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Why does Ayurveda speak about the importance of spirituality and the strength of faith in the healing process? 
What is the effect it has on me at a spiritual level?

Ayurveda is a holistic system which believes that one has to give not only treatment for the body and mind but also food for the soul which is when the healing process becomes complete and more effective. It does not matter what spiritual path one has adopted – what matters is to be attuned to the spirit. Becoming spiritual is also a means to calm the agitated or indolent mind and to bring mental peace which greatly contributes to physical health.

Faith is extremely important for any medical system to succeed. Ayurveda, while describing the qualities of the good patient, clearly states that such a one who follows all the instructions of the physician without demur for the prescribed period is the ideal patient or “Bhishakvashya”. This is the reason the concept of a family physician is so important. One needs to develop confidence in that one physician with whom one feels most comfortable and then have total faith is his/her healing capacity. In such a person, the treatment works better and faster.