What do the physicians at vaidyagrama have to say about immunisation / vaccination before coming for treatment at vaidyagrama?

Our physicians do not generally encourage immunization/vaccination. They have been asked this question many times by inbound patients and the standard reply is as follows -

"The decision has to be that of the patient. If you feel that your physical system cannot take the rigors of travel (or if you have some serious health problems), then it is good to go in for a standard immunization package. If you feel that your mind can let you down during your travels, then again it is good to go in for a standard immunization package. On the other hand, if you feel that your body and mind can stand upto the rigors of travel and that you will not feel guilty about not having been immunized (in case you fall sick which can happen even if are immunized), then you should not go in for immunization."

Thus while they themselves are not in favour of immunisation, they choose to leave the decision to the inbound patient since what is most important is for the patient to feel relaxed and not stressed about these decisions.

About COVID vaccination - currently it is easier and safer to travel once one has taken the COVID vaccination. Hence if necessary, please do take the vaccination before you start on your journey to vaidyagrama.