team for ever. Let this wonderful vision grow more and more and reach globally.

All the very best

Indira Vetrivel

Chennai / UAE


December 09 2015

This is my first visit to Vaidyagrama for 21 days treatment. I am very rumbled and touched by everyone here. The care, the work ethics, love affection, respect.........exceptional.

The mission and vision of Vaidyagrama is exceptional. It is amazing and happy to be part of it and experience it. Not enough words....

I thank you for leaving me with tremendous spiritual, physical and mental experience to take home.

May God Bless you All

Jeyashanthy Murugakumar

Victoria, Canada


December 06 2015

Dear Dr.HariKrishnan, Dr.OmPrakash, Dr.Arundhathi & Vaidyagrama Family,

Truly we had a wonderful experience at this “Sattvic Healing Resort “.The care and support from the doctors, the treatment personnel (Indu et al) the room service personnel (Shenbagam et al) and all others well appreciated. The grand final including the planting of samplings touched our heart. Truly though short it was a memorable time.  We will definitely spread the world about this place. Ram has lots of contacts owing to his Ayurveda background and rest assured this place will be in the Annals of Ayurveda Medicine as an authentic Ayurveda Healing Resort. Our best wishes to you all. Namaste!!!

Padma and Ram Rao,

Novato, CA, USA


December 06 2015

I was dragged to Vaidyagrama by my wife who had a 21 days stay in May which gave her renewed vitality and a spring in her stride.

To be honest I came here with a little idea of what to expect and why I had come. It was for me the unknown the unknown.

And what a profound impact it has had on me- at so many different levels. Physically my ring finger once swollen and pain ingested is almost pain free and free to move easily. My sleep is sound –something that has been an elusive mirage for so many years. My joint pains are much reduced and general swelling of the body is reduced. But this place is much more than a place to get physical problems addressed. It has been spiritually uplifting and mentally an awakening.

It’s not been easy. The food is sometimes challenging. The silence and empty days can sometimes be unnerving. There were many evenings and days when I wondered why I was here. But I was. Thankfully, there was a magnetic pull that kept me here. A pull created by the quiet, patient and persistent mothering one receives throughout. Even when one is upset the charm with which this is done bowls you over.

I feel cared for, and not just treated. And as a result I feel so much better. Thank you for this to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr. Arundhathi, Dr.Omprakash, my therapists (in particular Joby) my room attendant and the gardener in front of my room also gracious, would keep fresh flowers each day on my balcony and of course the admin staff.

Thank you all

Best Wishes

Gautam Raj,


December 04 2015

Dear Vaidyagrama Family!!!

To be here feels like a family!

Thank you to all staff, therapists and doctors!!!

It is sure a nice place and the food is very well. I like it very much. I am feeling much more relaxed and healthy. When I look towards the future, I have a good feeling and positive thoughts and that is great.

Now I am going home, I am little sad but also happy to go home.

Thank you very much!!!

Dr.Ramadas, thank you for all good positive conversation talks... and thanks also to Dr.Aruna.




December 02 2015

I came without knowing what I was doing or if I could do it. The people here Doctors, Therapists and staff made it easy quick and even enjoyable. Dr. Ramadas & Dr. Aruna held my hand and my heart through the cough points. Today I feel happier stronger and more positive than I have felt in a long time. I came here thinking that my life would not last long and now I feel I have many more happy years ahead. This is so much more than I expected. Thanks to Dr.Ramkumar and everyone else for this positive, natural + loving vision. Vaidyagrama will change so many lives and reminds everyone of the wealth + love and intelligence that is India. Love to you all!

Sabina Singh


December 01  2015

It was a very beautiful and healing experience this time.

Thank you to everybody


Mumbai, India


December 01 2015


Vaidyagrama Team Spirit is exceptional!

 “A Jewel in the jungle” I am even grateful for the knowledge and compassionate guidance of the doctors to restore my faith & confidence in my + others healing journey. The care level is exceptional. I will now send my friends from Canada & USA.

Thanks to the therapists and all staff behind the scene.

P.S Brighter lights in rooms

Much love,

Andrea Mary Tabachnick (Kalpana)



December 01 2015

For 30 days,

I was treated like a child,

I ate like a child,

I was looked at like a child,

I cried like a child,

I laughed like a child,

I cared like a child,

I was spoken to like a child



A Renewed Graze to observe all of life.

Blessings to all beings dwelling in vaidyagrama

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty dumpty had a big fall,

All of the doctors and all the therapist and everyone

Put humpty back together again!


Daniel Richard Watts, Australia