August 30 2015

I am glad to be here, My stay was only 25 days. I felt so good to be here. Now I am feeling much relaxed and calm. I want to thank everyone who is a part of this Vaidyagrama family but the ones who I actually adored were Dr.Omprakash, Dr.Hari and Indu (My therapist). Vaidyagrama provides such a beautiful green environment which helps in healing fast which I really liked, and also morning and evening prayers. I will be continuing my medications and follow up treatments at vaidyagrama for my better health and mental well being. Thanks a lot!


Delhi India


August 27 2015

Thank you Vaidyagrama doctors and staff for all the kind and constant care here.

I am very optimistic about this fresh start in my healing process. I very much appreciate the integrity and the service with which you are pursuing your vision, when my bone scan results show improvement. I am definitely coming back.

About the day to day running of the place, I enjoy the doctor’s presentation and found them educational.
The timing is rather haphazard though and often happens late and sometimes not at all. There is so little for the patients to do, this can be annoying.

Also the library should be open as per the schedule not often off and on.

As I am feeling quite weak still as I prepare to leave Vaidyagrama.

I would suggest an option where one could be accommodated here after treatments are done and can do work here and have the freedom to take trips in the area, before communicating international travel, which is anyway exhausting and include a more substantial diet as part of it, perhaps a future program for you. 
I am looking forward to little or big miracles in my health condition in the near future

Thank you again Vaidyagrama for my new start.

Nura Tashiro



August 23 2015

First of all thank you Vaidyagrama for showing me a different perspective to life.

Have enjoyed the oil massages and the treatments which I have not done before.

I want to stabilize my sugar and it is happened with the food here. Which is very nourishing maybe we all need to change our food habits and make it simpler.

Some of the experience or lack of communication with the doctors and the assistants especially with Kashayam. There seems to be a miscommunication or lack of communication about timings etc.

On the whole very rejuvenating experience once again thank you


Can there be at least 15 minutes of Pranayama in the morning and evening the swami just from Chennai it was excellent and Pranayama he taught very simply and effectively.

Sumi Nanaiya



August 23 2015


Water pusher is placed in every bathroom it not only removes the water but  keep the bathroom from staining and keep the place dry.

That soup is served hot

Rani Ganapathy



August 23 2015

I had a Nice and homely experience during my stay at Vaidyagrama.

The staff and the doctors are very caring and soft hearted they are working as if they are serving the God.

Morning and evening prayers brings peace in our mind and heart


There should be provisions of hot warm water in bathroom always.

There should be provision on regular basis of newspaper, magazine books in different languages in the library.

Soups and herbal tea are not always hot.

Shyamali Sengupta



August 23 2015

I would like to thank you doctor and therapist for their care and patience. The stay at vaidyagrama with its peaceful surroundings helped me to regain tolerance and rethink my life style.

It was also a spiritual journey.
However I missed a regular yoga practice some light asanas that help to stabilise body and mind, I also missed guided meditation which helps to calm the mind.
The timing of the massage session was not always properly managed; I think a regular timing would be helpful for the healing process 
Thank you again for this wonderful time I was allowed to spend here.

I do wish to return.

Birgid Uccia


August 22 2015

Though I have been undergoing Panchakarma rejuvenation therapy for the last 10 years this is the first time in Vaidyagrama.

I would like to appreciate the wonderful eco friendly ambience maintained here that is unique for vaidyagrama.

Above all I have to appreciate all the Vaidyagrama family members without naming anyone in particular for the dedication, patience and friendly attitude.

Their energy level and positive attitude helped me to recover quickly. With deep thanks to all .

Best wishes

Raju M. Krishnan
Trivandrum, Kerala, India


August 18 2015

We have been here for 2 weeks now and will be leaving with a heavy heart missing dear family of doctors, therapist, support staff and the fellow patients.
We would like to say special thanks to Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Harikumar who more than being a doctors, are also life skill gurus .
Therapists - Maya, Madhu, Sasikala, Prasad and others who were ever obliging, empathetic and accommodative.
The wonderful eco friendly and sustainable environment, holistic treatment, wonderful human relationships and the spiritual aura around has made us feel much better then when we came. With the follow-up of medicines a few Lifestyle changes and the good advice from doctors,
we hope to have better health and quality of life.

Our sincere thanks to Aparna ji for the regular communication before we came and for always having that very cheery disposition.

We are taking back a lot of knowledge with us Thank you.
The regular satssang session with Dr. Ramkumar and Dr. Ramadas was very informative 
We also had the good fortune to add a witness wonderful Ganapathi homam and Rudra Abhishekam during our stay.

We wish Vaidyagrama, all the very best for all the future programmes and for the 5th conference coming up in December.
A true Healing Village.

Best wishes

Thank you and May peace be upon you.

Deepa and Krishnamoorthy

Kuala Lampur, Malaysia


August 18 2015

First and foremost thank you to the divine forces and Vaidyagrama for 21 amazing days of treatment.
Thank you to the whole team and it really is a team from (gardener, housekeepers, office staff therapists and doctors) for such skilful, gentle, respectful care where one is encouraged  in the most delightful environment to Be rather than Do.

The whole setup is brimming with integrity, the doctors are walking the talk, bright, shiny, positive, cheerful.

It is not surprising that despite many challenges and adverse opinions from others, vaidyagrama vision is manifesting so fast.

The intent is pure to find every extra rupees putting into Seva, upliftment for the poor local communities.
 The rhythm and routine of the days are perfect generating all the right qualities for healing to take place at all levels. One point I have to mention is that as most people are here for a minimum of 2 weeks, it would be be so nice if they can actually feel like participants in at least  some of the daily mantras rather than attending the personal Sadhana .

We had a taste with Swami BrahmaYogananda - it is uplifting and encouraging (only listening particularly for westerners can be alienating rather than inclusive). Please don't mind it.
I end here with great gratitude and hope to save up to return again. Will be  recommending  Vaidyagrama highly.

May god continue to bless you all for your fabulous work from Heart

Atma tattwa
London, England


August 14 2015

First time I am at Vaidyagrama as a patient.

The prominent features of Vaidyagrama is attitude of willingness in everyone.

Most I am here find home in vaidyagrama.

All the best

Devdas Menon
Thrissur, Kerala, India


August 14 2015

I am writing to thank you for the excellent care I received from Dr Ramanandan and from Dr.Nikhil and your team who do massage for me daily and bring food for us during my recent stay in hospital.

And for all your efforts to make me well again soon.
Excellent atmosphere, service and trust

Thank you 
Abdul Nasar and Mrs Yasmeen begum 




August 14 2015

No doubt Vaidyagrama is heaven on earth and excellent doctors and staff but I can give the full comments after 90 days which is the time given for healing by doctors..

Radha Gangadharan

Coimbatore, India

August 14 2015

Had a wonderful experience - we did not know ayurveda before. The staff was very friendly and thoughtful.

We met people very nice

Thank you so much

Dupuy arnaud



August 14 2015

We recommend your village to our friends and may be we come back,

Arnaud France


August 12 2015

Thank you Vaidyagrama after 31 days of Detox I feel wonderful and clean, light.

Special thanks to Dr Ramdas and Dr Ramanandan.


August 12 2015

Was a very pleasant experience thanks to all the doctors and support staff. Keep up the good work, the vision going.

Special thanks to Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Harikrishnan .
Arun Chidambaram
Chennai, India


August 12 2015

Had a wonderful experience. Hope to be back soon.

Dr.Silvaraju kunju pillai


August 11 2015

Thank you to Vaidyagrama here it is very beautiful and very peaceful place.

Now I feel rested and regenerated. All the people here are very nice and take care of me very well.

Thank you Dr.Ramdas for reminding me how much it is important to have a positive and optimistic mind.

I will become stronger now in my mind and in my body.

Thank you, see you

Delphine Huguet


August 10 2015

At last the departing day has arrived. 21 days of panchakarma treatment was an excellent experience.

We are super impressed with the doctors here. They are absolutely fantastic. Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Omprakash were always around us checking our reactions and symptoms in detail and helped us undergo this treatment in a pleasant way.


I would love to thank therapist shyni for her excellent service. She is a wonderful person and a dedicated person. All credits to her for the timely meals we had.

Vaidyagrama :

Thank you vaidyagrama ! for the fantabulous ambience calm serene land a great place to socialise and to get to know warm and kind hearted people. We had a wonderful time laughing and discussing our treatment. Especially number of times we had our bowels.

The treatment :

Thank you for helping us lose fat in a healthy way. Looking up to lose some more with the help of follow up medicines.

Lakshman’s digestive system is getting better.

Special thanks :

Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Omprakash special thanks to you both for taking care of us so much.

Thank you

With lots of love

Lakshman and Ayswarya

Chennai, India


August 09 2015

Great Ambience

Excellent facilities

Highly appreciable endeavour for healing of both body and mind.

Very helpful and loving caring doctors and staff.

I do have several constructive feedback to give if the management seeks for the same.

Kochat Gangadharan

Coimbatore, India


August 03 2015

When I first came in 2012  it was with the condition that required surgery and had no other option. But in my 3rd treatment, the scan report shows  considerable improvement and now scan showed no indication of the original condition.

Ayurveda I have experienced, works at a very deep level to regenerate cells in the body.

Ayurveda treats not only the condition but the whole person. I have healed physically, emotionally and mentally I will continue to grow.

To experience authentic Ayurveda is the vision of vaidyagrama. This has been my experience and a blessing in today's days commercial world.
My gratitude to many who form this community with sincerity, care and love. Please continue to provide the support for the health of many and for Universal well being.
Many initiatives have been launched for this to  be a healing community. Can we as global citizens help the local community to heal this global  universe.

Providing peace and prosperity for all.. loka samastha sukhino bhavantu..

With love 
Yazdi Jahangir Bankwala 


August 01 2015

24 days have flown by.
This place is a real Ashram.
I feel rested and rejuvenated. The doctors, staff, therapists are all an amazing lot of truly human beings.

I cannot thank you enough.
All the best to all of you

Manju Singh

Kamloops B.C.