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  • We organize Vedic astrology sessions on request. You may please contact your physicians or Aparna in this regard
  • Since the astrologer comes from Kerala, the session needs to be fixed well in advance
  • The astrologer who currently visits vaidyagrama is Padur Mahesh Pannicker; he comes from a family of astrologers and is well known in this field. Many patients have been extremely pleased with his readings
  • You may please have the following information available with you for the astrology session – date of birth, time of birth, place of birth (including latitude and longitude if available) and the specific questions that you would like answers to in the astrology session
  • One astrology session lasts for around 45 minutes
  • It would be good for you to understand a little bit about Vedic astrology; and also list the questions that you would like to ask the astrologer
  • The minimum recommended fee is USD 15 or INR 750; however if you are pleased with the session, please feel free to give more to the astrologer
  • Since the astrologer speaks only the local language (Malayalam or Tamil), Aparna or one of the physicians will be happy to translate for you if needed
  • Please remember that an astrological reading is only a guidance to help you to understand the time period that you are going through (or will be going through in future); it gives you indications of possible effects, good and bad, which will however finally depend on your own actions
  • If the astrologer suggests some remedial measures (like poojas or wearing gemstones or offering prayers at temples), you are free to accept or reject his measures
  • vaidyagrama is providing the astrological sessions as a service; we are not responsible for the predictions and the remedial advice given by the astrologer


  • We organize a community dinner once a week (normally Wednesday) immediately after the prayer in the evening
  • If you choose not to participate in the dinner, please feel free to say so; and the food will be served as usual in your room
  • At the community dinner, it will be good to continue to follow your physician's advice and ensure that you eat the appropriate quantity and quality of food


  • We organize cooking demonstrations once in a week (normally Tuesday) between 3-4pm (the exact time and venue will be notified to you)
  • If you are interested in procuring any of the recipes, please do contact either your physicians or Kavitha


  • We organise demonstration of preparation of some medicines (like kashayam or herbal decoctions) once or twice in a month (the exact time will be notified to you).
  • This demonstration will help those of you who choose to prepare your own kashayams back home after you leave vaidyagrama.


  • Planting trees and taking care of the environment is our commitment at Vaidyagrama
  • We invite you to participate in this effort by planting a tree at vaidyagrama before your departure; it is also symbolic of your becoming a member of the Vaidyagrama community
  • We also invite you to take care of the plants around your room by pouring water from your balcony; we have provided a tap just outside your balcony for this purpose. If you so desire, you can also request for a water hose to facilitate the watering process
  • Be it a flowering tree, medicinal plant, fruit tree, vegetable plant, the natural forest in vaidyagrama has it all now, thanks to all those who have supported our Green campaign, by planting trees, donating towards plantation or even donated plants to Vaidyagrama 

live simple; live well; live healthy; live happy