APRIL 2019 


April 30, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama Family! 
 Once again, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you from the bottom of my heart! It’s my fourth time here and I'm coming here, like to home already, and all of you are like second family for me!  

Thank you for saving me again. This time I came in the worse conditions than ever; absolutely broken and lost, and I am leaving feeling myself another person even better to say - "better version of myself " than I have ever been. 

I feel much calmer, more balanced, energised, optimistic, stronger and right now that's all because of your professionalism, support and love. 

I am so grateful to all of you and assure myself once again that Vaidyagrama is a really special and unique place for healing physically, emotionally, spiritually! And I am so much grateful that I came here once upon a time six or seven years ago. 

Every time coming here is a great journey inside to myself, finding out something new again and again. 

On way travelling all over India to get acquainted with the zeal spirituality, Big and open hearts of Indian people, to love yourself, the country, purpose of life and many other things; but just came here and find out perhaps even more in, as that is a great place for knowing themselves in the first instance... 

Vaidyagrama for me is a school of life and it'll take pages to describe how many lessons and knowledge I am getting here every time about my own body, mind, soul etc., how many interesting and spiritual people I meet, who give me so much of useful information and good lessons. 

Thank you for your existence! 

Thank you my dear Dr.Harikrishnan !! 

Thank you for your patience, calmness, especially this time. 

Thank you, all the doctors and therapists, for such a good care of me, for your tolerance to my changes in mood etc. Such an attentive behaviour! You all are so nice and I love you so much.  Dr.Mini ! I get acquainted with you this time and for me you are a new member of this wonderful family - I want to say that I have completely fallen in love with you!! 

Warmest regards, love, health and prosperity to all of you! Hope to see you soon, when I come in the state like I am leaving now, just for detox and physical maintenance purposes, and see you all again. 


Olga Tsygankova 



April 29, 2019

This is my third visit here. 

Thank you again to the whole team. It has been a slow progress, but I am getting there due to the vast knowledge that Dr. Harikrishnan has!

Vaidyagrama has given me the belief that I can finally be healed physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Thank you to all my doctors, therapists and the rest of the staff. 

Natalie Watson 

London, UK 


April 29, 2019 

Today is my birthday, my 40 years birthday of living on this planet, am very lucky to have the chance to begin a new life after my panchakarma in Vaidyagrama. 

In this place that you have created, I finally took care of myself and it was possible for me to see how I can look after my body and soul. 

Thank you very much for proving to me that the idea that I had in my mind that herbs can save lives and self-healing is possible with herbs. 

I will think about all of you from my place and I will send all my good energy to you, so you people can continue the difficult work that you are doing. 

Vaidyagrama – Amorgos 




April 29, 2019 

Thank you Vaidyagrama family of healers, cooks, house keepers, gardeners, therapists, staff of the office, reception, pharmacy, yoga therapy and Vaidyas. 

Beautiful experience for my birthday too. Body, sense, mind and soul service after 40 years of road journey. 

Traditional Ayurveda is still alive, am really thankful to you for sharing this wisdom with us. 

See you soon on this new journey. 

Namaste Vaidyagrama!

Mael Voegli



April 29, 2019 

This was my second time in Vaidyagrama, and it was wonderful!

Thank you to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Mini, Dr.Aruna, Dr.Princess and Lakshmi, Mikita, Maya and all the cleaning staff for your big hearted care and support, and for your seriousness. Being here recalibrates the body and soul to a more healthy and sane way of being, and opens our eyes for a different loving, peaceful way of living. It always heartens me, when at cultural events, everyone sits together - doctors, patients, maintenance staff and therapists. There is no division, but it is a community.  

Vaidyagrama is an example to India and to the whole world of how life together could be, including the plant and animal world. 

For us westerners, it is also always a good lesson in humility, and in flexibility of mind, when things don't need to run the way we think is right. It softens us up, and it reminds us of our smallness. Also, there are always interesting other patients do meet. 

One small tip (the other one I already said verbally)...

At the beginning, after arriving it could be nice at least at the first treatment session, to get introduced to the therapists, as they didn't even properly say hello. So, to say Hello, I am so and so and will be here for you doing your treatment, will be probably put many patients (like myself) at ease. 

The same thing I would suggest for the doctors who may replace the doctors. If you could introduce yourself, and explain why you are suddenly interested if I had a bowel movement, it would create a safer space. We feel sometimes quite vulnerable as patients. 

But that is just a detail feedback and meant from a big friend and fan of Vaidyagrama who will be back. 

Big thank you to you all!

Renate Keller, 



April 25, 2019 

As I rest in my room on the last day of my 3 week of long treatment, my memory takes me back to the first day when I arrived here in Vaidyagrama. Very enthusiastic, positive and with strong faith to heal myself... and this feeling stays with me today when I leave this place with the same intensity.  

Every time I came here my faith grows stronger in the healing power of this place. This is my third time for treatment in past 9 years and every time I am led to believe that this is the one of the most authentic Ayurveda places in the world that offers a beautiful healing environment during our stay and teaches and trains us to adopt a way of living in tune with nature.  

There are no big lectures given in this but the way everything is approached here very gently and effortlessly, one is inspired to make desirable changes in one’s life on the road to wellness. 

During my stay here, same time I felt this is a learning temple, at other times a healing space with regular prayers and chants. At the gross level the dedicated team of doctors and caring, loving therapists work tirelessly and attend to us and all our complaints, and at a subtle level we feel positive energy and healing vibrations flowing in from them and the prayers they perform with utmost devotion, I feel privileged to be a part of this family. The untouched beautiful nature of plants, birds and animals adds to the healing powers of this unique place. This environment keeps us close to ourselves and we feel fullness of life in spite of all our little ups and downs as a patient during the treatment. 

Thank you dear Vaidyagrama family for taking care of me during my stay here. I go back healed and on road to wellness….  

My special thanks and gratitude go to my reverent doctors Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikumar and the team of all other doctors all the kind and caring therapists specially Geethu, Kalpana and Vaishnavi and the house keeping staff and all the support service staff. Thank you all for wonderful experience!  

I wish VAIDYAGRAMA and Dr. Ramkumar a beautiful journey towards serving society in its utmost honesty. 

Sneh Vig 


April 24, 2019 

A big thank you to all vaidyagrama. I arrived one month ago with acute pain in my body and I leave here without it. 

A special shout out for Shyni for her dedication and professionalism for such a young woman, she has amazing skills and was an integral part of my healing journey. 

Also, Anitha - such a special caring and skilled therapist. 

Thank you to all my wonderful doctors and to Shanna Tarini- karma yogi for helping me to navigate the path. She showed great friendship to a stranger. 

Thank you to all the staff, Punitha for helping me with computers, receptionists, office staff and my lovely smiling lady who cleaned my room and brought me fresh sheets. 

Colette Caroll 



April 23, 2019 

Dear Vaidyagrama team 

I am really thankful for everything! 

Every single person of the vaidyagrama staff made the stay very special. Here we really can relax and concentrate on our healing, on our global healing. And, even more so because seeing all the projects of punarnava, it gives a lot of new hope for a new world where values that matter find a way to exist, to change, at least to show that something else that the modern standard is possible.  

Thank you for this healing, profound healing session. I hope I will visit you soon, not as a patient, but as a member of this wonderful project you are raising. 

About a technical feedback, maybe arrange room and terrace so that we can hang a hammock to relax swinging, brings lightness; and possibility to have the mosquito net above the outside bed too. Therapists are wonderful but sometimes English-speaking possibility were restricted and could be a little bit confusing as well for  hands-on treatment would be even better with familiar therapists - in the way, we feel very different if they are too different in their way of doing abhyangam for example. 

I am grateful, please convey my thanks for the whole staff who smile and work. 

Ludivine Plaisant 



April 23, 2019 

All staff were really nice and helped me so much. It made a big difference regarding my stay. Thank to everyone. 

Mathias Fulda 



April23, 2019 

I have no words, not in my language and not in English, to say how grateful and beautiful and deep an experience that I had in vaidyagrama. So much love and care received and from the centre of my heart, I would like to tell all of you thank you so much.

Simone Melamed



April 19, 2019

Vaidyagrama was not 'love at first sight' - it was like "discomfort and difficulty" at first sight considering that for some unknown reason, I got very sick in the moment I arrive here. Probably a virus for the yellow fever vaccine I took days before coming to India.   

When I arrived at Vaidyagrama I was tired, hungry and feeling very hot. It was past midnight and I was served three pieces of papaya and hot water with herbs, when I craved for a hot meal and cold water. The next 48 hours were difficult with constant pain and no energy to get out of the bed. To make it worst I did not like the food and its seasoning which is quite different to what I am used to in my country. However, the contact with the doctors and helpers plus all staff who work here was very positive from the beginning, even with all my difficulties of adaptation and almost unbearable heat.  

As the time passed, I was gradually being conquered by the whole local environment. I began to adapt myself and understand the importance of a restricted diet, different from the one that I have been accustomed throughout life. Each action was coming together as a puzzle and I began to improve my energy level and the acceptance of procedures so different from the one I used to. Surely there are some aspects that can be improved such as an improvement of the available menu or even if flexibility of the seasoning of the dishes in a way that it remains still correct from an Ayurveda point of you and at the same time closer to Western standards.  

But in general, I leave with a very positive impression of the attentive and committed people here, always concerned with the welfare of the patient. Also fascinated with the design full of beautiful story of an extraordinary wealth of spirits. I was conquered little by little with great affection and commitment of everyone in Vaidyagrama. I am leaving in 2 days, only satisfied and grateful to this extraordinary experience that will certainly contribute to my life from here... thank you to each one of you!

Ricardo Fragaso,  



April 19, 2019 

This was my first experience with Ayurveda and I am very happy and well impressed with the treatment which I received from everyone at Vaidyagrama. You have a great team of doctors and staff and everyone is so friendly and caring and always working to ensure we get the best as a patient. 

Thank you for taking such good care of us / me!! 

I will always remember you with great affection and hope to come back some day. 

Best wishes 

Silvia Bosch,  

Brazil/ France 


April 15, 2019

Thank you for the healing center for the good food, excellent care, air and warm kind people of this place. After little more than a week, i learned a lot about how to care better for myself. 

The morning and evening prayers were very illuminating. 

Generally it is very hot here in this month, so wished if it might have been a cooler and I might have stayed longer. 

Thanks to all the staff in this hospital. Also, the oil and water treatment here was awesome. 




April 14, 2019 

A week has just passed. It was a very nice experience, the staff is very cooperative and humble, and all doctors are very knowledgeable, supportive and very humble - I am looking forward to come again. Surroundings are so beautiful and serene. 

A big thank you to all for love and care you all gave to us - thank you, thank you all. 

It was difficult to initially remain without phone connection in silence, but got used to it and felt good. Food was excellent and I got used to it. 

Deepa Sabarwal 

Baljit Singh



April 12, 2019 

I, being an Indian, had some knowledge of well-known Kerala Ayurveda healing process. 

On reaching Vaidyagrama, I was pleasantly surprised by its location nestled with variety of trees, showing nicely built clinical facilities and rooms for patients. 

As desired most, staff and patients were maintaining silence against background music provided by many seen and unseen birds. 

I came for Ayurveda healing treatment, against an advice to avail allopathic treatment with known side effects. I can’t say with certainty that the healing treatments given to me has completely cured me, but I had a good experience and confidence that the authentic Ayurveda treatment given to me here has helped me to understand the changes that are essentially required to live healthy and happy life. 

Food provided here is not as spicy, as we had back home but then i realized its essentiality. 

Overall it was an amazing and enlightening experience worth presenting for a life time. 

I place on record my sincere thanks to all the doctors, staff and co patients for making my stay memorable. 

Special thanks to Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Anupama, Dr. Aishwarya for constantly monitoring my days here with timely help, advice and assurance. 

Vijay Kumbhare 



April 11, 2019 

First of all, I thank the doctors who treated me namely Dr.Ramanandan, Dr.Mini, Dr.Arun and Dr Neetu and Dr Princess Lucy. These doctors had given me the treatment and made me stand and counter any disease in future. They had treated me with care, as I had been taking treatment at a very distant place and away from my family. The surrounding of the hospital is so good and carefree, and there is no fear of anything. I also felt attached to the in-house cats and dogs, they became so friendly with me. Special mention should go to Dr.Mini ji who took care of me like anything and came early and leave late from duty just because of me. 

With this I thank Vaidyagrama and everybody attached and associated with it. 

In future I will advise my friends back home to come to Vaidyagrama at least once in life and become fresh and rejuvenate themselves. I will upload all the videos and photo on YouTube channel to reach out to many people of the world. 


Gopi Dutt Aakash,   

New Delhi. 


April 15, 2019 

To the Vaidyagrama family, 

What a gift every moment has been to be here and experience Ayurveda with such a passionate and loving team of doctors, therapists and staff.  

Each and every one of you and the energy you put in to all you do truly creators a magical environment. You have created a space in which patients truly learn to self-heal through all the effects, to making our stay as nourishing as possible. I have learnt the true meaning.  

My practices of real rest (mind +body) and intuitiveness (through learning to be a patient and pay attention without worry or stress). Many people can speak of these things but here you are providing an opportunity for everyone to truly tune into ourselves (mind, spirit, soul and body...Every part of our body) and with all that is around us (nature and other beings), you given me the gift of understanding being present at a new level. Finding that has no doubts. Powerful gift that has will to even change my life. You have impacted my mind-set, how I see life myself and how I commit to being more mindful of choices I make to honour my life and this wonderful universe and all its blessings. My medicine here was more than just treatments, medicinal concoctions from the earth. It was being able to action a new way of living and connecting all that’s in my every being into what I am actually doing. This what you choose every day is changing the world. There are no words to express how grateful I am to all of you.

I came here thinking my 7 days may be too short and that I would learn about Doshas ha..ha..haaa. What I have realized is it was exactly what I needed. I am still not exactly sure about the Doshas. BUT what I have taken away is Ayurveda is not a universal black + white rulebook. It is a way of life, prospecting a devotion to oneself to stay in tuned, present connected and thus that trust, faith, nature within us around us will naturally give us the time and answers we need. How filling, my last day is on happy vishu festival!

There is no coincidence as this makes the day I leave, but also start my devotion and practice to continue to self-love and heal. Also fitting that this morning after prayer, I found a seed on my balcony.  

I feel it symbolizes the wisdom you have planted and given to me and today makes the time for me to continue to nourish these gifts and allow it to grow. I was asked what my expectations were with only 7 days here on my first day – I said to learn. Not only have I learnt, but my life has been transformed.

Thanks to the doctors for their wisdom generosity, the therapists who are incredibly nurturing and the housekeeping and reception staff that allow us not to worry, and to relax in such beautiful place. I LOVE YOU! 

Thank you. (Especially Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Ramkumar, Dr. Renjisha, Dr. Sajna, therapists- Prema, Archana and Anjali). I will forever have you in my heart  

Gail Marie



 April 02, 2019 

I came here as a bundle of nerves and body aches; joints paining, mind was clogged, and belly upset. 

Now after 20 days my heart is filled with love from the many beautiful souls that look me in, touched me, fed me nourishing and delicious food, calmed my mind and gave peace to my body; Created this space where all doctors are always open and hugged me. 

The many joyous birds that greeted the days. 

This place is an oasis for body, mind and spirit. 

Filled with gratitude, I look up to the clouds and they know the way!

Christian Axel von der Heyde



April 02, 2019 

Thank you to Vaidyagrama for bringing the science of Ayurveda into my life. This is my second time doing panchakarma here. The environment physical, community, healing, learning, ethical, spiritual and relaxing is a model that inspires one to live a good life. 

The encouragement to continue our healing (with medicines and information to take back home) is so much appreciated. 

I am leaving here, feeling relaxed, blessed and inspired.  

Thank you again, to every single person in this special place. 

Lesley and Bayliss