December 31 2013

The vaidyagrama experience is a truly memorable one. This is our third visit to this holistic healing centre which also teaches how one should live in harmony with nature – we are amazed at the sincerity and dedication of the doctors and the staff and the efficient manner in which things are done – Kudos to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Omprakash for their leadership. The “activities” calendar for each day with multifarious items leaves no room for boredom. The food too has improved over the years and offers a sumptuous array of tasty items, guaranteed to please every palate. Vaidyagrama today is a well integrated family with little or no cause for complaints. Again thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramadas and the “omnipresent” Dr.Omprakash who is on the move the whole day tying up lose ends.

The vaidyagrama experiment is a unique one and it is heartening to know that it has attracted so much of attention particularly from abroad in such a short time. I wish the institution the very best and once again thank every one for their efficiency, sincerity and devotion to duty.

M.K.Rathindran and Vanita Rathindran

Delhi, India

December 29 2013

Beloved friends of vaidyagrama

When a seed is sown in the spring, it is surrendered to the darkness of the earth. With proper nourishment and if left to “take rest” with God’s grace, it will sprout into the light and into its life propelled to fully become that which had always existed in it as pure potential.

You have been my nourishment and vaidyagrama my soil in which this seed of my true self has been blessed enough to find itself.

Please know that every large and small act of service was noticed and played an invaluable part of my healing!

I love and am forever grateful for each and everyone of you! Tere are not enough words to express my gratitude so I pray that you can feel my heart in yours.

Om Shanti

Deborah Bennett


December 27 2013

This being my first experience of actually feeling the holistic healing vibrations that we hear about, and I am glad that my friend had guided me to vaidyagrama.

I am of course thankful to the people that I shared this journey with; the doctors, therapists, the people who help in maintaining and enhancing our experience of this beautiful campus and to Lord Dhanvantari and all the God spirit which can be strongly felt here.

Though I had come in with an open mind, I leave with some very strong impressions of vaidyagrama which surpassed expectations. What one may have from a “healing centre” or hospital :

Luxurious, serene, green and aesthetically designed campus

Impeccable medical process and efficiently administered via standard operating procedures

Sharing of information helping the patient in self-healing

Constant personal attention to all patients

Nurturing community spirit among patients and staff

Activities like satsang, yoga and others which lift the spiritual vibrations to a higher level

A nice library with many topical publications

Lovely food (the mind is always fickle but the tummy says “thank you”)

And all the relaxing “me-time” and able to absorb all of the above.

I wish all who come here have a great time and speedy good health and that I will someday meet again with some of you in the right here and right now.

Best regards

Sriranjan Bagchi

Delhi, India

December 2013

Dear friends

I came here without expectation with cousin Narmada who was seriously unwell.

It has been an amazing journey spiritually and on the material plane.

My decision to leave was difficult but made with great heart and spirit.

I read the many thoughts of those before me and they convey so much love, appreciation and praise for the work and dedication of the staff and doctors.

I can only concur with this and wish only to add especially Dr.Ramadas and my therapist Vijay. I also wish to add my great admiration to the unsung heroes of the workers such as Baby and my dear young friends who have helped me with Malayalam like Shiny, Deepthi and dear Krishnapriya. The gardeners, cooks, cleaners and washers and so on.

I hope in Australia I can help turn ideas of being able to bring the vaidyagrama concept to our shores by supporting a fund raising effort and workshop conference into a reality.

Much love and blessings

Hari Om Tat Sat – Sadguru Maharaj ki Jay!

Alan Oshlack

NSW, Australia

December 23 2013

The last 3 weeks spent here have truly rejuvenated me both in mind and spirit. The staff here are unassuming and bring forth a professionalism that comes from the heart. It is a very refreshing experience to see a group of people believing and living a lifestyle that is nurturing and healthy.

I believe that in the years to come, more and more people will eschew the path of “traditional modern” life and go back to the basics of fostering the mind, body and spirit together in harmony with the natural laws of our universe. Ayurveda as a way of life is the correct and benign path we all have to take or strive towards in order to live in harmony with planet earth. It transcends geographical boundaries and ethnic divides.

I wish everybody here and those to come, good health and peace of mind. They definitely go hand in hand.

Yours truly

Shyam Chengalath

Gurgaon, India

December 22 2013

At last I have found a community which can be a model for sustainability. Living in harmony with nature, mutually supportive and self-sufficient with Ayurveda at the core. This is a model which the modern world must follow. Your strength is the dedicated staff all working towards the same goal with strong leadership at the helm.

Vaidyagrama is a true centre of healing and rejuvenation where one can be immersed in true traditional Ayurveda. Everything was perfect, the morning rituals, the food was outstanding and your attention to detail is commendable. I will definitely recommend vaidyagrama as the best place in India.

A special thanks to Lakshmi. I feel very honoured to have had her as my therapist.

With love and peace

Ann Holaday

Washington State, USA

December 21 2013

To all at vaidyagrama

A big thank you for all of your love, patience and positive energy.

I feel relaxed, cleansed and nourished and ready to start the next phase of my journey. Special thanks to my therapist Sindhu who worked around the clock to ensure my stay was as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. I felt nothing but love and compassion from all the staff. It truly is a special energy.

Congragulations for making such an incredible concept into reality and working with local villages to provide an amazing service and income opportunities. I will look forward to working with you to further these opportunities in the future.

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and love, health, happiness and success for 2014.

Best Wishes

Victoria Turnbull

Sydney Australia

December 21 2013

Hare Krishna!

I am deeply grateful to all doctors and staff of vaidyagrama for the opportunity to be here receiving the care and love. The family atmosphere you created here warms up the heart and gives opportunity to grow and help others. Also thanks for chanting Hare Krishna every day. Wishing you continuation for your wonderful vision; also to serve others so that it gives joy. Sree Sree Radhakrishna

With gratitude

Vivaswan Das

December 21 2013

Dear vaidyagrama family

Truly a family is what I am feeling like at this time. Leaving the place after 11 days of my stay. Well I do have to say it first that I have also been an impatient person. But to my true self I am very loving and also expect the same. Having said that your place here stood upto my expectation and right now I feel like I have achieved something.

I was very skeptical when I came here or even before that. Questions in my mind lingered – how will be the place, is it safe? Am I in the right hands? Is it worth it? Are the people here good? And today I can proudly say yes to all my questions. I did not get all my answers initially but eventually it was all clear. So a big thanks to you all in helping me get my answers.

In specifics, I do have to thank some people – Shiny for getting me more food, middle age lady to clean my mess everyday and also helping me open the room once when I was locked out, Madhu, Maya, support treatment staff and my great treatment buddy Vinod, Vijay was also great. Finally my doctors, Dr.Ramadas – you really made me feel comfortable when you met me the first day. A very personal loving and deep understanding. Aruna always had a pleasant smile and thanks for dealing with my questions. Best of luck for the baby. At the end, Hakeem, Dr.Omprakash, Harikrishnan, taxi driver, everybody made me feel like a home and family.

This place changed my perspective. I got my treatment, much deserved peace of mind and a great yoganidra and patient yoga sessions from Renuji. I wish she stays with this place forever. Food was simple but awesome. Medication was always on time and per prescription. Accounts settlement was smooth.

This stay of mind will always remain in my memory. I wish I can personally thank the person who recommended me here. Finally I wish to keep up with the expectation that my mind/body has from me and do justice to all the hard work people did on me.

Best of luck for the future of this great healing village. God bless all. Wish to be back one day and stay for entire 21 days.

Saurabh Chowdhary

Dublin, OH, USA / Jharkhand India

December 20 2013

I mainly came here to learn about Ayurveda and to slow down. I was amazed by the accommodation first when I got here and then with every encounter with every individual I felt the energy of vaidyagrama that is present in every person that walks the corridors.

I have been humbled as an allopathic doctor, as a patient, and as a human. Simplicity and the purity of life has been forgotten in the western world.

Vaidyagrama is the future of this world; if we want to leave this earth a better place for our children.

Many thanks to all of the doctors here, but especially to Dr.Ramadas for his insight in medicine and philosophy of life, and Dr.Aruna for taking care of me as well.

The therapists are all amazing and are here to heal. I will refer many people to this facility because I believe in what you do and your vision.

Pejman Bady

USA / Iran

December 16 2013

There are so many good and deserved compliments by the previous writers in this book; it is difficult to say more.

Vaidyagrama is a universe of its own. It sets a fantastic example for all communities of the world.

I have learned a lot here. I believe it made me a giant step in my search for light on my way towards the middle path and healing. I will end this small token of my appreciation by naming the exceptional people leading the village :

Dr.Ramkumar and his vision for a greater vaidyagrama

Dr.Ramadas and his talents not only as a doctor, a psycho analyst and a counselor, but also as a “would be priest” at the morning and evening prayers. Dr.Ramadas’ gentleness and happy smile are 200% healing energies

Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Harikumar for their subtle help in healing

Dr.Aruna for her efficiency & sweetness

Dr.Omprakash for his cooking teachings

Not much room is left and mention very important people like Aparna always ready to help, Kavitha and Geetha, and also Hakeem

I will definitely be back.

Rene Zinden

France / Switzerland

December 15 2013

It is my first stay in vaidyagrama and I will come back and speak to my friends.

I leave very happy this place. I received a lot. Thanks to the kindness of the doctors and therapists and everybody.

I learned a lot from the satsang questions and answers, the videos and for the heal of my soul from the BrahmaKumaris teaching.

I loved the cooking class and the cow’s puja. I have the feeling to begin a new life with good habits for my day, to feel lighter and happier (I don’t know if my English is very exact!!!)

Thanks to the beautiful garden and the lovely flowers.

Thanks to many new friends I met here and I will continue to be in contact with some of them. They are beautiful souls here.

Thanks for the bhajans in the evening, with the beautiful voice of the Russian swami singing “Hare Krishna Hare Rama”. I hope this place will continue to live and to bring people health of the body and the soul.

Thanks and see you later…love

Anne Ricaud


December 14 2013

Dear vaidyagrama

It has been a pleasure to be back and has been a delightful experience. I am glad to see how much has changed and improved since the last time I was here. I am especially happy and pleasantly surprised to see such a great collaborative team of staff members working well together to improve the patients’ stay and experience.

Although this was a short stay of just 6 days, it has been a great change of pace to a fast track life and has helped to relax and rejuvenate. Thanks to all the doctors, therapists and staff for a great and lovely experience.

Best regards

Vivek Rajendran

Abu Dhabi, UAE

December 11 2013

Dear vaidyagrama family

It has been a wonderful experience to spend these two weeks at this magical place.

Even though I live so close just 70kms away, I did not know how I missed all these years.

During my stay away from home and my family, gave me a lot of time to think on various aspects of life. I envisioned myself as a fit person and so helped the treatments to bring to reality.

I sincerely thank Dr.Harikrishnan for all the kind words and efficient treatment. Dr.Omprakash for all the support, Dr.Harita, a friendly doctor and more, my friend. The efficient staff Sameena, Kanaka et all….including my housekeeper Mallikaa. Of course, the office staff (Aparna), maintenance, kitchen, in short each and every one.

I should thank Dr.Ramadas for his prayers in which I even familiarized Vishnu Sahasranama now that I can chant without struggle.

I once again thank each and everyone. I am sure I am going to come back.

Bye for now vaidyagrama

Nandini Raveendran

Udumulpet, India

December 11 2013




Logan Govender

Westville, South Africa

December 09 2013

The lyrics below go with the melody of “Yellow Submarine” from the Beatles :

There is a place that you should know

It’s close to Coimbatore there you must go

For body’s healing but that’s not all

Support the locals is another goal.

We all do it the vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way

We all do it the vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way

There comes the ghee, tastes really bad,

Your mood goes downhill, you might be sad

You’re loosing weight and appetite

But at the end you’ll just feel right

We all do it the vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way

We all do it the vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way

The team is great knowing a lot

From kapha cold to pitta hot

The wisdom is high, the spirit too

The daily prayers we love to do

We all do it the vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way

We all do it the vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way

One thing is clear we will return

To this place where the candles burn

Very inspired we’re going back

A lot of herbs in our bag

We all do it the vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way

We all do it the vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way, vaidyagrama way

Thank you for a sometimes challenging but fantastic journey. Your inspiration and kindness will go out into the rest of the world and will return.

Dagmar Gramatzki

Hamburg, Germany

December 07 2013

I thought that spending a weekend here would give enough time to live and learn Ayurveda treatment. But now I know I want to come back and spend more time here…

The staff are so punctual, smiling and so so welcoming…great place…positive energy..I will be back soon

So I hop you can read my next comments further in this book, but I’m sure it’s filling up quickly with all these positive references and comments.

Peace and love

Bart Brosius

Brussels / Coimbatore / Belgium

December 06 2013

TO all the beautiful family at vaidyagrama

I came to vaidyagrama as a student of Ayurveda to further my studies and leave as an external worshipper of this ancient art of living. This place exudes everything that Ayurveda is about : wholeness, nature, health, life and love. But what truly makes vaidyagrama a place of rare and pure beauty is the people – you are all the heart and soul that binds everything together. I feel so loved, so nourished and so whole here, and am so blessed to be able to spend this time here.

Thank you all so very much. I look forward to continuing my relationship with vaidyagrama.

With love always

Kerryn Mckenzie

Byron Bay, Australia

December 04 2013

Coming to vaidyagrama is truly a blessing while the healing process occurs.

I can safely and firmly say this is heaven on earth and the staff from doctors, therapists and room service workers are angels doing good work here.

On entering I admit a bit resistance but that all vanished on meeting and been welcomed into the vaidyagrama home which is a way of life. If a village like this was in every country, there will be closing down of conventional hospitals in view of a healthy nation. Longevity would be accessible to all if they follow the rules and principles.

Every patient I speak to talks about when to come back including me – so that speaks volumes about the village.

God bless all for the excellent work – I will be back.

Dr.Ramkumar – please add paneer to the diet…LOL


Amun Maharaj

Durban, South Africa

December 01 2013

I came to vaidyagrama to spend 5 days relaxing and rejuvenating. Little did I realize that I will find so much insight about Ayurveda and my body.

These 5 days I have experienced my body and its issues closer than ever before. The doctors, therapists and all staff made me feel at home and took care of my needs wonderfully well.

I admire the dedication and passion with which the entire team works together to make the “vaidyagrama magic” happen.

I certainly look forward to coming back soon.

Syed Sultan Ahmed

Bangalore, India

December 01 2013

I am thankful to all the doctors, therapists, the housekeeping department and the cooking department who played vital roles in the process of my healing both directly or indirectly and to re-know the power of my will and my capabilities.

I am also thankful to the management for providing with a peaceful and healing environment.

D.Naveen Kumar

Chennai, India

December 01 2013

Dear All

I thoroughly enjoyed my short stay at vaidyagrama I had met Dr.Ramkumar for the first time three years ago and learned about this ambitious project. I cant believe my eyes that building such a healing place on a barren land in a remote area, by keeping it natural and free of chemicals is possible. Best wishes

Sandeep Agarwal

New Jersey, USA