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APRIL 2012

April 19 2012

I leave here feeling that I have had a true and authentic Ayurvedic healing.

My deepest gratitude to all of the staff here – I’ve never seen so many beautiful people with the same goal before. Especially to my doctors Dr.Harikrishnan – for always being so calm and really helping me to understand why things were the way they were. Dr.Om for always listening to me. And the beautiful therapists – Maya always makes you feel like you’re in the best possible hands – even when I was so scared of a vasti the first time.

I look forward to coming back next year to meet some more beautiful people and have a deeper understanding of Ayurveda.

Kelly Sanderson


April 18 2012

I was here for only a night but I was so relaxed and feel my body is recovering already. I would like to come back again for a longer stay.

Thank you so much for your hospitality.

Megumi Terakado

Tokyo, Japan

April 17 2012

It was quite an extraordinary experience when I felt during purgation, the inflammatory stage of my body, in particular my right shoulder, to subside almost from one minute to the other. I hardly felt that continous, digging pain anymore and moreover I was able to lay on both of my shoulders again, which was not possible the last few weeks.

Leaving from Vaidyagrama, I am confident that my main complaint – hay fever and asthma – will not flare up again upon returning home into blooming spring in Switzerland.

It remains to say thank you to every person involved @ Vaidyagrama, be it staff doctors, therapists and all the many hands behind the scene who were contributing to my healing and well being.

May many others – willing to heal – profit from vaidyagrama’s knowledge, dedication and kindness and may the vision of Vaidyagrama become reality and spread throughout the world.

Dr.Peter Schnider


April 14 2012

Happy VISHU to everyone!

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone at Vaidyagrama for your wisdom, knowledge, love and support.

I loved the treatments very much with Maya, who is a very special person & therapist with hands of gold, and Kanaka’s beautiful smile every day.

A special thank you to Dr.Harikrishnan & Dr.Om for listening to all my “food stories”. Thank you for your kindness, care & support…thank you for all the laughter too!

I have some very sad news though for Dr.Ramkumar. I didn’t fall in love with the “kanji”; I tried over the 6 weeks period I was here…otherwise a wonderful experience, the whole has been great.

Best wishes to all of you & hope to see you again soon.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Angie (Angela)

Byron Bay, Australia

April 11 2012

Vaidyagrama means a healing village….YES, this I love to confirm!

During my stay, I got such a huge Ayurveda care from the whole team, and their knowledge made me feel so confident that my healing process started quick in the first days.

You all made me more aware “knowledge of life”, and it is not difficult as I thought…you taught me “eat simple, think simple, live simple”. I’m going back home with such a beautiful inspiration, to live my daily life in harmony with the laws of nature.

I wish to thank Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Omprakash for your great support and your healing knowledge. Thank you to Maya and Indu and all the other therapists for your care, your healing hands, your presence – I felt so safe and protected that I will leave today with one crying eye. Aparna, Kavitha, Sonia – you all were so helpful and understandable for each situation – thank you for lovely help and your lovely words.

A special thanks to the kitchen staff – I loved the food, because it was simple, but made with love.

I like to thank Dr.Ramkumar for the excellent satsangs and wish him for his vision “authentic Ayurveda for universal well being” lots of helpful hands. Such an ideal project will expand in a successful way, when the whole team wont lose the standard of quality.

I’m looking forward to see you lovely team soon.

Thank you very much for the prayers and pujas.

With love & gratitude

Brygida Cyra

Germany, Kerala

April 09 2012

Another Aussie is leaving!

Well what a 43 days we all had! Think I drove Dr.Ramadas to the point of lost patience – and we had our moments – a battle of the minds. On the other hand, Dr.HK gently maintained his calm.

I’m leaving because the heat is unbearable even though Dr.Ramadas says it’s all in my mind! Either way – I need to cool down!

This is a difficult place to leave even though difficult to stay. The frustrations about towels etc. are overtaken by the kindness and genuine care the doctors and therapists have for each of us.

It’s been an extraordinarily challenging experience while at the same, I’m sure, life changing.

To my Vaidyagrama family –

Thank you and love

Linda Bradbury

April 08 2012

Dear Vaidyagrama

Thank you to all your beautiful, nurturing medical team and staff.

Departure day is a conundrum – I’m excited to be returning home but sad to be leaving this very special community. I am sure that the love and the laughter has been as healing as the herbal medicines. Its been a privilege to stay here and share the journey with other patients surrounded by the sounds of nature. This is the perfect environment for practising mindfulness.

A special thank you to Dr.Ramadas for being my “Ganesh”. Your daily consultation with exemplary medical care, your wisdom with metaphors for living, and your infectious laughter, have all brought sunshine into my day. And, I’ve learnt a lot.

To Aparna – you are a wonderful ambassador for Vaidyagrama; and nothing ever too much trouble.

My greatest challenge has been the weather – may I suggest you add a weather chart to the website for the benefit of future “heat intolerant” patients!

My congragulations on the realisation of an ambitious project. I hope Vaidyagrama continues to grow and flourish well into the future.

I will miss this place – its spirituality and its sincerity.

With all best wishes

Raels Shearer

South Australia

April 08 2012

Each and every day I stay at Vaidyagrama, I grow a little stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually. This impact is slow and steady, and one which will last with me for a lifetime. The Ayurveda way of living and connecting with nature is a fascinating science and one which can be simplified in order for us all to take home and continue living with the cycles of mother nature.

The staff here are outstanding and I have much love and respect for each and every one of you. The care and devotion of each staff member is a clear reflection of the concept and vision of Vaidyagrama. Each of you take life in your stride and lead by example, reminding me to enjoy the simple things, breath in the moment, and not to worry about the future. Thank you for making me so welcome and giving me a home in India.

It is wonderful to see Vaidyagrama growing and having many patients from around the world through recommendation of a friend. The Yoga hall is a fantastic addition, and I have very much enjoyed yoganidra, satsang, cooking class, fire ceremonies and community night. May the vision of Vaidyagrama continue to unfold over the coming years and reach as far and impact on all nearby communities…eventually having the whole area completely self-sustainable.

Special thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Om, Dr.Ramadas, Maya and Kanaka for all your care and support.


Byron Bay


Easter Sunday 2012

April 07 2012

I had the privilege to stay at Vaidyagrama albeit for a short time – a very short time of 6 days as I have to return to Mumbai earlier than planned.

Six days have been days of learning, patience, experiencing the joy of being treated and staying at a simple place like Vaidyagrama where the air has :

  •  freshness
  •  sincerity and commitment are demonstrated
  •  staff is affectionate and caring
  •  doctors are not only skilled but very humane as well
As the place grows in years to come, I am sure new ideas and pathbreaking steps will be taken to further strengthen the quality of time spent here and Vaidyagrama will develop and flourish into a fine institution and prosper to become a world level institute.

All the best to Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Ramadas and their team.

I am glad I could come here and look forward to come back with more time at hand.

Sincere thanks and gratitude

Rajesh Narain Gupta


April 06 2012

Dear residents Vaidyagrama

Thank you very much for your warm and caring for attention and love for their work.

At clinic I was very well.

Special thanks to Mallika and Kanchana who cleaned my room to shine; beautiful Maya, which makes a massage with much love and attention as a mom; amazing Kanaka without which I do not understand to go loving J; and the best doctors – Harikrishnan and Om Prakash – I offer my obeisances!

Thank you all very much! Bless me please that I return to the clinic next year!

With love


April 05 2012

Dear Vaidyagrama

Thank you to everyone for all your care and healing. Second time round at Vaidyagrama and so nice to see all the staff again. Thank you all for your beautiful smiles each morning. Thank you to Mother Nature surrounding us. Truly an amazing place – just surrender and watch the miracle of love and healing taking place.

With lots of love and thanks from the bottom of my heart

Polly Saberwal


April 05 2012

Looking for a week of cleansing & rejuvenation, I found it here at Vaidyagrama. Ever improving, I look forward to your fine tuned growing up process yielding much positive healing. I enjoy your Wednesday community night & suggest not only a song night but potentially an optional after dinner storytelling night – something typical in any village.


Christopher John